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The scammer’s new trick targeting cash from users who have accounts with online banking processors

Today, I received an e-mail in my account claiming to have been sent by Perfect Money, which must have targeted a different person, or it was just the guesswork of the scammer trying the same trick to multiple online users, spreading his fishing net wide so as to scam the unsuspecting victims.

Dear Customer,

Perfect Money has limited your account due to a security issue. Specifically, we recorded a login attempt from an unfamiliar location, suggesting that your login information may have been used by an unauthorized third party.

IP Address:
Country: RO
City: Bucharest

Your account will be limited until you configure your security settings. Please read the attached guidelines to restore your account access.


Perfect Money SR & I
Security Department


To anyone who has several years in online work, it cannot take him/her a second to recognize this as a phishing mail.

1. Any e-mail from the online banking processor would address the customer/user by his/her first or both names, but not a generic title like in this case- ‘Dear customer.’
2. The usual grammatical errors would be spotted in such e-mails.
3. Mostly end up in the spam folder.

Now see where it all becomes interesting?

The scammer is instructing me to read the attached guidelines in order to have my account access.

The trick is that the ‘attached guidelines’ is in a PDF file document that has to be downloaded.

I am yet to know what kind of malicious software that might be contained in the file, but it can be something very harmful to my computer.

This reminds me of a story shared by one of my friends at WA who fell victim of such trick, ending up to download a software that ended up damaging his computer, losing a lot of important data.

I suspect that some online sites that I opened accounts with have sold off my e-mail address to these scammers.

What makes me think that I might not have been their target is that; I have no account with Perfect Money, which rules out any doubts that this is absolute scammer’s trick to get access to the password to the account and be able to steal all cash available.

Actually, What You See Isn’t What You Get- the Success Results From any Opportunity Are Rarely Visible At First Sight

Parrot womanI find this illustration very fascinating, and I have to admit that I had very hard time figuring out that it is actually a woman sitting on a log, and not a parrot as anyone can think at first sight.

I came across this interesting image from a post by a friend at WA, which I found to be very encouraging to all the WA members who might find that the efforts that they are investing in the building of their successful online business using the available training courses, support and tools is not giving out the outcome expected.

According to her post, which many members found to be challenging in a way and yet carried very sensible message; she made it very clear in relation to the above illustration that, all the small things that we actually do as the members of WA each day count towards our success in the near future, and it is just a matter of time and all will get that success which is always possible to all the WA members who are ACTION-TAKERS.

As a veteran premium member at WA, I can take her message as a testimony, since she has a lot of experience with WA training and so far happy with the progress and success she has achieved applying the training offered, to her online business.

If you happen to be new to all this WA Bla! Bla! Bla!, then you can read HERE to see what wealthy affiliate is all about and what to expect from the program if you join now, for it is my #one recommendation for all the online entrepreneurs who wish to obtain financial freedom, owning successful online business, working from home at own pace, and is FREE TO JOIN.

Does the illustration of the PARROT WOMAN above gives you an overview of what you should expect from whatever venture you decide to give a shot as you start your journey to that elusive success?

UFUN CLUB Utoken Cryptocurrency Online Investment Opportunity Packages- Aren’t They Too High For Skeptical Starter Investors?

ufun investment packageI have been closely monitoring the interesting progress of the UFUN Club utoken digital currency investments (always rising in price) and at the same time considering taking a shot at the opportunity that looks more promising than any other online investment opportunities in 2015 that I had on my list.

After receiving multiple promising and encouraging comments to the review post that I posted about UFUN club a while ago- positive comments that increased the utoken trust rate score, I was convinced to take a closer look at the investment perks available that new members could choose from. In fact I was totally interested in investing some few dollars worth a risk, and was to sign up with UFUN CLUB as a new member, but I was taken aback.

Since I used to think that the UFUN club members could invest as little as $10 dollars, but later upgrade (as their promotions state -the more you invest the more the returns), especially those who are not sure about the safety of their investments in the system as well as minimizing the investment risk involved, and those still skeptical about the future of the utokens success.

I also expected to just participate in their lucrative affiliate program which gives the referring members a nice commission on purchases of every direct referral as well as his referrals some levels down- Muiti-Level-Marketing (MLM) program features incorporated.

You can imagine the surprise I received when I checked the investment packages to be chosen from based on the ability of the investors as well as the returns/benefits to be expected, but also determines the affiliate commissions earned.

Based on the table you can see above, you can realize that there is nothing like, testing the system- the system is for the SERIOUS INVESTORS only. Another thing is that, there is no online payment processor applicable at the moment- meaning that the users can only purchase the utoken packages using their credit card.

This was another minus, for I expected that the system included the popularly used online payment processors like bitcoins, paypal, perfect money, webmoney, skrill etc. in fact, I was expecting to use bitcoins balance I have been trading with on cryptsy to purchase the utoken package, which is a double disappointment

What conclusion should we gather from this?

There’s a lot I still don’t Understand about the ufun club, but the fact that the utoken price, which now stands at $0.16 dollars per unit, doesn’t ever go down no matter what, as opposed to other digital currencies. And that it is not possible to sell utokens at a lower price than the initial price brings us to the following possibilities.

There will reach a point at which the value of the utokens will be unaffordable and yet no new members will be signing up to invest or the veterans buying more, which means that the already invested cash will take a lifetime to reach the turnover and the reality of the scheme will start showing worrying signs of a scam.

So if you are the type who just invest single-heartedly to test the waters, better invest elsewhere, since UFUN CLUB utoken investment is not for you, since the lowest available investment package is $575, known as the 1 star package, which to my understanding is not the amount of investment anyone can be ready to lose in case UFUN club turns out to be a scam ponzi scheme as many have suspected it.

Unless the UFUN CLUB considers the low income investors by including the most affordable packages, I don’t believe there are a lot of people out there who will be willing to invest in the system when not sure about it being legit business opportunity- or is it just an outright scam targeting big investors?

This realization leaves me with only one investment opportunity program which has always been my #ONE RECOMMENDATION since I joined some months ago and I have already started seeing the results, just like it promised.

Why Saving Passwords In Google Chrome Browser Can Be Risky In Case Of Any Unauthorized Access To PC

For quicker access to our favorite sites accounts, most of us find it convenient to save the account passwords in the web browser.

Did you know that accessing all the passwords saved in your browser doesn’t need hacking or special computer programming skills?

The information in this post is very vital especially to those internet users who work online on multiple sites to earn some cash through the internet and those who run successful internet businesses.

Accessing usernames and passwords of the sites you normally use online, saved to chrome browser is as easy as ABC and there is no restrictions as to who should access them, provided the computer is running and can access the internet.

This indicates that whoever can access the internet services through your computer will also be able to access all your saved passwords to all the websites that you usually use and have saved their passwords in the browser. Which gives anyone the authority to take them over, by simply changing the passwords, and the accounts will be his, provided the sign up e-mail is also included.

Let’s take a look at how simple it can be for any stranger to access your privacy data/passwords and usernames or log in e-mail addresses; as long as they are stored in the browser;

Go to the browser settings(by clicking on the 3 bold lines at the top right corner) and simply scrolling down to the “show advanced settings”

By clicking on ‘show advanced settings’ it opens a new window with a list of more options to choose from.

The next move at this stage will be to scroll down to passwords and forms, which descend further to two options (a) and (b), whereby clicking on “manage passwords” will open a new window.

Here is when things get interesting; for it is this window that will have the full list of the sites you have the accounts with, including the URLs, usernames and the passwords.

Though the passwords will still be indicated with dots ……, by clicking on any chosen password, there would emerge two options- ‘show’ and X.

If the user clicks on ‘SHOW,’ the browser will reveal the password withheld by dots.

This shows how vulnerable your online data accounts are in case you have the practice of saving the passwords of your sensitive sites online in your browser, and thus one has to be very cautious about the relevance of the accounts to which passwords are saved in the browser.

This information applies to all the other browsers, but I just chose to use Google chrome as the example because it is the most popular.

Learn more about internet-business-building HERE.

One Financial Tip That Can Save You A Life-time Search For Reliable And Legit Online Investment Opportunities

This is not the first post on this site in which I am sharing my experience about this online investment opportunity. It is just another time I have decided to shade some more light about what I shared earlier.

Another major benefit that the online entrepreneur would be exposed to is that; one can work at his own pace and once the business is fully functional, he can sit back and relax but still continue to earn residual income indefinitely.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there that would promise you overnight riches by investing in their offers, only to lose your hard-earned cash to them when the expected results are never delivered. Such cases have made most of the potential investors lose heart in the search for the legit and reliable online investment opportunities (which is a blow suffered by the few legit programs, giving the potential investors hardtime sifting through the scams and come up with the real opportunity to trust)

But what if someone told you about a program that you won’t need to initially invest with in order to explore the services that it offers and decide whether to stay or leave?

There is only one internet program that has all that it takes to assist anyone willing to set up a successful online business, from ground zero to pro, allowing access to a training course, tools and person to person unlimited support which cannot be compared to any other program online.

You can be part of this awesome community by joining for free and start exploring the opportunity that will open doors to your future unlimited financial freedom, either as a starter member or a premium member. Learn more about the wealthy affiliates HERE.

I believe that joining the wealthy affiliates alone (leave out building the business itself) will turn out to be the wisest decision you will have ever made in your life, based on the invaluable treasure that you will have discovered.

If it is your first time coming across the information about the wealthy affiliates, and you have got some doubts about the opportunity, I would advise you to bookmark this page so that you won’t completely miss out on the opportunity, only to run into the next scam in your continued search for legit online earning opportunity.

Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to join.

The Wisest Decision To Make As An Online Entrepreneur Who Wishes To Attain Financial Freedom In Legit Ways

It is the reality that no one can work forever, but the needs are endless, and so, everyone presently working whether online or offline, is under a challenge to make the investments that will be able to generate him/her enough future income to meet all the required needs, when not in position to actively work anymore, but still wish to retain full financial independence.

In life, there are uncertainties surrounding our future physical capabilities/goals that might result from accidents, illnesses, political unrests, and other obstacles in life that can end up with the loss of the property that might be the only asset that your life depends on.

Imagine, waking up the next day to find that the only piece of land that has been serving as your source of livelihood has been taken away under some corrupt deals. And your effort to pursue the matter in the court of law is proven futile even when you throw in your other savings to petition the matter.

Or worse still, you have heard of some cases whereby the fires gutted down the business buildings and the property worth millions of dollars were reduced to ashes, leaving the owners of the uninsured business poorer that when they began the business (and also bankrupt besides the debts relating to the loaned capital destroyed)

This is where I find it advisable to start investing online with some reputable online programs that never disappoint, but with sure returns on investment that would be recurring month after month, based on the efforts that the investors would initially be willing to work towards building a fully functional online business.

The best part with this type of investment is that; one will be able to work/operate the business from anywhere in the world provided he/she can access the internet connection, using the computer or a smart phone (a mobile office).

Oops! You will have lost a fortune if you stop here. Continue reading to discover what your future holds.

Make your wisest decision HERE today and discover what you can’t afford to miss. The above little square is the key to financial freedom.

My First Ever WA Affiliate Commission Earned To My Account, For Facilitating A Sale

I am very excited to have woken up today in the morning to find an e-mail from the Wealthy Affiliate with the following title.

Congratulations! A new WA commission

Here is the copy-pasted e-mail that has shown me the clear signs that I am on the right track towards my financial freedom. Now got the real meaning in the words “MAKE MONEY ON AUTOPILOT”
Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your membership and opening your affiliate control panel.

Sale details:
Commission from this sale: $4
Order ID: I-NEQ55L1D24R4
Date & Time: 02/26/201500:08:20
************THE END*****************

I have been a starter member of the wealthy affiliate university for the last few months trying the things that are freely taught under the starter package, just to test the reliability of the opportunity before I can opt for premium membership.

The main purpose of the wealthy affiliate university program is to offer their members with training course, tools and help and support needed to build successful online businesses as internet marketers owning fully functional websites freely hosted by the program.

As a starter member at the wealthy affiliate university, one is entitled to some few benefits that I found to be worth a shot e.g.

1. Promote the program using the available affiliate links and the marketing aids free to any member and be able to earn the recurring affiliate commissions upon the referral of new members, based on the level of the membership.

2. Create a maximum of 2 free niche sites and apply the free training course under the starter package to build a foundation of the future successful online business as one gets to explore the possibilities of creating future financial freedom.

Here is the overview of the expected benefits which the users are entitled to as starter or premium members.

For every invitation accepted, the referrer would be entitled to recurring commission for life depending on the level of membership of the referrer as well as that of the referral in the future. Read here for more information.

My first WA $4 dollar affiliate commission originated from one of my referral advancing to a premium membership under the bonus package.

Under my case, I would have been paid $8 dollars in case I was a premium member and would be entitled to $22.50 dollars each month whenever the referral renews his premium membership, instead of the $11.25 I will be earning each month.

What excites me more is that (with more of my affiliates going premium) I will be earning residual income every month, as I consider going for premium membership in the near future so that I can unplug the full potential of this lucrative affiliate program.

Assuming that I will have over 100 affiliates in the near future (like some members who joined the program earlier) I will be able to be pocketing $2250 each month for life, all passive.

You can also start your journey to financial freedom by joining the program for free here and start building the foundations for your future business here.

Are the Writing Sites That Keep Popping Up And Dying Soon After Just Legit Smart Scam Sites?

This post is meant to serve as the link or a bridge to the opportunity that will enable you earn online based on the efforts and time invested. Unlike the uncertainty that surrounds income generated by working on the likes of the writing sites listed below.

Elitevisitors- I had the account with elitevisitors, but I couldn’t find the site worthwhile and now, the site is facing some unknown issues, even the attempt to sign in was unsuccessful today, besides the claims that the site has wound up and the domain is for sale at the moment.

Bindspace- this is another site that came up and went down before even getting noticed by many.

Gather- it was once the best online revshare site but only went under when I discovered it and was trying to sign up but realized that it wasn’t taking up any more new members.

Mylot- I believe this was the first of the trusted paid to post sites, but stopped paying the users when it attained its target, when the content created was enough to keep it going and earning residual income.

Cgpgallery- it is not clear what is really going on with this site at the moment but the users seem to be dissatisfied by the way the payments are being handled. Anyway, these are just the telltale signs that it will be more that impossible for the members to get paid in the near future, when the site keeps on changing the terms of use, and trying to convince the loyal users that they are concerned about the delayed payments, where any persistent user claiming the pay would have their accounts deleted.

PAA– PostAnyArticle and her sister sites fall under the same category, transforming every now and then, as the result the earnings accumulated disappearing.

Doesn’t it mean that some of these sites are just created to benefit the owners, ceasing the payments upon attaining the reliable content quality, earning from the activity of the users and their content thereafter?

So what is the point of writing this post if I don’t recommend to you one reliable alternative site that will help you build a fully functional online business that will satisfy your financial needs based on the length of time and efforts you will be investing in it?

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up as a starter member of the wealthy affiliates and get started with your journey to online financial freedom. You can also get more information about the wealthy affiliate university here.

Hopefully, this information will help you find the only available reliable secret to financial freedom and stop wasting your valuable time on some earning sites with no gurantee of existing beyond today,but helping the owners to earn.

The uncertainty of continued guaranteed income from working on the likes of the above listed sites has made me to focus more if not all of my efforts in the opportunity that holds my future financial freedom to retire at 40.

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