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How page-linking can be used by bloggers as a very powerful SEO tool in driving traffic

What is the use of the beautifully created website without reliable traffic?

When it comes to online business, no one can disagree that the business can flourish without the business site reaching the targeted audience, and the audience getting the expected satisfaction from the services (content) offered.

With traffic, there also exists the bounce rate, and if your website can drive reliable traffic and yet have a high bounce rate, then you could be in trouble unless you do something about it as quickly as possible before your visitors get fed up with your content and never to return anymore.

Great webmasters who understand the magic power in page-linking ensure that the web pages are aligned in a way to keep the audience wishing to find more information in the underlying page, which keeps one clicking from one web page to another, through the links inter-linked to other posts within the website or to another website page with related content .

This means that, before the reader actually finds what he/she is searching for, the reader would have viewed a significant number of pages, hence increasing the overall number of page views per site visitor.

Better still; the user might end up discovering other important information while browsing the site, which can convince him to bookmark the site for further reference, the thing that can boost the number of the returning visitors as opposed to one time visitors.

As most of the content creators can confirm, most of the internet users searching for the information they find useful to their problems. They would have no more business on the site once they get it on the first page when they land on the site, which is the serious cause of the bounce rate suffered by most of the bloggers.

As a simple trick that works miracles, most websites employ the use of the squeeze page in order to get the user into their contact list as he signs up to the website when trying to access the information required but only available to the registered site members.

How The Bitcoin’s Drop In Value Is Affecting The Earning Rate On Bitlanders And Other Sites That Offer Btc For Payments

Bitlanders, as the name suggests, is a social networking site just like tsu, which compensates users for their activity, using bitcoins as the main currency determining the earnings.

Initially, when I joined bitlanders some months ago, the market price for the bitcoin was $340 dollars each, and thus the users could be able to receive instant bitlanders payment of $10 for 0.039 bitcoins earned, or $25 dollars for 0.1 through the paypal; which was not very hard to earn, for those who understand the game well.

This is not the case anymore, not that bitlanders reduced the earning rate, but because the market value of the bitcoins dropped against the dollar and other major currencies, and yet the CPA (cost per action) remained the same with using bitlanders.

If you have been closely monitoring the performance of the popular cryptocurrencies in the digital market world, then it is not news to note that bitcoins value has been on the downtrend for the last couples of months and right now, its value against the US Dollar is ranging from $212 to $240 dollars each, and the market seems to be very volatile sometimes.

It is not long ago when everyone was chasing to invest in bitcoins, the high demand for the cryptocurrency had made the price per bitcoin to skyrocket to over 350 dollars per piece.
With the high exchange rate against the dollar, the individuals with a large stock of the cryptocurrency seem to have made a killing in massive profits as they sold off the bitcoins to dollars. Now that the demand for the bitcoins has gone down, the value also went down in relation to the supply level which seems to be high (just as it could be expected with any product sales ubder the control of demand and supply market forces)

This is a very big blow, not only to the users of bitlanders but also to those who are the users on other sites that offer bitcoins as the only means of payment. I hope the uptrend in the value of the bitcoins resumes soon and the bitlanderns will be the happy lot as before.

In the meanwhile, I will be focusing more of my efforts on blogging and internet affiliate marketing, for it now requires the bitlander user to have the minimum of 0.55 BTC to receive $10 dollars through paypal. Otherwise one has to take the 0.025 to his bitcoin wallet, which will be subjected to an exchange fee during conversion to US dollars, especially through cryptsy, which happens to be the most reliable exchange market for any type of crypto-currency.

The Second Time Redeeming 10000 Points For $100 Dollars Earnings from Blogjob To My PayPal Account

I have been vacillating as to whether to choose a different method of payment from the listed blogjob payment methods, but at last I have settled for PayPal, the only that I am familiar with, rather than going into some complications with some new payment methods of which terms and conditions can be so challenging to comply with.

Though it took me over 3 months to achieve this level of earnings since the last redemption, I have no doubt in the blogjob payments system given that one has fully satisfied the few rules that we all agreed to when we signed up for the accounts here. I believe that the period taken to earn this much would have been short if I concentrated much here by creating more quality blogposts.

Just like any other blogger on blogjob, it has been an uphill task to reach the redemption level for the second time since the time I first landed here on blogjob when searching for the reliable ways to earn online by blogging.

There have been a few changes that have been taking place over the period, with both good and adverse effects to the blogjob users, but all in all they should be taken as just the regulatory steps to make the website to achieve the long term goals it was created to.

It has been a period full of lessons to be learnt from across the world based on the articles shared here by other users about the different experiences they have gone through both as online workers as well as personal life encounters.

The wonderful time experienced on blogjob has also exposed me to so many awesome online work opportunities that have now increased my overall online income by trying different earning sites recommended by some blogjob users who have had real life experience earning from the sites.

See If Your Country Of Origin Is Blacklisted Under The Bad Reputation of Spammers In ‘Working Online Jobs’

Just like with corruption, there also exists the worldwide rating for spamming. As the result, some online sites or platforms have barred the users from certain countries from subscribing for their services, as the precaution against spamming.

One of those platforms happens to be the popular and reputable internet marketing training program known as the wealthy affiliates. This came into my attention when the internet user interested in the program, which I happen to be a subscriber emailed me, claiming that his attempt to sign up for a free starter account membership failed, and there was the notification indicating that the users from his country are barred from joining WA as free starter members.

Upon running the quick research in the site using the similar phrases, I found my answer within a few seconds. It indicated that the potential subscriber originated from one of the four countries which are blacklisted as the origin of the most spammers in the internet world under the ‘make money online category.’

Here is a list of the BIG four,


So, if you happen to originate from any of the four countries, and you have experienced a barrier when you tried to sign up for membership in a certain site, then just know that it is as the result of the bad reputation of the users from your nation.

When I joined the WA affiliate marketing training program, it never occurred to me that there is any restriction based on the country of origin, which makes me now feel proud of the fact that I don’t originate from any of the above named countries, else I would have missed this great internet training opportunity and the community of the real trainers highly knowledgeable in internet marketing business.

Anyway, don’t worry if you were interested in joining the WA training program but unfortunately blocked for the sins you didn’t commit yourself. The members from the blocked countries are allowed to join WA as premium members, which can be seen as a step taken by only serious and dedicated online entrepreneurs who wishes to build successful and profitable online businesses with access to continued support.

Is your country of origin blocking you from realizing your online business success dream by not joining the wealthy affiliate training program?

Applying A Secret Strategy That Is Driving Tsu Earnings To The Roof, A Trick With Unlimited Online Earning Potential

It took long for me to believe that it can really be possible to earn a significant amount of income from tsu. In fact, when I used to see the posts shared about how much some tsu users were able to earn daily, all that I could think of was that, one must be in USA to earn that way, for it took me a lot of hard work to earn the first cent on tsu.

As an international tsu user, I just kept the tsu account active in the first place to be sharing some of the content I created online on other sites I work on online to boost the earnings indirectly, when the tsu friends visited the links, for I found it easier to use compared to the facebook.

It was also just another social media site that I could use to promote some referral links and recruit new referrals to some sites so that I would earn affiliate commissions from their activity when they join under me to try the things out in their search to increase their online income.

It is no longer the same case for me anymore, for I have discovered a new strategy based on the experience in online business building tricks that I have so far gained from WA that seems to work miracles when applied to any content sharing platform that pays.

My testing of this secret strategy proved a success when applied it to my blogjob sites, whereby it has assisted in getting many of my site pages to rank high in google searches, when the relevant key words present in the posts are used in online searches, hence driving more traffic.

Apart from growing my tsu network, it has also shown significant change in the amount of earnings accumulating daily, which has made me proud of WA training program, with vast important information that can be applied anywhere in creating a stable online business.

I can now recommend tsu to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to earn online, but as for the strategy to make it work better, I would advise anyone to learn it for himself by joining the wealthy affiliate to unlock the full potential of earning unlimited amount of income online.

Why The Internet Marketers Should Always Perform Thorough Research About The Product To Be Reviewed

When it comes to serious internet marketing, any review posted about any product on your site can either build your online image a little bit closer to your online business success or crash all that you have built over years of hard work.
This is why it is advisable to carry out thorough research about the product to be reviewed, else you risk undergoing the predicament that one of my friends at WA underwent a few days ago, besides getting sued for slander.

According to the post he shared to Wealthy Affiliate, my friend claims that he learnt it the hard way and it should serve as a warning to other WA members who are working hard to build their contact list, which is key to any successful internet marketing business (the money is in the list, they say).

His story which can be read here, is that; he posted to his site a review about a product which some of his subscribers already had enough experience about. And thus, they found his post information to be misleading or rather slanderous, based on the negative commentary the post received.

This resulted in some of his subscribers unsubscribing from his contact list for they were unsatisfied by the misleading information received. His follow up with the apologies didn’t change anything and thus the damage had already been done.

In his post, he claims to have expressed in detail the negative effects that the users would expect when using the product under review, and also admits that he didn’t perform his homework well before presenting it before the public, which he regrets a lot.

The trouble didn’t end there; the product manufacturer also contacted the post author expressing his annoyance about the review, claiming that he should have contacted them and sought for more information before publishing a misleading review.

This is one of the reasons why it is never a walk in the park to operate a successful online business as an internet marketer unless one is extra-careful about every step taken in building up the given business niche as it is expected according to the WA training course.

One Main Mistake That Most Of The Niche Bloggers Make That Has Adverse Future Effects To The Online Business Success

Most of the bloggers or niche website owners can agree with me that choosing the right website niche to create the website about is the main challenge that the online entrepreneurs battle with for long before making their last decision (for it sometimes determine whether the business will succeed or not)

But what if I challenge you that there is NO RIGHT NICHE and that most of the bloggers or niche website creators fail to understand their chosen niche, and get lost along the way, at the stage of content creation, when they do not actually deliver the information to the targeted audience?

The reason here is that; with proper training and experience in internet marketing, the online entrepreneurs can master the art of walking into any niche and building a successful online business, without the need to be a professional or a background experience in the chosen area of interest.

There are some basic essential skills in website creation that many people overlook or never get access to, but their backlash in the future would be fatal to the existence of their businesses, when the website fail to stand out from the crowd and engage their targeted audience (customers to the products promoted on the site) and frustrate the individuals into thinking that online business success is just a dream that was never meant for them (or that they chose the wrong business niche)

In order for the online business to prosper, it should be created in a unique way to offer the services that would satisfy the audience, and also earn the recommendations by the satisfied audience to their friends.

The main challenge is how to build a website that would achieve all the above without engaging in (fumbling and struggling) activities that would compromise the SEO rules.

Fortunately, there are online training programs out there that offer most of these services for free, and guarantee the success in your online business, for those who wish to earn a living online by blogging or operating a successful internet marketing business, regardless of the niche chosen.

The secret to successful blogging business is revealed, and it is now up to you to take the necessary steps and tap into the bottomless sea of knowledge at WA offered by the real people with diverse knowledge and many years’ experience in online business.

The most Inspiring video of the Armless Pianist, showing the power of persistence and passion If you haven’t watched this video before, I wish that you watch it now and also share it with some of your friends who never appreciate their physical capabilities.

This is the most motivating video I have ever watched, besides the Will Smith’s blockbuster movie, pursuit for happiness.

These are some of the few videos that the audiences are left open mouthed and only realize that they have been in tears throughout the show, when they touch their cheeks and feel the tears strolling.

I am not affiliated in any way with the video owner, but it is just something that I cannot help recommending to all of my friends. I am sure this can let anyone realize the potential he has as a physically fit person or whatever, and also get challenged to see how a man without arms can be able to accomplish what he cannot, with both hands.

I accessed this video for the first time this morning through a post by one of my friends at the wealthy affiliates, I felt a stir in my emotions, for I had woken up today unmotivated to do anything, but it was like this was tailored just for me, as an inspiration to pursue my future goals. In fact her blog post was headlined, ‘Are You Discouraged Today?’ just meant to encourage all the members of WA who are pursuing their future dream success there of building their own successful online business.

Especially when I watched Liu Wei try to show the applauding crowd how excited he was, but unlike other stars who are physically fit and would have been seen waving at the crowd and the judges, Liu Wei could only show his excitement by bowing.

I have to admit that I was very moved by his performance and if I happened to be one of the three judges, I would not hesitate to give him full credit, for the amazing performance that some of the able bodied professional pianists don’t march.

I have learnt that with determination and persistence, in addition to passion in whatever one decides to do, he will definitely emerge with victory.

Did this video influence your personal life in any way, according how you usually view things?

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