What a disappointment it must have been trying to withdraw some cash from the ATM machine only to end up realizing that you just made a donation you did not had any slightest idea about?

This is exactly what happened to my friend who was in rush to catch the bus to the place of his residence and thus he had decided to pass by the ATM to withdraw some cash to be spent during the next weekend for domestic purposes.

After he inserted the ATM debit card, he absent mindedly punched the buttons on the ATM dashboard without carefully looking closely and monitoring what he was really doing.

As he was waiting for the machine to spit out the money he had requested along with the cash withdrawal receipt, just like he had done it numerous times, instead he saw a message displayed in capital letters on the ATM dashboard, “THANK YOU FOR THE DONATION TO UNICEF.”

It took a while to register in his mind that he had really donated his hard-earned Ksh.8000 (over $80 USD ) to UNICEF out of a mistake.

Whether such kinds of transactions are reversible, it did not matter anymore to my friend nor did he even pursue the issue with the bank?

According to him, he had to count the transaction as just another loss like others he had encountered in his working life and move on without having another thought about the whole coincidence.

This is one of the banking problems a few people encounter while carrying out their daily business and no one has the idea about how to go about it and thus end up accepting it as another lesson learnt the hard way.

Anyway, what if one can take such mistake as just the direction from above to donate to the one of the reputable charity organizations and earn you some blessings to even earn more in future?