This is about a lucky friend at WA who just made $25 dollars in a day to adsense account, originating from a typo in his article that attracted over 55500 page impressions and a total of 600 ad clicks within a week, sky-rocketing the earnings to a total of $50 dollars, a half of which made within one day.

This $25 dollar richer guy at WA just shared his excitement about the crazy earnings made to his adsense account in a week after posting an article that contained a typo that turned out to be the most searched phrase around the internet web.

I know this might sound like a miracle or one of those hyped internet money-making scams, but according to his blog post, which can be accessed HERE, the article was meant to promote the online game he was affiliated to, that had just been released on 1st June 2015, and seems to had attracted a significant number of searches from the potential game users all around the internet web.

To him, he doesn’t understand the coincidence that applied to drive the online searchers to use his misspelled phrase ARC instead of ARK.

Now I understand why some website include wrongly spelt phrases in their tags in order to attract audience keying in the search box wrongly spelt phrases, while searching online for content with certain expected phrases.

What a coincidence to see that even the internet searchers made the same mistake that directed them to the article page!

So, although such account performance can trigger red flags sensed as unusual activity to the adsense checks and balances, I hope it won’t hurt at all upon verification that all the activity achieved was valid.

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Anyway, would you correct such typo if you realized that it is the key word phrase that had led to the unexpected amount of traffic and earnings?

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