I have to admit that the internet has overwhelming number of money making opportunities, for those who are innovative enough to exploit just a handful of such opportunities to the fullest.

I find it really somewhat creative when some business-minded artistic Kenyans turn the free internet content into cash in their own interesting ways that tend to satisfy their potential customers.

So what am I writing about?

This post is generally about some creative men and women who have taken the magazine publishing industry by storm, relying on the readily supplied content from the internet, and skillfully making it suit the taste of their esteemed customers.

These guys are majorly great in creating the titles and that is the area that is the foundation to their booming business.

The business is run by underground print media owners, specialized in producing a daily 10 page magazines, of which most of the content is gathered from the internet web but packaged specially to sound mysterious to the target customers.

So how do they market their printed product?

Funny enough, these guys will never lack market to their 10 page magazines, provided there exist the public service vehicles and bus terminals.

They would be seen boarding any bus, loaded with flyers in hand together with numerous copies of their magazines. They freely supply the flyers to the bus occupants.

On the flyers, there would be very attractively printed killer titles of the topics contained in the magazine.

The topics would range from the current affairs in the country (touching on some sensitive issues that many wish to know more about) as well as the normal internet stuff like; how to become a millionaire, how to know if you your lover is faithful, how to lose weight in a week, tips to…, 19 secrets to…, 10 must know secrets about…. etc.

As usual, the topics outlined on the flyers are meant to create curiosity in the readers to wish know what the full story about the listed topic is.

Thus, for the price of only Ksh. 10, the customer would be able to buy the damn 10 page magazine, if touched by one or more of the topics highlighted.

What I fail to understand is how these little magazines win the trust of the people who are mostly just one time customers, when there are numerous brands of reputable magazines to outcompete.

This is a unique way to earn from online free content without getting branded a plagiarizer, and also no one can tell whether these publishers pay taxes on their sales.