Beer money nation happens to be the new writing social site that pays its users worldwide, which seems to have just come onboard the revenue share writing sites platform at the right time as the potential refuge for the stranded former bubblews users.

How to earn on beer money nation?
It will be a very big advantage to former users of bubblews, or current blogjob, mylot etc users who already have a grasp of how to post in these popular writing sites that pay for the content uploaded online.

The users of beer money nation earn points for most of the activity they perform on the site- where each point awarded is equivalent to 1 cent.

The new users would be awarded 10 sign up points and 1 point for every login afterwards.
When it comes to posting, or just creating topics, the posts are supposed to be at least 100 words- which in turn would earn you 20 points per post.

By replying on the topics, the users earn 1 point; just ensure that the comment is 50 or more characters long.

By referring new users to the site- the users are awarded 50 points for each invited sigh up. The easiest and passive way to make money for those who understand the language of marketing and promotion especially through the social media sites.

How do users get paid?
The users can request for payments whenever they gunner a minimum of 515 points and get paid $5 dollars where the payments are instant through paypal, besides other payment options present on the site.

The best thing about the beer money nation platform which I find more appealing is that; just like blogjob, every user is under control of how much he/she earns since it doesn’t rely on the activity of other users to earn like it was on bubblews and other writing sites (where the earnings are dependent on the rate of activity resulting from the post)

Anyway, this feature doesn’t rule out the quality of the posts submitted, since there are also some additional bonuses for high quality posts.

So what are you waiting for in case you want to earn some money online through your writings?

For those who are still doubtful and wondering whether beer money nation is legit or not, I find beer money to be one of those sites I can recommend to anyone after reading some payment proofs from TRUSTED SOURCES. Join HERE through this link and start earning straight away.

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