When it comes to serious internet marketing, any review posted about any product on your site can either build your online image a little bit closer to your online business success or crash all that you have built over years of hard work.
This is why it is advisable to carry out thorough research about the product to be reviewed, else you risk undergoing the predicament that one of my friends at WA underwent a few days ago, besides getting sued for slander.

According to the post he shared to Wealthy Affiliate, my friend claims that he learnt it the hard way and it should serve as a warning to other WA members who are working hard to build their contact list, which is key to any successful internet marketing business (the money is in the list, they say).

His story which can be read here, is that; he posted to his site a review about a product which some of his subscribers already had enough experience about. And thus, they found his post information to be misleading or rather slanderous, based on the negative commentary the post received.

This resulted in some of his subscribers unsubscribing from his contact list for they were unsatisfied by the misleading information received. His follow up with the apologies didn’t change anything and thus the damage had already been done.

In his post, he claims to have expressed in detail the negative effects that the users would expect when using the product under review, and also admits that he didn’t perform his homework well before presenting it before the public, which he regrets a lot.

The trouble didn’t end there; the product manufacturer also contacted the post author expressing his annoyance about the review, claiming that he should have contacted them and sought for more information before publishing a misleading review.

This is one of the reasons why it is never a walk in the park to operate a successful online business as an internet marketer unless one is extra-careful about every step taken in building up the given business niche as it is expected according to the WA training course.

3 Comments on Why The Internet Marketers Should Always Perform Thorough Research About The Product To Be Reviewed

  1. I think it’s important to be a consumer of the product you review as opposed to reviewing something you’ve never experienced for yourself. That was the only mistake your friend made. Honestly, some companies just don’t want to hear anything bad about their products. And some companies are just overly sensitive for no reason.

    My mom creates designs that she uploads to Zazzle, a print-in-demand company. This one product was a toucan and she added the words “Hey, haven’t you heard? It’s a birthday party!” or something similar. Nice message, right? This tiny company got all upset because they were using the phrase “Hey, haven’t you heard?” as well. They threatened Zazzle with a lawsuit if my mom didn’t remove her card, so my mom had to delete her card. It was the dumbest thing ever! Everyone knows you can’t trademark or copyright phrases!

    Ever since that incident, I learned an important lesson about companies. The company always wins no matter what. In short, I agree that you should be experienced with the product you review but I don’t think your friend should’ve gotten that much garbage from the other users and the company.

    • Thanks @jessica for sharing your real life experience here about the importance of research on the product to reviewed. I also fully agree with you on the part of self-testing the product before reviewing it.

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