It has been a while now, trying to log in to my PAA account but only to land on a page indicating that; THIS ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. In fact, seeing it for the first time made me to think that it was my account at PAA, that had been suspended by the admin due to inactivity.

Things became clearer when I did a google search but only to end up with the same page when I tried to access PAA site as a new user.

Just like former CGP gallery, PAA is another get paid to post revenue-share site that I didn’t directly benefit much writing and posting on- but it remains a site that gave me leads to most of the online working opportunities that have presently proven to be worth it, and it was not a scam.

It is through PAA that I learnt about the awesome blogjob, when a blogjob user posted there about how she was able to make $1000 dollars in a month. Blogjob has so far become my online home for it serves me numerous purposes, especially, promoting affiliate sites besides the direct earnings accrued.

It was also through posts on PAA that I learnt about bitlanders, traffic monsoon and the wealthy affiliates– which has so far proven to me that it is a reliable online working opportunity to try out for free.

Though I stopped long ago to post articles on PAA, when they changed the terms of payment, increasing the minimum payment threshold from $1 to $5 and reduced the earning rate as well, I have been hanging around, always expecting new online earning opportunities to be shared by the users, for me to join and try them.

So, whether what is happening to PAA is just a temporary glitch, time will tell, but I always tried to keep the account alive so as to regularly check the site to see any new developments that would be beneficial to attempt.

Anyway, if it has gone the same way CGP gallery did, then this is a very worrying trend of the revenue-share writing sites online.

7 Comments on Has PostAnyArticle (PAA) gone the same way CGP gallery and other post to earn revshare sites did?

  1. Ugh! I know there are legitimate websites that have account suspension as a punishment (ex: but that makes it no less frustrating. Did you lose any money from this suspension?

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