Month: June 2015

Parsona paper is threatening to take away the coins earned to inactive accounts

Persona paper happens to be one of those write to earn sites that has been on my list of online working opportunities for a long time- joined when they had only chitika as their advertising network/sponsor. I don’t know much about their current pay rate but it was very low by then.

A day ago I received an e-mail message to my inbox, which reminded me that I have not been able to log in to my persona paper account for the last 90 days. It sounded like just another silly joke to realize how days are flying by, yet I am so busy to check on some of the sites that I registered membership accounts with.

In their message, they threatened to forfeit all the coins earned unless I would take action to convince the system that my account is still active. After reading their first paragraph, I was very eager to know what I was required to do in order to save my account, but in the back of my mind, I was just checking to see if any of their requirements was hard to meet so as to let them do anything they so wished.

I found their threat to be somehow polite and their conditions so easy to be met, unlike what I have already experienced before with other sites, which I never use their services any longer.

The requirement to be met in order to save my already earned coins was to just sign in to the account, and that was all. No need to post anything, comment on any post etc.

Just for the sake of keeping the membership of persona paper- the write to earn site that I found to be rather hard to earn cash from, I went ahead and did as I had been instructed, even though I had to go an extra mile of changing the password, for I had forgotten all the login information.

So, in order to continue keeping the 70 coins which I currently have in my account, it will be required to login at least once in 90 days.

Do you think any sane online worker, who still hope to make use of any particular in future would fail to meet such easy requirements?

Anyway, I am not looking forward to being that active on persona paper unless they begin offering the users an attractive earning rate.

How to Earn passive unlimited cash online by shortening URL links

Did you know that you can earn unlimited amount of online cash by simple tasks like link-shortening?

Whether you are a blogger, online forum participant, social media sites user, writing website owner or any other online worker who would like to increase your work from home online income.

Then this is the opportunity you need to look closely at, for it won’t cost you anything at all to start benefitting from it, doing exactly what you are used to.

As you all know, shortening URL links to share to social media sites or forums has been here for a while and we have all been doing it through the popular link-shortening apps like,, tinyuri etc for free.

But what if I tell you that someone is ready to pay you for doing the same tasks, only that this time round, through another link-shortening app that has been around for years, and gaining popularity every other day due to more users joining daily to try its awesome services , and sticking to it.

To cut a long story short, I would like to introduce you to, the only link-shortening app in existence that pays the users for all the page visits achieved through the shortened links.

As the name suggests, is an ad serving app that incorporates a 5 second ad in the shortened url link, whereby, every user who visits the page under the link must view the ad therein for at least 3 seconds before the page is redirected to the intended page. You can test how it works, by CLICKING HERE.

The earnings per link visit vary according to the demographics of the link visitor and the advertiser recommendations based on the locations.

This means that some clicks would earn more than others, but all in all, they all add up quickly depending on the number of the active links shortened.

The users are allowed to cash out their earnings whenever they attain a minimum threshold of only $5 dollars (meaning that one can be able to cash out daily if he puts in more efforts).

The benefits don’t end with the earnings based on the shortened links, for also has a very lucrative affiliate program which entitles the user to a lifetime percentage commission on all the referral income.

The users can also use the same accounts allocated to them; as advertisers to promote their online businesses at very competitive prices- only paying per valid clicks accurately counted by the system.

You can start earning now by JOINING HERE and shortening all the links in your old posts with, turning your once useless links to passive income generators.

I don’t see the reason for sticking with old ways of doing things if you can get paid doing the same things you normally do for free. In fact this is one of the easiest ways to make money online I can recommend besides my #1 HERE and #2 HERE.

How a lucky WA member Earned $25 dollars in a day to his adsense account coincidently

This is about a lucky friend at WA who just made $25 dollars in a day to adsense account, originating from a typo in his article that attracted over 55500 page impressions and a total of 600 ad clicks within a week, sky-rocketing the earnings to a total of $50 dollars, a half of which made within one day.

This $25 dollar richer guy at WA just shared his excitement about the crazy earnings made to his adsense account in a week after posting an article that contained a typo that turned out to be the most searched phrase around the internet web.

I know this might sound like a miracle or one of those hyped internet money-making scams, but according to his blog post, which can be accessed HERE, the article was meant to promote the online game he was affiliated to, that had just been released on 1st June 2015, and seems to had attracted a significant number of searches from the potential game users all around the internet web.

To him, he doesn’t understand the coincidence that applied to drive the online searchers to use his misspelled phrase ARC instead of ARK.

Now I understand why some website include wrongly spelt phrases in their tags in order to attract audience keying in the search box wrongly spelt phrases, while searching online for content with certain expected phrases.

What a coincidence to see that even the internet searchers made the same mistake that directed them to the article page!

So, although such account performance can trigger red flags sensed as unusual activity to the adsense checks and balances, I hope it won’t hurt at all upon verification that all the activity achieved was valid.

Check this link out if you wish to learn more about the Wealthy Aaffiliate money earning FREE TO JOIN online business opportunity

Anyway, would you correct such typo if you realized that it is the key word phrase that had led to the unexpected amount of traffic and earnings?

Congratulations! A recurring WA commission!- Indicating that I just made some Passive Online Income

Based on the title to this post, you can all see that I just received an e-mail to my inbox indicating that I have earned WA commission of $11 to my WA account. You can get a better picture of what I am talking about if you take a closer look at the following copy-pasted content of the received e-mail.

Congratulations Henry,

You’ve just made a Wealthy Affiliate commission. You can check the details of your commission by logging into your membership and visiting your affiliate stats page:

Recurring Sale Details
Commission from this sale: $11.25
Order ID: I-R533PT633AMX (This ID is changed)

Referral & Tracking Details
Referral join date: March 4, 2015
Days as a starter member: 34
Campaign: Website Modal
Tracking ID: none

** For members upgrading from Monthly to Yearly billing while within a monthly billing cycle, the commission is pro-rated as the user has already paid for the month.


If you understand the term “RECURRING” then you should readily know that this is not the first time I have received the e-mail of this type, carrying similar amount of earnings- and that I expect to receive more every month as a standing order.

If you are curious to know how I became entitled to such residual income, then be my senior guest as I get you through the knowledge about the opportunity that will change your life forever. I won’t go into details here, for you can access all the information about WA program here.

In brief, the commission of $11.25 earned above is the amount I am entitled to under WA affiliate program as a referrer standard member on the referral’s renewed premium membership (it would have been $22.25 if I was a premium member- the membership I am looking forward to soon)

The main purpose of making this post is just to share my excitement with my audience, especially those who were so skeptical about this WA opportunity when I first posted about it and recommended it as my new stepping stone to building my online business empire.

To me, this is just but the beginning and I look forward to receiving suchlike e-mails on daily basis as long as my premium referrals keep adding up. And what if I tell you that you can also start receiving the same emails if you TAKE ACTION NOW and JOIN HERE?

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