Just as the name suggests, ForumCoin is an online social media forum site that pays a share of its ad revenues to its users to compensate them for the content posted.

How does it sound if you were told that you can be able to earn up to $0.03 dollars without investment for each post or reply you submit to the internet forum, discussing the usual topics you usually participate in online for free?

In fact this opportunity supports the use of mobile phones and thus gives the users the authority to post from anywhere.

Sounds great, right?

This is the reality with ForumCoin as long as the user would be able to post honest replies or interesting discussion topics about anything, of quality that would attract more responses from the other users.

How do users earn on ForumCoin?

ForumCoin has its own redeemable coins/e-currency called forum coins or FCs, currently redeemable at the value of 1 dollar cent each.

The posts allowed should be relevant to the forum community even though they can be as short as one sentence.

There is also polling and the users can create the polls about any common topics for the other users to vote according to their interests.

The users who have accumulated 500 or more FCs can redeem the coins for $5 cash to their PayPal accounts associated with the e-mail address used to create the ForumCoin account, upon messaging the admin through the available PM messaging system.

Currently the users are allowed to earn from a maximum of 17 posts in 24 hours (daily), this doesn’t mean that it is an offense to continue posting after exhaustion of the 17 posts. Who knows! The limit might be lifted soon.

There is also a one-time pay referral program where the users who invite other users to create accounts earn when the referred users become established members.

Assuming that one is able to promote his/her referral link widely and attract a good number of new sign ups each day, it will earn him unlimited amount of money based on the rate of $0.25 per referral invited.

Without limiting oneself, there are also cash offers/tasks like face books liking, sign ups, etc offered by other users to be completed in exchange for the Forum coins ranging from 10 to 20 coins.

As an added incentive to the users who create quality posts; one earns 2 coins as reputation points whenever someone likes the post.

So, if you happen to be looking for a reliable online earning opportunity for just posting or replying on forum posts of your own interest; ForumCoin is the most recommended to put your efforts in.

If you seem to have any doubts in the reliability and earning potential of ForumCoin in terms of it being a legit site or not, then remember that the site has been around for more than 3 years and the users there boast of having been always paid without issues or existence of nonpayment problems. And also the active community present will tell it all.

I hope that you will find this post helpful and you will appreciate my efforts here by joining this wonderful online earning opportunity through THIS LINK to try things out for free.

Let’s meet on ForumCoin. As we try to earn the extra shilling online using the internet by writing posts on forum, working from home.

11 Comments on How To Earn at least a Dollar Daily for Just Posting or Replying on Forum Posts on ForumCoin

    • It is not about just joining anything that promises to pay. It is about the reliability of the site in question and there are a lot of the things you have to look for and approve before jumping in. This one is not one of those scams. It is free to join and you won’t regret it provided it remains as it is now.

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