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Misconceptions towards Wealthy affiliate University that keeps people away from success unknowingly

I believe it is not the first time you are coming across the wealth affiliates university online program, but only that you have not been taking any keen interest in it out of the misinformation you have heard or assumed about it.

Here are some of the misconceptions you might have come across and shut off the doors to the treasure you would be reaping right now if you took a minute to look closely at the success opportunity WA offers to its members.

WA is an online pyramid scheme (WRONG)

WA is a get rich quick scam (WRONG)

WA is a multilevel marketing platform (WRONG)

WA is …… the list goes on and on. The misconceptions created by the competitors of WA to misinform the prospective users and direct them into their own SCAMS.

Here are the reasons to clarify the above misconceptions.

Pyramid schemes- these are online platforms with a questionable business deals between the site and its members whereby the members would earn a certain prearranged returns on investment based on the amount of the funds invested, and the new referrals invited and invested.
Upon realizing their targeted signups, the benefits are cut off and the members can no longer access their financial investments afterwards.

Multilevel marketing platforms, the members are forced to buy the products in order to realize the membership benefits, even if they might not like/need the products

Get rich quick online scams promise high returns on little investments/simple tasks; the tasks mostly being recruitment of new users as referrals with expectation of earning high referral commissions, only for the users to realize that they would never get paid. Or it can be buying a worthless software promised to assist the victims of scam earn doing nothing.
WA displays none of the above features.

So what exactly is WA all about?

WA is an affiliate internet marketing training program aimed at assisting the online entrepreneurs to set up successful online business under the niches of their interest. This is done by providing the members access to up to date training courses, tools and support required in building up an authority niche website of own domain name upon which the leads to the affiliate products will be placed and earn affiliate commissions when the customers purchase products through the links on the website.

It has two levels of membership
1. Starter membership (absolutely free)
2. Premium membership (paid)

As a starter member, one is entitled to building up to two free niche websites of one’s choice which would serve as a foundation upon which to build the future successful online business, by applying the starter training course (absolutely free) skills and reliable tools and support accessible to starter members.

Premium membership is fit for those members who would like to unlock the full potential at WA and its community by getting access to more features that cannot be accessed by the starter members. Here is the overview of the benefits accessed to by the premium membership as opposed to starter members, besides the unlimited website hosting.

The best thing about the WA starter membership is that it has no limited period of time like what is offered by the programs in the same industry with what they call the trial period.

To me, the starter package is the preliminary stage of testing the feeling of the success that is exposed to the members and gives the user a chance to test his/her abilities and explore the potential before him to test what works and what doesn’t, what interests more and access to a walkthrough of the what to expect in the near future, if the member would dedicate himself and take necessary steps as the training requires.

So if you happen to be interested in setting up a full time online business but you do not have any idea about where to start from, or getting barred by the high cost of creating own website make your first step here now towards your future online business success.

Who knows, you might be able to earn your first income today through the WA affiliate bootcamp commissions program.

If you find anything hard to understand about this information, feel free to ask for more clarification.

Oops, $1 credit earned (but skipped), What the…? Only happens at WA

This is according to the e-mail that I received from the wealthy affiliates yesterday.

This means that I would have earned a $1 dollar credit for inviting another sign up if I was a premium member, under the WA affiliate commissions program.

Unlike the WA premium members, starter members are entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the invited member upgrades to a premium member, whereby they earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium fee (1 out of every 8 or 12% normally upgrade to premium membership).

In case the referral renews the premium membership subscription the following month, @ $47 dollars, the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars (recurring payment each month provided the referral is satisfied by the WA service and stays premium),

In case the invite converts to the yearly premium fee payment package (2 out of 12 always do), the starter member referrer earns $87.5 (which also recurs)

In case of a premium WA member, $1 dollar credit is earned for every referral sign up. If the referral upgrades to a premium membership afterwards under the initial premium bonus package of $19 dollars, the premium member referrer earns himself $8, and $22 dollars upon the renewal of the premium subscription by the referral. Things would look more interesting in case the referral converts to yearly premium subscription package of where the premium member earns instant $175 for each annual subscription by the referral.

This simply means that a starter member with only 10 premium referrals will be able to earn a recurring residual income of $110 dollars. All with zero investment, as long as one can be able to refer new members who upgrade to premium.

Under the same case, the premium member with similar number of premium referrals will be entitled to $225 each month, all as residual income, besides the other earning channels like the sales conversions, adsense etc.

Even though the premium members are faced by monthly/yearly premium subscription fee of $47 and $359 respectively, they are also entitled to unlimited benefits as you can see below.

This skipped earnings have motivated me to upgrade to a premium member in the near future so that I cannot experience it again (for it is unrecoverable chance) when others are making easy dollars as premium members, doing the same thing.

You can also have access to all these residual income here if you start building your own successful online business foundation now, with the free membership package that costs zero dollars. See more below.

Most of my Cointellect Referrals happen to be the Former Etoro Traders, Evident from Their Performance Earnings

Those who have ever been day traders on etoro or any other online trading platform and are now on cointellect can agree with me that cointellect is very much of a win/win situation investment platform with guarantee of making gains (which is never the case to day trading platforms, which are more sort of a gamble)

I came to realize that some of the most active referrals whom I invited to cointellect are from etoro, who must have decided to join after I shared my cointellect affiliate links there.

Etoro is one of the largest online CFD trading platforms, with dedicated traders from all over the world numbering to over 2 million, actively investing in different instruments expecting to get some returns on investments regardless of the risk of loss their investments are exposed to.

Since most of the investments in trades are 50/50 either a win or a loss, the traders are aware of this and only invest the amounts of cash they are ready to lose, even though most of them tend to take precautions before deciding to invest, whether as personally or through the copytrader feature.

To some of my friends whom I introduced to cointellect, it must have been an opportunity like no other in the world, especially with the fact that, they would no longer worry about the outcome of the unpredictable events that drive the market forces either for or against investments like it always happen on the trading platforms.

To them, investing in cointellect mining contracts must have been looked at as a win/win investment opportunity with massive profits, far from what they had already experienced at etoro, where one can be happy today (for having gained a few more dollars, only to be lost the next minute, when the market forces go against the opened trades) the thing which makes the online traders the perfect target of users to recruit to cointellect.

Although they seem to be happy about their continuous returns on investments they are gaining from cointellect (based on their activity in buying the mining contracts) I believe they are keeping alive the common rule applied to all trading platforms- INVEST ONLY THE AMOUNTS YOU ARE READY TO LOSE, for there always exist the uncertainty of the existence of the same conditions in the future.

Based on the statistics and the affiliate commissions I am currently earning from cointellect, I have noticed that one out of the total 8 referrals I have so far, is making a contract purchase of 299 Euros almost daily, which earns me 29.99 Euros under the 10% cointellect affiliate program.

This is the legit online investment opportunity to join, cointellect cloud hashing platform and invest in their high profit mining contracts, besides referring your friends and earning 10% affiliate commissions on every mining contract purchase they make, as well as solo mining earnings gained.

Cointellect Raises The Earnings Minimum Withdrawal PayPal Amount from 50 to 100 Euros, What next!

As I was about to collect some of the affiliate commission earnings totaling to 90 Euros, cointellect announced the minimum PayPal cash out increase from the normal 50 Euros to 100, which turns out to be a blow to some of my plans on this January. According to the news report, this action was taken to curb the large volumes of PayPal withdrawals as a result of the cryptopay, the alternative bitcoin withdrawal method available, developed a technical problem.

If you don’t have any clue as to what is all about; it is a site which offers the online crypto currency miners a cloud-hashing service through pooled mining. You can learn more here.

As you can see from the statement, I was intending to collect the 90 Euros, the earnings balance which is ready to be withdrawn, unfortunately not through PayPal account. Though I have another option, to collect the earnings through as doge coin through my doge chain address, I am hesitant to go that direction for it is another hassle to exchange the doge coins into dollars, which will always result to losses in value.

Since I have more earnings pending to be ready for collection after the expiry of 14 days, I will wait for more 5 days to get there, so that I can transfer all the accumulated affiliate commission earnings to my PayPal account before the final transfer to my local bank account/credit card.

I still believe to be the luckiest cointellect affiliate to have been able to have referred very active members who have in turn continuously purchased the cointellect mining contracts out of which I earned, and will continue earning through their 10% affiliate program.
So far, I have successfully withdrawn 92.64 Euros through paypal.
90 Euros is ready to be collected

While 421 Euros remain pending, I expect more and more commission to be earned and also wish for it to go on this way for ever, earning me easy money, out of simply posting the affiliate link which.

As the SCAM overcautious people out here are reluctant to invest in cointellect contracts, many other investors who took to risk earlier are ripping massive profits everyday and are very happy about the returns on their investment.

To be sincere, I have not ventured into their contracts for I am always in need of money to spend elsewhere, but provided this goes on the same way (for there is always a risk of uncertainty and loss)

I will be purchasing the starter/pilot contract soon and be paid daily as specified, besides the affiliate commission which is also coming in steadily since 1st January. In total, I have earned slightly over 603 Euros, without any invested capital (which could be more if I bought the mining contracts like my refferals) in a span of 3 months.

Solo mining no longer works for me, and thus I have only two options to earn from cointellect. Any interested person can join and start earning here right now. Even without the need to download the coin miner software.

The Only Short-cut Possible To Make A Living Online By Blogging Through Own Niche Website

As most of you who have tried to make money off your own blogs/websites. You can agree with me that it is never a walk in the park like most of the scams out there promise. But it does not mean that it is not possible, especially if one is dedicated to make it to success and he/she has someone to run to in case he gets stuck.

What would be more encouraging than having someone professional and successful, who is holding your hand to ensure that you do not shoot any blanks, giving you all the support you need, to bring you closer to your success with every sure step you take?

I believe and understand that you have gone through quite a lot in trying to find a way to success, but only got discouraged along the way when your efforts hit the dead end, simply because you did not have the right coach, the teacher who teaches from experience of many years, and who has perfected his skill in making money online.

This person I am about to introduce to you has extraordinary understanding of internet marketing and through his extraordinary experience, he has also majored/specialized in internet affiliate marketing and also devised the special tools of trade that would enable anyone to create professionally designed WordPress websites within a span of 30 seconds, besides giving step by step guidance to enable anyone, attain the financial stability earning from own website.

If you think it is magic, you can check this out for yourself here.
This extraordinary friend of mine is called Kile, the co-founder of the wealthy affiliates university.

So if you need any help setting up a successful online business, or improving the earnings on your already established site, then this is the perfect chance that you can’t afford to miss, and on top of it all, it is free to join and make a foundation upon which your successful online business will be built as a starter member, before opting for premium membership (where the full secret to earn success online will be unlocked).

Let me warn you, your success will all depend on how serious you take the courses and take action, ask questions where you feel you missed something, and the support is 24/7 ready to attend to you, and no question is considered a ‘stupid/nonsense question.

I find it better to tap into the skills of a successful professional than struggle all the way and get disappointed afterwards, losing all the unrecoverable investment. This is just one of the main reasons I find it the only short cut possible to make a living from your niche website- getting taught by a professional and his team of experienced tutors.

If you feel like you need more details about this information, don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comment section.

How to use relevant key word tags in posts for your content to rank high on google search results

Use of relevant key word tags in blog posts is a must for your posts to rank high on the google front page during organic searches

Today, I have been mostly busy testing some of the knowledge I have so far gained from the wealthy affiliate university program training about the SEO.

I have been testing several of some relevant key words probably inserted in the search engines by my audience during the google or yahoo searches that lead them to my articles/pages by organic searching.

I have realized that by inserting the exact words I used in tags, my posts came top in the search results on the google front page, especially if my content is about a topic that has not been posted about a lot online.

For example, by use of key words, ‘leapviral scam’, my post titled, ‘LeapViral,is it a scam or just another legit way to make money online’ now appears on google front page

This research has also pproved to me that if I will be able to perform a thorough research on the tags to be included before publishing my posts, my posts will attract a lot of hits, probably after my posts appearing on the first page of the google search results.

I am not sure whether it will be right, (not yet my training level at wealthy affiliate) but I feel like my posts will be more search engine friendly if I use a lot of tags that relate to my posts content.

I have also discovered that by using sufficient tags besides the title that contains relevant keywords, it is enough to make the posts rank high and compete well with other posts in the similar niche thus attracting more organic traffic.

This also means that by optimizing on the tagging (it is recommended to edit the tagging using competitive key words) to all the posts I have so far written and published, it gives my blog/site very high chances of ranking high in the google searches under the competing key words.

As most of you, SEO gurus out there know the framework of any successful website besides faster page loading and attractive design is in its capability to attract more traffic through the search engines when the internet users are directed to your pages during the search for the information pages that contain the search phrases used.

I have tested the waters of wealthy affiliate university, and it has already proven to me that it has all the training courses, tools and support that I have been searching for long without success, which will propel my dreams of building a successful online business without much struggle and reap the massive profits as residual income.

Since it is free to join, here is the link for you to test the sure way of accessing the knowledge that you need to build your future success.

The confusions between Internet Affiliate Marketing and internet vending ironed out

Did you know that internet affiliate marketers are some of the highest paid online working people?

Who is the internet affiliate marketer?
If anyone posed this question to any active forum whether online or out there.

Here are the 2 varying examples of the answers to be expected from the participants.

1. The internet affiliate marketer is the person who sells the products of the other person on his/her website.

2. The internet affiliate marketer places the products related to his website content and sells them to his website audience.

Do you think any of the above answers is correct as far as internet affiliate marketing is concerned?

The truth be said, none of the above 2 answers is correct.

The internet affiliate marketer is just a website owner who provides the potential customers with the relevant information about a product he is promoting (affiliated to), which in turn convinces and satisfies the customer.
If the customer is convinced by the information supplied that the product under review is indeed the one he is searching online for and goes ahead to buy it, through the link on the site to the product online store, the affiliate marketer earns the affiliate commission on the sale.

The amount of affiliate commission earned depends on the value of the product and the percentage of the sale under agreement.

In other words, the affiliate marketer is just a middleman pointing the confused customer to the right product he is looking for online. No shipping cost, no further bargains, (which is the work of the online vendor)

For example, a customer searching to buy a Samsung smart phone (but unsure of the model) would land on the site promoting a variety of smart phones. Based on how the information about the phones is presented, he would get satisfied by one model that best interests him.
Upon identifying the phone of his choice, the link on the marketing site would lead the customer to amazon where he would make a purchase.

Let’s say the smart phone costs $1000 dollars, and the affiliate commission is 20% on selling price. This means that the affiliate marketer pockets $200 dollars. Very easy cash without sweat, right?

I believe the next time someone approaches you, wishing to make you an affiliate marketer, you won’t start panicking about the complications related to shipping, bargains etc, for you now know, that would be none of your business.

That is how thousands of internet marketers are making massive gains off their niche websites, and you can become one of them in the near future if you take an extra step to join wealthy affiliates here now, the online platform that has all the support and tools required to enable anyone to achieve a successful online business, with an authority website of own domain.

Free SEO and key word search tool that every online content creator must have to create high google ranking content

Do you own a niche website?
Are you a freelance writer?
Are you an internet marketer?
Are you a blogger focused on increasing the ads revenue off your site?
Are you a ghostwriter who wishes to improve your pay rate?
Are you a person who is considering earning a living working online?

If your answer is a YES to any questions(s) listed above, then you can’t afford to work online without jaax. If you know what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about, then you already have a hint about what I am writing about, and the common thing among the internet users in the list above.

Jaax is an SEO tool like no other you can ever find online, and to make it even more unique in the industry, jaax is free and can be used to create any high quality posts whether for your blog or your client- in case of freelance/ghost writing.

I believe you know how important it is to have on your blog/ niche website the content that will attract more traffic.

Provided the user understands the niche of the website he/she is creating the posts for, this app can be of invaluable help. For it is capable of assisting the website owner/ to come up with the low competition relevant key words, ensuring that the pages created using the particular key words rank high in the search engine searches, hence attracting more raw traffic on the site.

As the online jargon goes, ‘more traffic=more revenue’ even a freelance writer will earn more recommendations and earn more from his clients based on the acceptability of his articles.

How it works
To use jaax effectively, one must have an overview about the possible search phrases/terms the prospective audience to his/her content will be inserting in the search engine so that the site pages containing the key words can be cached in the search results.

The key to outcompete other sites in the similar niche and rank high and increase the chances of getting clicks and visits depends on the competitiveness of the key words included in the content.

Jaax will show the level of competition different key words are exposed to, and so it will up to you to choose the key words with low competition.

Who can access the app?
The app is freely accessible to all the members of wealthy affiliate, which means that anyone in the world can access the tool after signing up with the wealthy affiliate, which is also free.

UFUN Club Utoken Digital Currency Investment, Is It Just Another Sophisticated Monkey Business Scam?

UTOKEN is a digital currency which was founded in Asia barely a year ago and has been accepted as a medium of exchange in some nations worldwide, just like other crypto-currencies.

Based on the Utoken statistical graph, it keeps on rising in value, never falling at any point, unlike any other form of currencies, which naturally fluctuate, based on the forces of demand and supply.

The fact that it keeps on going up spells some disaster in waiting, some kind of human manipulation. But for how long?

Manipulated by some powers who are trying to cause false hopes to the potential investors to invest more and get hooked, only to wake up one day to the surprising news of UTOKEN value falling to the floor.

Leaving the investors in total disbelief of massive losses as they struggle to sell off their utoken stock at any realizable value at the rate set by the powers who created the Utoken. Who will have won?

My advice to the investors interested in Utokens is that, they should not be greedy and blinded by the uncertain future gains, but invest wisely.

This reminds me of the local scam that happened to some of my friends in Kenya some years ago. It all started with the stranger offering to buy all the monkeys in the area (thus putting some price to the rare but worthless wild animals)

When people had hunted down, captured and sold off all the monkeys available in the area, at the price which kept on rising each week, to the stranger who claimed to be working with the ministry of wildlife, it was his turn to play his part.

Through another representative, he approached the greedy unsuspecting people, telling them to acquire more monkeys, for his boss had travelled abroad but when he would return, he would be offering a higher buying price double the initial. He further advised the community to invest in the opportunity that was promising, and if they had any problem obtaining the monkeys to breed, he was offering them some of the monkeys he had reserved for the future promising gains.

The convinced villagers interested in the new offer turned up in large numbers and bought all the monkeys that were in stock at a price higher than the one they sold the monkeys, believing that the ‘man from the ministry of wildlife’ will turn up to buy the monkeys, hence making massive profits off it.

It is so early to draw any conclusions now, but so far as things stand now, I smell something fishy about the utoken investment, for I find it to have a lot of features in common with the monkey business scam story I just shared.

Don’t you see the similarity about utoken idea and that of this monkey business scam that left some people in Kenya poorer than earlier keeping the worthless animals, patiently waiting in vain for the stranger to come calling for the monkeys for sale?

The fact is that, the victims never realized that the stranger was selling them the very monkeys they had sold him, only that they were buying at a higher price. (The trick of creating false value in an item, attracting more demand, hooking the investors; then bolt off with the funds when the targeted goals are realized, by collapsing the rate)

There are thousands of legit opportunities online worth investing in, but I am yet to consider recommending utoken as one of them.

For those who are serious and searching for investment opportunities about building successful online business investments, feel free to explore some of them here where you will obtain all the support you need to set up an authority online business of your own, and stop dreaming about the easy online overnight success. Or even grow your online income by JOINING HERE my team of internet online earning professionals at SFI.

What is your opinion about this comparison?

Now I understand why online surveys about products are important

If you are wondering about the source of this information, then be my guest as I introduce you to what I call the information hub that can assist anyone to realize his dreams of building own website and owning a successful online business without investing any money.

I always find it very involving to complete some online surveys brought forward by some companies partnered with in some way in conducting online business.

In fact I find it a bother in case the company conducting a survey is not giving out any incentive to the people completing the task, and I mostly ignore them without any other thought.

That is why; the last time I completed the online survey was several months ago in the last year, with the Google ad sense.

In their survey, the company seemed to be seeking the information from its existing users about how they would better their services and stay on top of the industry as well as minimize the cost of promotion, by utilizing fully the promotion channels that most of the new users got the information that attracted them to adsense.

It is after taking some of the free internet marketing training courses with the wealthy affiliate university that has opened my eyes about several things that any successful online business owner must know to survive the ever changing digital world.

Here are the few things I learnt about the power in conducting online surveys on some products.

To know the competition level the product is facing and how to better the chances of out-competing the other competing products in the industry.

To enable the product creator to know exactly which channels/ways of promotion that most of the potential customers are using to access the product, so that more emphasis is directed in the channel.

To identify the other brands in the industry which have been launched in the market as the alternatives to the products under review.

I find it time-saving and cost friendly for the product creators to conduct proper and reliable surveys so that they should not inflate their promotion budgets on some channels that brings in little or no revenue.

It is at wealthy affiliates that any person can find free access to solutions, and useful tools in solving problems relating to building successful online business without much struggle.

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