ufun clubIf you happen to have been closely following the developments of the UFUN CLUB utoken online investment opportunity, or you are the investor yourself in utoken crypto-currency, then this latest news about the arrest of the UFUN store executives in Thailand might be of interest to you.

According to the news; which can be READ HERE, the three UFUN store executives were arrested yesterday by the Thailand Anti-Money-laundering, Economic crime suppression and Consumer protection authorities on charges of operating a ponzi scheme scam which has cheated the money out of the unsuspecting members.

Other three Malaysians and two more Thais are also under hunt to face similar charges upon apprehension.

The arrests were prompted by the dissatisfied members of the scheme who claim that they were misled to invest in the scheme which has so far not been able to meet any of the promises made and they feel cheated.

Furthermore, the anti money-laundering office had already frozen their accounts, claimed to be holding millions of dollars.

I happen to be one of the many prospects out there who were interested in the UFUN CLUB utokens investment opportunity, lured by the testimonials the members were sharing online (which sounded too good to be true yet convincing) to the extent that I was ready to invest some of the hard-earned money into the scheme, but only backed off when I realized that the lowest membership package was $575.

After finding out that the opportunity was far beyond my investment capabilities, I decided to keep it in check just to see if they would introduce some more affordable investment packages to attract more investors, but all I could come up with was that the utoken value kept on rising against the dollar as if manually manipulated (unlike the normal currencies which fluctuate due to the forces of demand and supply) whenever the announcement was made and the investors were very happy about their gains. The latest utoken price announced was $0.174 per utoken, a rise from previously announced 17 cents.

My follow up was made easier by the review post about the doubts surrounding the UFUN CLUB future as a ponzi scheme scam I had create some months ago which had attracted conflicting comments/opinions and debates from my readers.

It was through the comment left by one of my readers on the same post that I learnt about this latest development, where the reader had also included a link to the news.

In my opinion, if this latest development indicates the beginning of the end of the UFUN club as a ponzi scheme, then it will turn out as one of the multi-billion BIGGEST SCAMS of the century, where the members will lose the money they risked investing in utokens.

It will also act as a warning to me and others who get attracted by easy money making programs, only to get scammed of the little they have. And instead focus on building my real online business where the income is slow but certain and risk-free.

20 Comments on Is the arrest of the Thai UFUN Store Executives the Beginning of the End of UFUN CLUB Utoken, Considered The Multibillion Ponzi Scheme?

  1. I have always questioned digital currency as the way of the future (no offense meant to those of you who love it) but I had no thoughts on the creators of any digital curency. With this news, I firmly believe anyone who pursues digital currency should stay up-to-date on the people behind them.

    • Digital currency is real and there are hundreds of them available online, their value controlled by the forces of demand and supply. But there are also fake ones as well, controlled by the few individuals who can manually manipulate their value to attract more attention and more people to invest in them, only to collapsy afterwards, leaving the holders with valueless units.

  2. The writing is on the wall and after reading all the news on the web about UFUN club utoken, I don’t see why you shouldn’t just back off or if you are a brave risk taker then it is up to you. It is your money that you are gambling with. If you decide to join, then I look forward to hearing from you soon, sharing your success story.

  3. Hi,

    You should be concerned about UFun and it’s legitimacy, but you should also be concerned about truth and accuracy in reporting. There are many out, for various reasons who would love to see UFun fall and the media lust for ratings break stories without without regards for truth, just to be the first to report it. Also, the are copy cats and scammers who are going to scheme from it’s success.

    Utokens are not the company, it’s the crypto/digital currency, that do not make it suspect because criminals choose to use, no more than the US dollar being illegitimate because Mexican cartel use it for it’s ill-legal activties.

    There is UFun Club and its leaders (this is what was raided, the copy cat scammers) and then there’s UFun Group and its leaders, they are still opererating.

    The news failed to investigate enough to tell you this, they destroy many of businesses and curtail many opportunites because of their greed to be first to report, they are rating whores. Then you have naive individuals who believe “EVERYTHING” they hear and read in the media and then blindly spread it.

    I have no money invested in any crypto/digital-currency, but we should at the very least be fair and honest and let the story unfold, then we can make a judgement based on truth.

    • What is more confusing about your comment is the way you attempted to clarify between UFUN group and UFUN club. It is more confusing as to which one is a scam, if it is not the same thing.

    • When I first came across this news, I thought it was just another internet reporting joke. But it now seems more credible that it initially was. I am no longer receiving any updates about the rise in the utoken value like a few weeks ago. Seems like scams are getting developed in different ways to loot from the unsuspecting investors.

  4. Its funny how I made $900,000 last year selling utokens. Don’t chat shit people on what you don’t know. Typical scared of progress people act like that. Stay poor and scared I’m loaded.

    • Where is your proof to show that you actually made that much selling utokens? Otherwise, I have the opinion that you are just one of the executives trying to promote your utokens. Anyway, when was the latest utoken value rise update?

      • Showing a Prof would mean showing you my bank account.
        From the first of July utokens owners will be able to get press IPO on nickel and Ustores there will be no more utoken as the company will go public and will go on the stock market. Its the same type of fake accusations that got the company to slow down this year and the increase of the utoken slowed down. None believers remember when you’ll know about it it will be too late. When it goes public the price won’t be the same so believe what you want guys. Do you even know the real name of the director of UFUN. I just can’t stand when people accuse a company trying something new. A lot of people in Asia have been using the name ufun but are not even a part of the group. But anyway the choice is yours people. All I’ll say is fear is the reason why poor stay poor and the rich keep getting rich.

      • Oh and just to let you know the utoken increase was day before yesterday. As of the first of July utoken will be used as reserve and people that will want to buy them it will cost $5000 for a 1 star instead of $500.

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