Is buying Humanatic account the only available remedy for erroneously banned honest calls reviewers? Let’s find out.

In my previous post about, I precisely explained how one can apply and get the application approved to access the humanatic account and be able to earn money online by reviewing recorded phone calls. You may also need to take a look at my humanatic review here if you happen to be new to this.

That was then. At the moment as I write this, new sign ups to humanatic are halted till further notice as you can see in the attached image.

humanatic pays to review recorded calls

In case you are new to humanatic stuff and have no clue about what actually the issue the humanatic admin is facing, then sit tight as I roughly explain the real present situation at humanatic.

Humanatic claims to have been losing a lot of cash to fake reviewers- called cheaters in their system. That is no news at all. The cheaters cheat the system and as a result submit wrong call reviews which the system can’t detect as such. In such case, the resulting crappy data processed and received by their clients has no value to them and they have either threatened to cut their orders completely if not already done so. Humanatic team on the other hand has declared war against the cheaters and assured their clients to be able to arrest the situation once and for all.

In order to ensure that; they have suspended the new calls reviewers recruitment to allow their team sufficient time flush out all the cheaters from the system. They have implemented the anti-cheating methods like never before; including what they term as ‘bait calls’ but I call them trip-wires because they trigger account deactivation.

Thumbs up to the hard-working team- they can now look back and say “We have done it.”

Unfortunately, not all those suspicious characters flushed out as cheaters are actually bad apples. Many of the honest reviewers have also been netted and flushed out. Their e-mails sent to the humanatic support hit the brick walls (no response received) and now wondering what actually went wrong and what to do next.

Does it mean it is the dead end to all these good reviewers whose accounts erroneously got deactivated?

No!  There is always a plan B, and that is exactly what I am here to explain.

In fact, I was in the same dilemma just a few days ago, but managed to sneak back with a bought account as you can see in the screenshot below.

humanatic earnings page

At this point, you must be pondering about the following questions;

  • Where can one buy new humanatic accouts?
  • How much does either new humanatic account /one with unlocked high-paying calls categories cost?
  • How can one assess the humanatic account resellers and successfully buy a functioning account and avoid scammers?
  • How long does it take to start using the bought account?
  • How can one avoid getting banned again after purchasing a new humanatic account?

Whether they got your account deactivated or just tried earlier to sign up and got the application rejected by humanatic, buying the humanatic account is the only tested and approved 100% remedy for you at the moment.

Continue reading to access the info which will give the answers to the questions above and possibly buy a new fully functional humanatic account today at as low as $10 USD.

I believe those who understand the daily earning potential of humanatic can agree with me that they can recover this buying cost of $10 in just a few hours of call reviewing.