This is not about like to cash, retweet to earn or sponsored tweets or re-share to earn etc. It is about a well planned system which incorporates the above marketing methods into one complex but very easy to understand program anyone who wishes to earn working from home can use for FREE.

So, whether you have a reliable social network of audience or not, this should not worry you at the moment (but it would give one the easy beginning if you happen to have a reliable number of friends and followers on your social media accounts) for promotional purposes.
What matters now is finding the foundation upon which all other things will be applied accordingly to be sure of the miraculous outcome of different benefits from different sources, all in one.

The only foundation which I have discovered, tested and found recommendable to anyone who understands the challenges of earning online or building a successful internet business is joining the SFI program.

As a member of SFI, here is the brief overview of the opportunities and benefits one can expect:

SFI has stores full of the products we normally purchase online to satisfy our daily needs and only that this time round as a member (affiliate) you will earn 45% commission on every product you buy online or those you recommend your friends to buy through your link.

In case you have products you wish to sell online like; music, digital products, apps e-books etc then as the SFI affiliate, one is recognized as a e-commerce associate(ECA) with TrippleClicks and will access free listing of your products to online stores, and still earn 45% commission when a sale is generated.

Reliable Garage sale for the users who have got useless items in their homes but wish to convert them into cash (as well as buying some items which others do not need at low prices)

The SFI members can also bid and win interesting high value products on daily auction contests available.

There also exists invaluable opportunity for the music artists who would like to popularize their work online. They can submit their songs for free to contest, and get voted by the SFI members to win the BEST SONG OF THE MONTH and earn the artist redeemable credits.

The online gamers also have something to benefit from, as members of SFI, for there exist a lot of games which enables gamers to win credits playing them, or buy them at a discounted price besides the 45% commision on a sale.

Team building is looked upon as the main driving force behind the tremendous growth of the SFI program, since the affiliates are entitled to the commissions on the activity of their personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs), in other words, the referrals up to the 12th level down the network, FOR LIFE. The activities performed can be any of the mentioned above.

As the result, there are thousands of SFI members who are earning thousands of dollars from multiple channels in form of shared commission, all passively generated through the activity of their downline affiliates, which keeps on growing depending on the number of the active affiliates referred.

With those few benefits to expect as the member of SFI, I do not see the reason why you should not join now and start tapping into the vast reliable network, which will make it look like just earning residual income from building your social network.

Should I have to remind you that you only have to join SFI for free to access all the mentioned benefits?

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    • Very reliable, in fact you will be surprised find some of the SFI members to be from your area of residence. Thus making it convenient to transact in person @Julie.

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