If you happen to be new to ForumCoin, or interested to know more about the site, especially whether it is a scam or not, besides its reliability and its earning potential, then here is a quick introduction.

ForumCoin is a legit paid to post forum that claims to have been around for more than 3 years. The forum gives the users the ability to earn from posting as well as the opportunity to promote their online businesses as well as learn about new earning opportunities online shared by other users.

When I joined ForumCoin some weeks ago, the site had the potential to enable the users to earn the maximum amount of $0.51 for posting 17 times in a day. I considered it worth the time involved on the site to earn it especially by just replying on the already created posts by other users.

After cashing out for the first time- which took me about two weeks of active participation to earn 1000 FCs (1FC=0.01 USD) that could be redeemed for $10 to paypal, I was eager to dedicate more of my time on the site by posting the maximum allowed posts in each day.

A few days after, I realized that there was a reduction in points earned per post. The highest paid category; Business, Money and Wealth (BMW) for instance was reduced from 3 coins to 2 coins per post.
I considered it tolerable and I was able to reach another cash out at a longer period of time than before.

A few days ago, we woke up to find a new change, the maximum number of posts to earn from in a day reduced from 17 to 10, besides the decrease in forumcoins per post from 2 to 1.5.

It means that the highest amount of earnings the active users are able to earn in a day is 15 FCs, which can be equated to $0.15 USD.

According to the reasons given by the admin for the changes, as it was written in the latest announcement; the site has come up with the decision in order to restrict the number of worthless posts, instead give way to insightful posts. In other words, better few quality posts than hundreds of one line spam posts.

It is now clear that many users (who were there primarily for money) are leaving the site/ spending shorter time there due to the low earning potential of the site. This can be justified by the current drop in new discussion threads and the overall global ranking of the site.

By the time I joined, the google rank of forum coin according to Alexa was around 75000 positions. Currently, it has dropped drastically and at the moment, it is standing at 81000 plus position on the web.

Anyway, it is clear than the site is currently battling a financial crisis of which the only way to curb is to reduce the revenue expenditure. But is it a wise decision to demoralize the content creators continuously by cutting the pay?

What is the way forward for the stranded forum coin users who are looking for greener pastures?
Here is what I recommend to online workers who wish to make more money online besides blogjob. Unfortunately for those who are yet to join blogjob- the site has halted the new sign ups until further notice.

As for those online users who wish to make more money online, welcome to my online money making machine. Take a plunge, it is not over yet. START HERE, your journey to online business success.

4 Comments on Will blogjob be the next refuge for ForumCoin’s stranded users looking for better online earning opportunities?

    • I don’t think many blogjob users who have the potential to earn over a dollar per day on blogjob would go for 15 cents as the daily earning limit on forumcoin. Anyway, some may do so based on the low minimum payment threshold on FC for they are not that patient to earn 10000 on blogjob only to request for payments. Some are just skeptical of blogjob failing to pay them upon request- which would be a waste of time spent. I personally got paid the 4th time recently and I have no doubts that blogjob pays.

    • Thanks for your heads up. I believe you won’t be troubled the next time you log in to forumcoin and post only to realize that the post earns you 1.5 FCs. Also when you earn for 10 first posts.

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