Month: November 2015

One mistake that skypip did that earned them bad/scam alert reviews immediately after launch

It has been a while since skypip was lounged and I have been closely monitoring the site’s progress from a distance but so far nothing appealing. I couldn’t join the site even though I was amongst the first people who received an e-mail notification inviting them to register as members and post to get paid.

I can’t say that skypip is outright scam site yet, but there are dozens of reviews out there that link the site to former scams, which seem to confirm my doubts about skypip as being just another one of those short-lived scams.

I refrained from joining the site due to several reasons that made me believe that skypip is just the same scam site owned by the admins of the former sites that scammed the innocent writers who worked hard on the sites only to receive no payments afterwards upon requesting, then the sites in question folded without notice.

As a former member of several writing scam sites- the likes of CGP gallery, bestwriters, elitevisitors, bindspace, bubblelife, linkerzone, etc. it didn’t seat well on me when I received the e-mail inviting me to join a new writing site promising to pay well.

In fact, there were several questions raised in my head. One main question was; how the site owners got my e-mail address when the site was just newly launched?
Another question was how they reached the conclusion that I was the possible potential user of the site, and that I would be interested in the services of the site.

So, if there is one grave mistake the skypip marketing people made, then it was the decision to rely on the mailing list of the former members of the revamped sites that had very bad reputation (which they had carefully stored, believing that it was the ready list of the potential users)

Anyway, let’s give it time and watch how it puns out. I hope that the site will surprise the skeptics like me and leave them regretting why they couldn’t jump in and earn when the opportunity was raw.

What do you think about the future of skypips?

Will Beer Money Nation be the next big thing in paid to post revshare writing social Sites after Bubblews’ closure?

Beer money nation happens to be the new writing social site that pays its users worldwide, which seems to have just come onboard the revenue share writing sites platform at the right time as the potential refuge for the stranded former bubblews users.

How to earn on beer money nation?
It will be a very big advantage to former users of bubblews, or current blogjob, mylot etc users who already have a grasp of how to post in these popular writing sites that pay for the content uploaded online.

The users of beer money nation earn points for most of the activity they perform on the site- where each point awarded is equivalent to 1 cent.

The new users would be awarded 10 sign up points and 1 point for every login afterwards.
When it comes to posting, or just creating topics, the posts are supposed to be at least 100 words- which in turn would earn you 20 points per post.

By replying on the topics, the users earn 1 point; just ensure that the comment is 50 or more characters long.

By referring new users to the site- the users are awarded 50 points for each invited sigh up. The easiest and passive way to make money for those who understand the language of marketing and promotion especially through the social media sites.

How do users get paid?
The users can request for payments whenever they gunner a minimum of 515 points and get paid $5 dollars where the payments are instant through paypal, besides other payment options present on the site.

The best thing about the beer money nation platform which I find more appealing is that; just like blogjob, every user is under control of how much he/she earns since it doesn’t rely on the activity of other users to earn like it was on bubblews and other writing sites (where the earnings are dependent on the rate of activity resulting from the post)

Anyway, this feature doesn’t rule out the quality of the posts submitted, since there are also some additional bonuses for high quality posts.

So what are you waiting for in case you want to earn some money online through your writings?

For those who are still doubtful and wondering whether beer money nation is legit or not, I find beer money to be one of those sites I can recommend to anyone after reading some payment proofs from TRUSTED SOURCES. Join HERE through this link and start earning straight away.

Product Self-sustaining Marketing Technique every new Brand Product Marketers seem to employ nawadays

There is nothing challenging in the marketing industry than launching a new product onboard the market which is already congested by similar alternative brands.

The main challenge under such case is to convince the customers of the already existing product to believe that the new product is better in various ways as compared to the one they are used to in order for the new product to penetrate the market and gain a reliable market share.

One thing that the product owners have to ensure is that; every customer who accepts the offer to try out the new product is very important to the future existence of the product and has to be hooked to the extent that he finds value in the product and remain with no reason to go back to the old product he/she is used to.

Here is where the quality of the product in question should be self-sustaining in the sense that; no matter how much it costs the company in production process, it leads to satisfaction to the first time customers.

I have been observing some products being launched with a bang. After the customers testing the product, they tend to fall in love with the product based on the quality of the brand in satisfying the needs of the users.

But wait! After a few times of using the same product, it would be observed that the quality of the product would diminish with the length of the time it has been on market and the gain in market share.

It is clear that some companies find it more convenient to employ this marketing secret, than spend more on endless product promotions trying to out-compete the already established alternative brands, leading to increase in product prices.

I didn’t realize it is just a marketing strategy when some companies (especially dairy product companies, cosmetics, soap etc) come up with brands that come onboard the market with high quality products, but only after a while, gaining the reliable market share, the quality of the product diminishes without notice.

After all, it would be considered a success when the product quality is reduced to the sustainable standard upon reaching the sustainable market share.

Find more about modern marketing techniques here and learn to earn $1000s online as affiliate marketer.

Have you ever had any experience with a product that launched with high quality but subsequently lost quality over time?

Will blogjob be the next refuge for ForumCoin’s stranded users looking for better online earning opportunities?

If you happen to be new to ForumCoin, or interested to know more about the site, especially whether it is a scam or not, besides its reliability and its earning potential, then here is a quick introduction.

ForumCoin is a legit paid to post forum that claims to have been around for more than 3 years. The forum gives the users the ability to earn from posting as well as the opportunity to promote their online businesses as well as learn about new earning opportunities online shared by other users.

When I joined ForumCoin some weeks ago, the site had the potential to enable the users to earn the maximum amount of $0.51 for posting 17 times in a day. I considered it worth the time involved on the site to earn it especially by just replying on the already created posts by other users.

After cashing out for the first time- which took me about two weeks of active participation to earn 1000 FCs (1FC=0.01 USD) that could be redeemed for $10 to paypal, I was eager to dedicate more of my time on the site by posting the maximum allowed posts in each day.

A few days after, I realized that there was a reduction in points earned per post. The highest paid category; Business, Money and Wealth (BMW) for instance was reduced from 3 coins to 2 coins per post.
I considered it tolerable and I was able to reach another cash out at a longer period of time than before.

A few days ago, we woke up to find a new change, the maximum number of posts to earn from in a day reduced from 17 to 10, besides the decrease in forumcoins per post from 2 to 1.5.

It means that the highest amount of earnings the active users are able to earn in a day is 15 FCs, which can be equated to $0.15 USD.

According to the reasons given by the admin for the changes, as it was written in the latest announcement; the site has come up with the decision in order to restrict the number of worthless posts, instead give way to insightful posts. In other words, better few quality posts than hundreds of one line spam posts.

It is now clear that many users (who were there primarily for money) are leaving the site/ spending shorter time there due to the low earning potential of the site. This can be justified by the current drop in new discussion threads and the overall global ranking of the site.

By the time I joined, the google rank of forum coin according to Alexa was around 75000 positions. Currently, it has dropped drastically and at the moment, it is standing at 81000 plus position on the web.

Anyway, it is clear than the site is currently battling a financial crisis of which the only way to curb is to reduce the revenue expenditure. But is it a wise decision to demoralize the content creators continuously by cutting the pay?

What is the way forward for the stranded forum coin users who are looking for greener pastures?
Here is what I recommend to online workers who wish to make more money online besides blogjob. Unfortunately for those who are yet to join blogjob- the site has halted the new sign ups until further notice.

As for those online users who wish to make more money online, welcome to my online money making machine. Take a plunge, it is not over yet. START HERE, your journey to online business success.

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