If you have been working online in completing some tasks on some sites that pay using digital currencies, accumulated a reasonable amount of digital coins in your online wallet but now wondering how to convert them into cash, then this article will show you why this should not be a problem at all.

There exist hundreds of online digital currency exchange stores, which also mean that there exist several scam stores which pose a high risk of taking away your coins if you accept to use their services.

There also exist some stores which offer their services with hidden charges that the user will only be exposed to when the transactions are underway and thus no reversal is possible, making the unsuspecting users lose more than expected.

Here is the point where the user must take considerable measures to ensure that the digital currency exchange store that he/she chooses is reliable and legit and recommendable in offering reasonable currency exchange services at affordable charges.

After testing the services of several online digital currency exchange stores, I have ended up to have trust in only one digital currency exchange bureau that I can recommend to anyone without any doubt of him getting satisfaction in the services.

I thus recommend cryptsy as the most reliable site that anyone can use to convert any type of crypto currency to another crypto currency, or cash which can be later withdrawn through PayPal.

In order to access the service, one must open an account with the site and verify it. So, if you do not have already created the account with cryptsy, here is the link to get started.

Before we go any further, let’s first have an overview as to what cryptsy site is all about.

Cryptsy is one of the most popular online trading platforms, where the users can trade in different kinds of crypto currencies as well as mine the digital coins. It can also be another earning chance for you if you are interested in online trading.

In order to exchange any kind of digital currency; dogecoins, bitcoins, litecoins etc for the US dollars, so that one can successfully withdraw through pay al or any other reputable online banking service, the user with the verified account can access the service on the site by choosing the exchange market which involves the selling and buying of the digital currency he has against the dollar.

A certain percentage of fees will be charged on the transaction according to the type of the currency pair getting exchanged.

If you wondered where on the web you can also earn more crypto coins, then look at bitlanders and cointellect.

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  1. Bitcoin has seen amazing increases during the last few years and there will be those who will claim that the bubble is about to burst and Bitcoin plummet. Some of us continue support the idea of an independent system outside of the reach of the banks. We do not believe that the currency is past it’s best. We shall be sticking with Bitcoin and I am quite confident that it will continue to rise more steeply than previously.

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