Whether you are the internet marketer, online publisher, working online on some GPT sites etc, you will need to attract and engage the targeted audience, in order to keep them coming back for more; else your internet business will be in trouble if all your product customers are just one time hits.

With the existence of several free to join and use social media platforms on the internet, it gives the internet workers a very wide range of opportunities to market their products and reach unlimited number of customers (only to those who know how to use them effectively)

One mistake that the new social media users often make in attempt to gain the audience that always have counter effects is joining several social media sites and employ the strategy of “post and run” without caring who is interested in their posts/products.

There is one thing that most of the people ignore- that the prospective customers are also looking for the product getting recommended by a person who would take time to explain to the customer more about the product. And this can only be understood by the marketer’s presence and involvement on a particular social site.

So if you joined any social site a while ago and still wondering why no one is interested in your posts nor gaining a significant followership, then try to take time on the social site trying to learn what others are posting and complementing them as well.

I learned my mistakes in using the social media sites after reading a post shared at WA, where a friend of mine at the wealthy Affiliate had also included the links that I found to be very helpful for anyone willing to unlock the full potential of using social media sites either to market the products he/she is promoting/affiliated to or for just driving traffic to his websites, to earn more based on the ad hits.

The author of the posts recommended focused on the effective use of Google plus as a social marketing platform, even though the 10 tips given apply effectively to the other social media sites like face book, twitter, pininteres, tsu, bitlander etc.

Out of the 10 tips given in her post, there is only one tip that I found to be very effective; LEAVING valuable COMMENTS on others’ posts.

This experience is one of the benefits that I have so far acquired as a WA member besides the money earned from the WA affiliate program in my efforts to build a successful online business and attain future financial freedom working from home.

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