This is according to the e-mail that I received from the wealthy affiliates yesterday.

This means that I would have earned a $1 dollar credit for inviting another sign up if I was a premium member, under the WA affiliate commissions program.

Unlike the WA premium members, starter members are entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the invited member upgrades to a premium member, whereby they earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium fee (1 out of every 8 or 12% normally upgrade to premium membership).

In case the referral renews the premium membership subscription the following month, @ $47 dollars, the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars (recurring payment each month provided the referral is satisfied by the WA service and stays premium),

In case the invite converts to the yearly premium fee payment package (2 out of 12 always do), the starter member referrer earns $87.5 (which also recurs)

In case of a premium WA member, $1 dollar credit is earned for every referral sign up. If the referral upgrades to a premium membership afterwards under the initial premium bonus package of $19 dollars, the premium member referrer earns himself $8, and $22 dollars upon the renewal of the premium subscription by the referral. Things would look more interesting in case the referral converts to yearly premium subscription package of where the premium member earns instant $175 for each annual subscription by the referral.

This simply means that a starter member with only 10 premium referrals will be able to earn a recurring residual income of $110 dollars. All with zero investment, as long as one can be able to refer new members who upgrade to premium.

Under the same case, the premium member with similar number of premium referrals will be entitled to $225 each month, all as residual income, besides the other earning channels like the sales conversions, adsense etc.

Even though the premium members are faced by monthly/yearly premium subscription fee of $47 and $359 respectively, they are also entitled to unlimited benefits as you can see below.

This skipped earnings have motivated me to upgrade to a premium member in the near future so that I cannot experience it again (for it is unrecoverable chance) when others are making easy dollars as premium members, doing the same thing.

You can also have access to all these residual income here if you start building your own successful online business foundation now, with the free membership package that costs zero dollars. See more below.

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