This post is just the part 2 of the article covered here in the first part.

Earnings from WA affiliate commisions program as a premium member with 5 referrals
By inviting 5 referrals into WA program who eventually go premium, it entitles the referrer with the premium membership to the following benefits;

$5 dollar invites credits, earned when the 5 referrals set up their WA accounts
$8 dollars per each referral who takes the bonus premium subscription of $19 dollars, meant to offer the users the opportunity to test the premium services. This would give a total of $40 dollars.

When the referrals renew their premium subscriptions the next month at $47 dollars each, the premium referrer is entitled to $22.5 of the total. With 5 premium referrals, the referrer pockets $112 dollars, all passive income.

In case the referrer is lucky to have a referral who decides to take the annual premium subscription, then referrer earns the instant $175 dollar upon the payment by the referral.

This how most of the Wa members earn more from the affiliate commisions as the premium members as long as they are lucky to invite the referrals who will also upgrade to premium members in the near future.

This is why it is very easy for one to retain the premium membership and they don’t feel it as a burden, renewing their subscription from their share of the affiliate commissions earned and pocketing the rest.

Remember, Wealthy affiliates’ main initial purpose is to offer training courses; support and required tools to its members to assist them build their own successful online businesses in internet marketing, which includes creating niche websites and successfully earning enough from them, as well as enjoy free hosting, in case of premium membership.

Thus the affiliate commission program is just an extension to compensate the members who promote the program. As a result, there are members who have capitalized on it as their main way to earn from the WA program, and they are reaping a lot of benefits, besides hosting their own unlimited number of monetized niche websites with the program and also earning from them as affiliate marketers.

The best thing is that there is no limited number of the referrals to be invited, while the premium membership fee remains the same (even with 1000s of referrals invited, provided you can promote WA to that level, the benefits are all yours)

I am sure you now do not have any reason as to why you should not take this golden chance and join the wealthy affiliate to start off your journey to building your online empire, no scams anymore.

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