It has been a while since skypip was lounged and I have been closely monitoring the site’s progress from a distance but so far nothing appealing. I couldn’t join the site even though I was amongst the first people who received an e-mail notification inviting them to register as members and post to get paid.

I can’t say that skypip is outright scam site yet, but there are dozens of reviews out there that link the site to former scams, which seem to confirm my doubts about skypip as being just another one of those short-lived scams.

I refrained from joining the site due to several reasons that made me believe that skypip is just the same scam site owned by the admins of the former sites that scammed the innocent writers who worked hard on the sites only to receive no payments afterwards upon requesting, then the sites in question folded without notice.

As a former member of several writing scam sites- the likes of CGP gallery, bestwriters, elitevisitors, bindspace, bubblelife, linkerzone, etc. it didn’t seat well on me when I received the e-mail inviting me to join a new writing site promising to pay well.

In fact, there were several questions raised in my head. One main question was; how the site owners got my e-mail address when the site was just newly launched?
Another question was how they reached the conclusion that I was the possible potential user of the site, and that I would be interested in the services of the site.

So, if there is one grave mistake the skypip marketing people made, then it was the decision to rely on the mailing list of the former members of the revamped sites that had very bad reputation (which they had carefully stored, believing that it was the ready list of the potential users)

Anyway, let’s give it time and watch how it puns out. I hope that the site will surprise the skeptics like me and leave them regretting why they couldn’t jump in and earn when the opportunity was raw.

What do you think about the future of skypips?

10 Comments on One mistake that skypip did that earned them bad/scam alert reviews immediately after launch

  1. Well I didn’t know about their emails until I joined.. I got to know about skypip on blogjob.. I had just one article there,but for some reason after watching for 2 months, I felt its not worth to write there… I removed that article and used elsewhere.. I don’t think we should spend time there.

    • Better you @shaloowalia, you had some spare time waste on skypip. Upon receiving the invitation e-mail to sign up as a user there, I had no doubt that it was just from the old scammer who already had a list of old users on previous scam sites that folded earlier. The likes of bestwriters, bindspace,CGP gallery we had accounts with.

  2. I’m through with third party sites. From now on I invest in my own sites. The ones I own and control.

    • Better you. I just checked it out and ..yes. I was sure it would just waste my precious time that would be productive working elsewhere to earn some money.

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