In my searching for more online income opportunities, I today stumbled on this new site by the name mykites, which to the best of my experience in the online working world, has all it takes as another promising work from home writing opportunity.

The mykites happens to be another new socio-blogging site that compensates the users; with interesting features similar to those of the old bubblews and cgp gallery but with additional unique features very appealing to users, making the site worth a shot.

The users earn flight points from the likes, comments and views on their posts submitted.
It is not clear at which rate the flight points are converted into paypal cash but the site promises to pay the users according to the gross ad revenue collected at the time the user makes the redemption request, i.e. when one earns the 5000 flight points, which are the minimum threshold.

The maximum allowed posts to be submitted in a day is 10, which should be not less than 100 characters (which I assume to be a typo, but meant to be 100 words) according to their FAQs.

There also exists the feature where the users can build the network with the other users (kiters) of common interests, which involves the getting followers and also following other users.

There also exists a referral program which attracts some earnings too based on the new users that are invited to the site through the referral link every user is assigned to on their profile page.

The users (kiters) are ranked in 6 distinct levels namely; newbie, beginner, trained, skilled, expert and elite. The levels of membership are achieved according to the activity of the users on the site, as the result, the high ranking users benefit from more exposure when their posts are located on the site front page, hence earning more.

The payments are processed through two payment systems available at the moment, the Indian users are paid by check while the international users are paid through PayPal.

Feel free to join this promising opportunity here in order to start your new earning experience in your endeavours to diversifying the risk of earning online, where there is always no certainty of the existence of the same earning conditions in future.

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    • There are no fixed points earned per post as it is on blogjob. instead it depends on the number of unique views received on the post and comments added.

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