Have you tried to join humanatic.com to earn online and unfortunately had the approval denied?

Have you been asking yourself why the attempt to join humanatic got rejected?

Have you been searching online for the best humanatic alternatives?

Don’t worry; it is not over until it is over. And you are not alone

I was inspired to write this post based on the terrible experiences some of my close friends interested in joining humanatic.com have undergone regarding the changed new application and approval process many are not aware of.

I have been a member on humanatic.com dating back from the year 2015. I have had a fair share of benefits and disappointments as well. The benefits range from their timely payouts and the opportunity to work from home online through the phone app or PC reviewing calls. The downside of working on humanatic according to my personal experience is; ever-increasing battle between the honest reviewers and the cheaters (where the cheaters seem to win this battle anyways as some of the honest reviewers unfortunately get banned)

When I first joined humanatic.com back then, the application and approval process seemed smooth- almost like automatic and one would start earning cash reviewing calls in the next 12 hours or so.

It was until recently that I learnt that things have actually changed a great deal when it comes to applying and getting approved to work on humanatic and get paid reviewing recorded calls. I am not sure why, because if it was about extreme screening of the new entrants, humanatic platform would be free from cheaters- which is not the case.

It got my attention when my friends approached me wondering where they went wrong in their application attempts that got rejected- where it was cited that their ‘working history presented conflict of interest.’

Looking closely after searching the internet regarding the same case having happened to numerous people interested in joining humanatic but got rejected; though the e-mail reply looked somewhat generic, there was something clear about what one should share/not in the ‘work history section’ of their application form. And this is the basis of writing this post.

I  think or I believe to have a solution to this and after reading this post to completion, you will have all your questions answered, plus a bonus of similar sites to humanatic you can look at just in case….

Once we had sat down and rehearsed everything, we decided to give it a last well-aimed-shot. Aaaand..

Got you! The application got approved. Not only one but several of my friends who were interested in humanatic job using the same application secret we had discovered. Initially, we had reached the conclusion that humanatic is no longer allowing new sign ups- but is not saying it, instead leaving the work to automated system to reject all the applications and send out generic rejected approval e-mail replies.

We were wrong, and you are too if you have reached the same conclusion upon getting your application rejected by humanatic. There is something you are doing wrong in ‘your work history’ section of the application form. Fortunately, you landed on this page and you can access all the info you need to include on your humanatic application form and get your application approved the next time THROUGH THIS LINK.