For quicker access to our favorite sites accounts, most of us find it convenient to save the account passwords in the web browser.

Did you know that accessing all the passwords saved in your browser doesn’t need hacking or special computer programming skills?

The information in this post is very vital especially to those internet users who work online on multiple sites to earn some cash through the internet and those who run successful internet businesses.

Accessing usernames and passwords of the sites you normally use online, saved to chrome browser is as easy as ABC and there is no restrictions as to who should access them, provided the computer is running and can access the internet.

This indicates that whoever can access the internet services through your computer will also be able to access all your saved passwords to all the websites that you usually use and have saved their passwords in the browser. Which gives anyone the authority to take them over, by simply changing the passwords, and the accounts will be his, provided the sign up e-mail is also included.

Let’s take a look at how simple it can be for any stranger to access your privacy data/passwords and usernames or log in e-mail addresses; as long as they are stored in the browser;

Go to the browser settings(by clicking on the 3 bold lines at the top right corner) and simply scrolling down to the “show advanced settings”

By clicking on ‘show advanced settings’ it opens a new window with a list of more options to choose from.

The next move at this stage will be to scroll down to passwords and forms, which descend further to two options (a) and (b), whereby clicking on “manage passwords” will open a new window.

Here is when things get interesting; for it is this window that will have the full list of the sites you have the accounts with, including the URLs, usernames and the passwords.

Though the passwords will still be indicated with dots ……, by clicking on any chosen password, there would emerge two options- ‘show’ and X.

If the user clicks on ‘SHOW,’ the browser will reveal the password withheld by dots.

This shows how vulnerable your online data accounts are in case you have the practice of saving the passwords of your sensitive sites online in your browser, and thus one has to be very cautious about the relevance of the accounts to which passwords are saved in the browser.

This information applies to all the other browsers, but I just chose to use Google chrome as the example because it is the most popular.

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