It took long for me to believe that it can really be possible to earn a significant amount of income from tsu. In fact, when I used to see the posts shared about how much some tsu users were able to earn daily, all that I could think of was that, one must be in USA to earn that way, for it took me a lot of hard work to earn the first cent on tsu.

As an international tsu user, I just kept the tsu account active in the first place to be sharing some of the content I created online on other sites I work on online to boost the earnings indirectly, when the tsu friends visited the links, for I found it easier to use compared to the facebook.

It was also just another social media site that I could use to promote some referral links and recruit new referrals to some sites so that I would earn affiliate commissions from their activity when they join under me to try the things out in their search to increase their online income.

It is no longer the same case for me anymore, for I have discovered a new strategy based on the experience in online business building tricks that I have so far gained from WA that seems to work miracles when applied to any content sharing platform that pays.

My testing of this secret strategy proved a success when applied it to my blogjob sites, whereby it has assisted in getting many of my site pages to rank high in google searches, when the relevant key words present in the posts are used in online searches, hence driving more traffic.

Apart from growing my tsu network, it has also shown significant change in the amount of earnings accumulating daily, which has made me proud of WA training program, with vast important information that can be applied anywhere in creating a stable online business.

I can now recommend tsu to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to earn online, but as for the strategy to make it work better, I would advise anyone to learn it for himself by joining the wealthy affiliate to unlock the full potential of earning unlimited amount of income online.

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