proI have been working on an online research study site by the name prolific academic for the last few months but I refrained from sharing about it until I made sure that the site is reliable and pays as promised.

On prolific academic, the members can enroll and benefit both as research survey participants as well as researchers.

To the participants, the availability of the studies to take part in depends on the eligibility. Eligibility of the members to the available studies is based on the personal information initially shared.

In the short period I have been a member to prolific academic, I have been able to receive e-mails invitations about the available research studies that I was eligible to participate in and earned up to 2.5 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) per survey successful completed.

I can say that the studies are usually simple because there are no correct responses required to the questions, but rather personal opinions based on the parameters given on a particular topic/experience.

The last study I took would earn me 1 GBP and get me to the 5 GBP minimum cash out threshold if accepted by the researcher.

Yesterday, I woke up to a very exciting e-mail that I have been expecting for the last few days. It indicated that at last! I could cash out for the first time and it was as below.

Your submission for “Study on Displayed Emotions at Workplace” has been accepted by the researcher Yuen Lam Bavik!
You have earned £ 1.00.
Your balance is now £ 5.00!

You have more than £5 in your account. You can now get paid.


I had nothing more to wait for but to go ahead with the provided link and cash out the available pounds.

The cash out process indicated that it would take up to 5 days to receive the cash to my PayPal account. But guess what? Today in the morning, just a day after, I have the money in my PayPal account. The 5 GBP converted to $6.33 USD in PayPal.

By attaching the payment proof above, I am now fully confident that prolific academic actually pays as promised and I am sharing my personal experience about the site to INVITE all my online friends who would like to explore this as another reliable research or survey site to earn extra shilling working online from all around the globe.

So if you are here because you have been doubting whether prolific academic is a scam or not, then don’t waste any more time looking around, but instead JOIN HERE under my referral link and
I will feel appreciated to have answered your enquiries.

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