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As you all know, shortening URL links to share to social media sites or forums has been here for a while and we have all been doing it through the popular link-shortening apps like po.st, bit.ly, tinyuri etc for free.

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The earnings per link visit vary according to the demographics of the link visitor and the advertiser recommendations based on the locations.

This means that some clicks would earn more than others, but all in all, they all add up quickly depending on the number of the active links shortened.

The adf.ly users are allowed to cash out their earnings whenever they attain a minimum threshold of only $5 dollars (meaning that one can be able to cash out daily if he puts in more efforts).

The benefits don’t end with the earnings based on the shortened links, for adf.ly also has a very lucrative affiliate program which entitles the user to a lifetime percentage commission on all the referral income.

The users can also use the same accounts allocated to them; as advertisers to promote their online businesses at very competitive prices- only paying per valid clicks accurately counted by the system.

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