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Parsona paper is threatening to take away the coins earned to inactive accounts

Persona paper happens to be one of those write to earn sites that has been on my list of online working opportunities for a long time- joined when they had only chitika as their advertising network/sponsor. I don’t know much about their current pay rate but it was very low by then.

A day ago I received an e-mail message to my inbox, which reminded me that I have not been able to log in to my persona paper account for the last 90 days. It sounded like just another silly joke to realize how days are flying by, yet I am so busy to check on some of the sites that I registered membership accounts with.

In their message, they threatened to forfeit all the coins earned unless I would take action to convince the system that my account is still active. After reading their first paragraph, I was very eager to know what I was required to do in order to save my account, but in the back of my mind, I was just checking to see if any of their requirements was hard to meet so as to let them do anything they so wished.

I found their threat to be somehow polite and their conditions so easy to be met, unlike what I have already experienced before with other sites, which I never use their services any longer.

The requirement to be met in order to save my already earned coins was to just sign in to the account, and that was all. No need to post anything, comment on any post etc.

Just for the sake of keeping the membership of persona paper- the write to earn site that I found to be rather hard to earn cash from, I went ahead and did as I had been instructed, even though I had to go an extra mile of changing the password, for I had forgotten all the login information.

So, in order to continue keeping the 70 coins which I currently have in my account, it will be required to login at least once in 90 days.

Do you think any sane online worker, who still hope to make use of any particular in future would fail to meet such easy requirements?

Anyway, I am not looking forward to being that active on persona paper unless they begin offering the users an attractive earning rate.

How a lucky WA member Earned $25 dollars in a day to his adsense account coincidently

This is about a lucky friend at WA who just made $25 dollars in a day to adsense account, originating from a typo in his article that attracted over 55500 page impressions and a total of 600 ad clicks within a week, sky-rocketing the earnings to a total of $50 dollars, a half of which made within one day.

This $25 dollar richer guy at WA just shared his excitement about the crazy earnings made to his adsense account in a week after posting an article that contained a typo that turned out to be the most searched phrase around the internet web.

I know this might sound like a miracle or one of those hyped internet money-making scams, but according to his blog post, which can be accessed HERE, the article was meant to promote the online game he was affiliated to, that had just been released on 1st June 2015, and seems to had attracted a significant number of searches from the potential game users all around the internet web.

To him, he doesn’t understand the coincidence that applied to drive the online searchers to use his misspelled phrase ARC instead of ARK.

Now I understand why some website include wrongly spelt phrases in their tags in order to attract audience keying in the search box wrongly spelt phrases, while searching online for content with certain expected phrases.

What a coincidence to see that even the internet searchers made the same mistake that directed them to the article page!

So, although such account performance can trigger red flags sensed as unusual activity to the adsense checks and balances, I hope it won’t hurt at all upon verification that all the activity achieved was valid.

Check this link out if you wish to learn more about the Wealthy Aaffiliate money earning FREE TO JOIN online business opportunity

Anyway, would you correct such typo if you realized that it is the key word phrase that had led to the unexpected amount of traffic and earnings?

Congratulations! A recurring WA commission!- Indicating that I just made some Passive Online Income

Based on the title to this post, you can all see that I just received an e-mail to my inbox indicating that I have earned WA commission of $11 to my WA account. You can get a better picture of what I am talking about if you take a closer look at the following copy-pasted content of the received e-mail.

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:

Recurring Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $11.25
Order ID: I-R533PT633AMX (This ID is changed)

Referral & Tracking Details
Referral join date: March 4, 2015
Days as a starter member: 34
Campaign: Website Modal
Tracking ID: none

** For members upgrading from Monthly to Yearly billing while within a monthly billing cycle, the commission is pro-rated as the user has already paid for the month.


If you understand the term “RECURRING” then you should readily know that this is not the first time I have received the e-mail of this type, carrying similar amount of earnings- and that I expect to receive more every month as a standing order.

If you are curious to know how I became entitled to such residual income, then be my senior guest as I get you through the knowledge about the opportunity that will change your life forever. I won’t go into details here, for you can access all the information about WA program here.

In brief, the commission of $11.25 earned above is the amount I am entitled to under WA affiliate program as a referrer standard member on the referral’s renewed premium membership (it would have been $22.25 if I was a premium member- the membership I am looking forward to soon)

The main purpose of making this post is just to share my excitement with my audience, especially those who were so skeptical about this WA opportunity when I first posted about it and recommended it as my new stepping stone to building my online business empire.

To me, this is just but the beginning and I look forward to receiving suchlike e-mails on daily basis as long as my premium referrals keep adding up. And what if I tell you that you can also start receiving the same emails if you TAKE ACTION NOW and JOIN HERE?

Multiple Ways to Earn Unlimited amount of Cash Online using Traffic Monsoon with or Without Investment

It is the time to stop wasting time on some sites that limit the earning potential of the users to the upgraded level of membership and amount invested.

If you are looking for a way to earn online in a passive way similar to auto-pilot residual income with or without financial investment, then look no further.

Traffic monsoon is a paid-to-click cum traffic exchange site with a unique approach, giving the users the opportunity to earn in multiple ways while promoting their online businesses and referral opportunities they are affiliated to.

Currently, traffic monsoon is the only site that enables the users to earn $0.1 dollars daily as a free member with no referrals, by clicking only 10 daily ads worth 1 cent each. This means that it can take one only 20 days as a free member with no referrals, to reach the payout minimum amount of $2 dollar.

There is no need to limit yourself to $0.1 dollars per day when you can multiply the same amount of income to $1000s of dollars by simply referring friends under you and earning 100% of their ads click earnings.

For example, having 1000 direct referrals actively clicking ads will earn you $100 dollars daily as passive income earnings.

If you are wondering how you can be able to attract new referrals into any of your affiliate program, then you need to READ THIS short guide to attracting direct referrals.

Earning by Ad pack purchases:
Earn 110% cash back on every ad pack purchase (very reliable revenue sharing system)

One is also entitled to 10% on every Ad pack purchases by the referrals and 100% of referral clicks on cash links

Traffic monsoon has Paypal, payza, solid trustpay as the payment processors ,which gives the users the choice to process the payments using the system they normally find convenient to use online.

The users also enjoy traffic exchange in the ratio of 2:1 (1:1 for paid members) by freely surfing the sites and earning ads credits in their traffic exchange program, I have also been able to attract new referrals to the other affiliate programs that I currently earn from.

For the payment proof CLICK HERE to see my first traffic monsoon paypal payment, which was in fact instant (that is to mean, the moment I clicked on the ‘WITHDRAW’ button, the earning instantly reflected in my PayPal account as ‘completed’)

I believe this is enough evidence to rule out the fear of getting scammed as for those who are new to traffic monsoon and are wondering if there is a great risk of loss investing in the site.

If you are interested in trying out this new online investment opportunity, I hope that you sign up using my REFERRAL LINK HERE and I will feel very much appreciated especially when you find the opportunity worth it as I believe you will.

The latest biggest blow to international chitika ads network publishers, is it the beginning of the end of chitika?

After a full month of wondering what had happened to my chitika earnings rate, it is now clear that chitika ads network isn’t the option to earn online as a publisher, unless your content attracts ‘qualified traffic’- the users from the following 5 countries :
USA, UK, Germany, Australia and France

Why on earth should the internationally recognized ads network restrict earnings on clicks and impressions to 5 nations?

Doesn’t it also mean that no advertisers out of the 5 countries can advertize locally on chitika?

It was a month ago when I realized according to the chitika account stats that; although my sites were receiving the daily traffic of over 500 impressions, no ad clicks were available (my average weekly clicks used to be 20 and more)

Besides earning from the ad clicks, there was also impressive CPM earning rate, and I could see my earned balance steadily increasing, which I was ever happy about since it is all but passive income.

Now, that is history and my earnings of the month have stuck at 18 cents for 2 two months running. The number of impressions each day on the ads is as usual, but no ad clicks or CPM earnings.

Lately, I sought the assistance of the chitika support team by sending them an email detailing the issue I was facing. Unfortunately, the e-mail reached their auto responder which sent me the reply to notify me that the support team doesn’t work on the weekends and so my issue would be dealt with during the weekdays.

On Monday, I received an email from chitika support team in response to the e-mail I had sent them. in fact, I just wondered why they didn’t see it as a problem from the publishers point of view.

In their e-mail, they indicated that the issue was originating from the fact that; chitika no longer value the ad clicks or impressions from the users out of the 5 aforementioned countries.

As much as their e-mail was meant to convince me, there are still some things which don’t add up at all since most of my sites visitors originate from the great 5 nations and that means that I am being denied a share of revenue earned on ads. Another thing is that, some important changes should always be communicated to the users.

Anyway, I don’t see if chitika is a recommendable ads network site anymore and thus it is the time to put more focus on building my online business and spreading the tentacles wide enough, working on different reliable online earning sites so that I will always have something to lean on when one online income source dries up.

Are these abrupt changes just an indication of the beginning of the end of chitika?

Is the arrest of the Thai UFUN Store Executives the Beginning of the End of UFUN CLUB Utoken, Considered The Multibillion Ponzi Scheme?

ufun clubIf you happen to have been closely following the developments of the UFUN CLUB utoken online investment opportunity, or you are the investor yourself in utoken crypto-currency, then this latest news about the arrest of the UFUN store executives in Thailand might be of interest to you.

According to the news; which can be READ HERE, the three UFUN store executives were arrested yesterday by the Thailand Anti-Money-laundering, Economic crime suppression and Consumer protection authorities on charges of operating a ponzi scheme scam which has cheated the money out of the unsuspecting members.

Other three Malaysians and two more Thais are also under hunt to face similar charges upon apprehension.

The arrests were prompted by the dissatisfied members of the scheme who claim that they were misled to invest in the scheme which has so far not been able to meet any of the promises made and they feel cheated.

Furthermore, the anti money-laundering office had already frozen their accounts, claimed to be holding millions of dollars.

I happen to be one of the many prospects out there who were interested in the UFUN CLUB utokens investment opportunity, lured by the testimonials the members were sharing online (which sounded too good to be true yet convincing) to the extent that I was ready to invest some of the hard-earned money into the scheme, but only backed off when I realized that the lowest membership package was $575.

After finding out that the opportunity was far beyond my investment capabilities, I decided to keep it in check just to see if they would introduce some more affordable investment packages to attract more investors, but all I could come up with was that the utoken value kept on rising against the dollar as if manually manipulated (unlike the normal currencies which fluctuate due to the forces of demand and supply) whenever the announcement was made and the investors were very happy about their gains. The latest utoken price announced was $0.174 per utoken, a rise from previously announced 17 cents.

My follow up was made easier by the review post about the doubts surrounding the UFUN CLUB future as a ponzi scheme scam I had create some months ago which had attracted conflicting comments/opinions and debates from my readers.

It was through the comment left by one of my readers on the same post that I learnt about this latest development, where the reader had also included a link to the news.

In my opinion, if this latest development indicates the beginning of the end of the UFUN club as a ponzi scheme, then it will turn out as one of the multi-billion BIGGEST SCAMS of the century, where the members will lose the money they risked investing in utokens.

It will also act as a warning to me and others who get attracted by easy money making programs, only to get scammed of the little they have. And instead focus on building my real online business where the income is slow but certain and risk-free.

Is CGP gallery writing Socio-blogging Site in Trouble Once Again?

Just like it happened with bubblews, I stopped writing on CGP gallery a long time ago and explored some other greener pastures when the site started showing suspicious signs of a scam by stopping to pay the users and even the support staff declining from answering the follow up e-mails by the unpaid claimants.

My relationship with the site didn’t end there, as I had been able to upload more than 10 posts on CGP gallery and earned $10 dollars to my account and thus I have been occasionally visiting the site to see the new developments, especially if there are any posts shared by the users about getting their payments- but all I could come across were those with complaints about the failed payments.

Some weeks ago, I had tried to access the site as usual only to encounter a page with the message “THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED” which to my shock meant that CGP gallery admin had suspended my account- for I was trying to log in directly from my old links in my browser.

This alert prompted me to perform a google search and attempt to access the site as a new user, but my efforts hit the dead end once again when I landed on the same page displaying the message ‘THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED.”

That was when I realized that the writing site CGP gallery was indeed facing a serious trouble either from google, paypal and other online payment processors or their website hosting.

After several attempts afterwards, I was able to access the site again, but it seemed to have very little activity since the last login- meaning that very few users were using the site at the moment as others, just like me had quit using it thus investing their efforts elsewhere.

My attempt today to access the site again hit the dead end, landing on the page with similar message to the one mentioned above.

Does it mean that CGP gallery is still battling with serious financial issues and is about to throw in the towel for good?

My question is; who has suspended the CGP gallery account? And what is supposed to be done in order for the suspension to be released?

Anyway, it just gave me more time to pursue my goal of building my online business and set up a very profitable retirement plan.

The Setbacks Of Using Misleading Headlines In Blogs And Advertising campaigns In Promoting Any Product Online

In internet marketing, no one can rule out the fact that catchy headlines play a very important role in attracting the targeted customers. But this shouldn’t be confused for the use of the misleading headlines whether in the advertisements or blogs meant to promote the product.

Time is money and thus anyone searching online for a certain product that would solve his problem would have a lot of options to choose from, among the competing products. And so, if he suspects that the post he chose to visit contains no relevant or related content to the post catchy title, he will feel wasted, misled and angry about the whole site and immediately close the web page without another thought, continuing his search on other available websites with content under his content search key words.

If this happens more often, even though your content will be ranking high under the search engine results (results of misused key words), there will be increased bounce rate, since the site will be receiving only one-time-hit visitors who get dissatisfied/disappointed by the information therein (for it doesn’t relate to what they are actually searching for)

The same goes with the ads- the keywords selected in promoting the product online using the Pay per click ads services would cost you unnecessarily if you include hypes that are not related to the product being promoted, and it will only attract wrong attention/audience who will just click through but no conversions will be earned as expected.

I hope this post explains why some internet marketers find that the ads used in promoting the products they are affiliated to receive reliable traffic/clicks but very few sales are achieved. For example, “JOIN THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOU $1000 EACH MONTH WITHOUT INVESTMENT.”

Now imagine if the person attracted by the big earnings in the headline learns that he has got to purchase a certain software costing $100 dollars in order to access the stated earning potential. Would you expect him to go on and sign up for the product?

Out of the same experience, I have personally ended up signing up for accounts with some so-called online income earning opportunities but only to get disappointed when I realized that they wouldn’t work as described.

Anyway, I just feel happy to be part of the only online business affiliate program that delivers all the promised services for those action-takers who wish to build successful online businesses and achieve financial freedom at their own pace.

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