The free sea of knowledge at WA has given me access to the online business success marketing skills that have answered many of the questions that have been disturbing me over a long period of time.

How wrong was I to think that composing music with the international language tunes would expose one’s music to large market, more sales and popularize the musician.

In fact, I used to wonder why some musicians struggled to get their music CDs accepted by the music world, when they had produced their songs in their native tongue, limiting their music listenership by the language barrier.

It never dawn to me that they only created their music targeting a certain kind of people, and not everyone. Which is itselt a very effective marketing strategy for any product.

This is the main challenge that many product manufacturers/creators face when it comes to marketing their fully manufactured products, especially if they do not understand who their immediate customers are.

The same knowledge is very valuable to those who would like to make their living online as the internet marketers, which can only be realized after building a niche website upon which the affiliate products are promoted and the affiliate commissions earned based on the sales conversions generated.

By the ‘niche’ website, it means that in order for the internet marketer to reach his/her target audience/customers, the website must be built in a certain way and should have rich content that contain key words that would be searched by the targeted audience and the search engines direct the internet users to land on the web pages and be satisfied by what is getting offered.

This is why good internet marketers with niche websites never go for broad topics, thus limiting the level of the competition, by narrowing down the targeted group of the audience who will find exactly what they are searching online for after accessing the given website.
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