Did you know that internet affiliate marketers are some of the highest paid online working people?

Who is the internet affiliate marketer?
If anyone posed this question to any active forum whether online or out there.

Here are the 2 varying examples of the answers to be expected from the participants.

1. The internet affiliate marketer is the person who sells the products of the other person on his/her website.

2. The internet affiliate marketer places the products related to his website content and sells them to his website audience.

Do you think any of the above answers is correct as far as internet affiliate marketing is concerned?

The truth be said, none of the above 2 answers is correct.

The internet affiliate marketer is just a website owner who provides the potential customers with the relevant information about a product he is promoting (affiliated to), which in turn convinces and satisfies the customer.
If the customer is convinced by the information supplied that the product under review is indeed the one he is searching online for and goes ahead to buy it, through the link on the site to the product online store, the affiliate marketer earns the affiliate commission on the sale.

The amount of affiliate commission earned depends on the value of the product and the percentage of the sale under agreement.

In other words, the affiliate marketer is just a middleman pointing the confused customer to the right product he is looking for online. No shipping cost, no further bargains, (which is the work of the online vendor)

For example, a customer searching to buy a Samsung smart phone (but unsure of the model) would land on the site promoting a variety of smart phones. Based on how the information about the phones is presented, he would get satisfied by one model that best interests him.
Upon identifying the phone of his choice, the link on the marketing site would lead the customer to amazon where he would make a purchase.

Let’s say the smart phone costs $1000 dollars, and the affiliate commission is 20% on selling price. This means that the affiliate marketer pockets $200 dollars. Very easy cash without sweat, right?

I believe the next time someone approaches you, wishing to make you an affiliate marketer, you won’t start panicking about the complications related to shipping, bargains etc, for you now know, that would be none of your business.

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