UTOKEN is a digital currency which was founded in Asia barely a year ago and has been accepted as a medium of exchange in some nations worldwide, just like other crypto-currencies.

Based on the Utoken statistical graph, it keeps on rising in value, never falling at any point, unlike any other form of currencies, which naturally fluctuate, based on the forces of demand and supply.

The fact that it keeps on going up spells some disaster in waiting, some kind of human manipulation. But for how long?

Manipulated by some powers who are trying to cause false hopes to the potential investors to invest more and get hooked, only to wake up one day to the surprising news of UTOKEN value falling to the floor.

Leaving the investors in total disbelief of massive losses as they struggle to sell off their utoken stock at any realizable value at the rate set by the powers who created the Utoken. Who will have won?

My advice to the investors interested in Utokens is that, they should not be greedy and blinded by the uncertain future gains, but invest wisely.

This reminds me of the local scam that happened to some of my friends in Kenya some years ago. It all started with the stranger offering to buy all the monkeys in the area (thus putting some price to the rare but worthless wild animals)

When people had hunted down, captured and sold off all the monkeys available in the area, at the price which kept on rising each week, to the stranger who claimed to be working with the ministry of wildlife, it was his turn to play his part.

Through another representative, he approached the greedy unsuspecting people, telling them to acquire more monkeys, for his boss had travelled abroad but when he would return, he would be offering a higher buying price double the initial. He further advised the community to invest in the opportunity that was promising, and if they had any problem obtaining the monkeys to breed, he was offering them some of the monkeys he had reserved for the future promising gains.

The convinced villagers interested in the new offer turned up in large numbers and bought all the monkeys that were in stock at a price higher than the one they sold the monkeys, believing that the ‘man from the ministry of wildlife’ will turn up to buy the monkeys, hence making massive profits off it.

It is so early to draw any conclusions now, but so far as things stand now, I smell something fishy about the utoken investment, for I find it to have a lot of features in common with the monkey business scam story I just shared.

Don’t you see the similarity about utoken idea and that of this monkey business scam that left some people in Kenya poorer than earlier keeping the worthless animals, patiently waiting in vain for the stranger to come calling for the monkeys for sale?

The fact is that, the victims never realized that the stranger was selling them the very monkeys they had sold him, only that they were buying at a higher price. (The trick of creating false value in an item, attracting more demand, hooking the investors; then bolt off with the funds when the targeted goals are realized, by collapsing the rate)

There are thousands of legit opportunities online worth investing in, but I am yet to consider recommending utoken as one of them.

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What is your opinion about this comparison?

51 Comments on UFUN Club Utoken Digital Currency Investment, Is It Just Another Sophisticated Monkey Business Scam?

    • Thanks for putting some sense into what others are spreading about UFUN being sot of an investment opportunity that is steadily going up in value regardless of the impact of the factors limiting the demand and supply of currencies.

  1. I too was leary of the UToken at first until I realized that
    a) There is a reserve fund Backing Utoken Managed by one of Asia’s largest Banks
    b) That fund is fully insured
    c) The UFUN Group, which oversees UToken will not allow any sale of UToken below the current Market Value.
    d) Utoken is accepted by major Asian Retailers.
    I am not saying that UToken is without Risk, but these steps taken by the UFUN Group sure helped to ease my mind…Also the Thai version of the SEC gave the UFUN Group and UTOKEN a big Thumbs Up…assuring the Public that this is a totally legit business venture.
    That is why I purchased UToken over other “Digital Currencies” and see a good future for anyone owning UToken.

    • Thanks for taking your time to shade some light to the doubts that are surrounding the legitimacy of Utoken investments. I have been considering it for long but never been sure about the level of risk involved.

    • Please name the ”One of Asias Largest Banks” because i’m afraid that your statement is untrue, its suposedly backed by an unknown bank!
      Please name just 1 major Asian retailer that accepts Utoken and I promise you won’t be able to because yet again your statement is untrue!
      Until you know the facts you should never spout lies on here and give people false information.

        • Hi,

          Sounds like your using this scare tactic to get people to join your marketing network. I am an internet marketer and there is risk in this form of marketing as well. When in business you always assume risk. We can all say our product is the best on the block. Really success is up to the individual marketer. Nobody gets rich quick…you have to work and work hard for it…

          Sometimes you stumble across a great opportunity and you make allot of money fast…but don’t fool yourself or others that this is the norm. Hard Work and Dedication=Success.

          As far as UToken goes:

          UToken is the only digital currency backed by gold…that is why it is unlikely to go down in value. Bitcoin isn’t so it can fluctuate…but it is to expensive now to buy in. UToken will split everytime it reaches 1.00 in value. Doubling your shares and allowing others to get in on the value at an affordable price.

          UToken also pays affiliate fees in shares…so you can make money promoting it on line as well. I think this will be a great way to add value to your money streams. The levels are infinite…so its up to you…remember its and investment…yes there are risks…but risk takers are more likely to be successful than those who stand on the sidelines…

          I bought a 1000 shares…made money before I even started selling anything…So check it out, its not anymore riskier than any other marketing platform.

          You just need to come up with the cash to buy in. If you snooze you lose…Don’t you wish you bought in on Bitcoin when it first came out…wish I did…now you have a second chance…

          • It sounds like a very profitable opportunity, but it cannot be compared to bitcoin in terms of affordability. Anyone could buy bitcoins at as little as $1. But why is it that the lowest Utoken package is $575?

  2. Please give evidence for your facts, UFUN has nothing to do with any of Asias largest banks, this is simply not true, there are NO major asian retailers that accept Utoken, please provide me with 1 major retailer that accepts utoken, looking into the history they fill people with untrue stories of property investment and mining investment, these have turned out to be completely untrue also, remember the story that they were involved with Bangkok marina, a quick visit to the bangkok marina website will show you that they have no affiliation with UFUN or Utoken and advise people not to be bought by these ridiculous claims, also the same with Bina Puri of Malaysia, no affiliation whatsoever but people like to try to have you believe!

  3. Hi friend,
    I m also thinking that shall i invest or not in utoken. Mr Paul u r saying right but in news paper showing with pic about bina puri project and in that news mention that ufun have 29% partnership and even whatever they gave 22% of reserve fund they have photo with bank manager. It seem to be true. If its wrong then till now why bank or bina puri taking actions again ufun? Can i get reply plz. Still any wrong think is going on let me know.

  4. Hi friend,
    It is good suggestion,but it is spreading like a virus more negative comments in more utoken growing stronger and stronger crossed over 400000 investor from over 78 contries,within a year. So I am also thinking to invest for $1150.
    Can I get your opinion and suggestion please.

    • I have have not yet invested in this UFUN CLUB Utoken opportunity yet. And thus it would be insincere of me to recommend it to anyone who is really serious about making an investment of such huge amount. But I am sure of a better return on investment if you invested it in the wealthy affiliate, the only reliable investment opportunity that would never disappoint, with unlimited earning potential.

  5. I have been with UFUN, for 1 month
    At the very start i was doubtfull of a an oppertunity
    that could bring great returns

    I searched numbers of websites like this and
    saw there was proof of currency to be working at a massive rate

    there is a reserve fund backing UTOKEN
    there are many people within UFUN family to talk to who i have met
    that show support and prosperity in the future

    there are many retailers in shopping malls, restaurants, barbers etc in Asia currently taking
    Utoken. There are Utoken building that have been built

    Like any other currency
    theres always ups and downs
    and its safe to say that UTOKEN is going know where

    • Unfortunately, you haven’t told us your earning experience with Utoken, and how much you have invested so far. I hope to hear from you soon for more.

      • Hi guys,

        I invested in UToken in Jan and i’ve already received bonuses in early Feb and in recent March which was days ago. I too am skeptical at first but it seems so stable and i get notified everytime i received bonuses.

        • As long as you don’t through in everything that you have, it is ok. That is the rule with online investments, not to invest more than one is ready to lose, for there is no certainty of the same conditions existing in the near future.

    • I was very doubtful at first but only after two weeks of purchasing my utokens, I’ve gained approx. $500 in profit. Because of this, I’ve purchased more utokens and will continue to increase my holdings of utokend on a regular basis. My goal is to accumulate as many utokens as I can before the 10x split takes place. For those of you who are doubtful, try purchase utokens at a modest amount (1 star) and watch your utoken appreciate in value every couple of days.

      • It is getting more and more convincing for anyone who has been in doubt about investing in Utokens and I am making my mind to throw in some dollars and see how it pans out. Thanks for this positive comment.

  6. I’ve been with Ufun Group, Utoken since 1st november 2014.
    As i was sceptical, i joined the usd500 package. Up to date i’ve earned AND cashed out $12,000.
    The risk i took was worth it, thats why its called “investment”.
    I live in Singapore, which is an international financial and business centre and also the most secured and priciest city to live in the world.
    Ufun Group has properties and businesses all over Asia and the Corruption Bureau in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia an Taiwan has already confirmed Ufun Group is a legitimate company.
    Its really up to individuals to invest or not.
    Good or bad comments doesnt make you earn or be rich. Just do it or not, thats all because whatever it is, the people invested in Utoken still earning wether u join or not.

    • According to the ROI, it shows that you have already been able to gain a lot, but just like any other online investment. The past performance should not be taken as the possible future performance, due to the uncertainty of the business.

      Am still considering to invest what I can afford to lose, provided the things remained constant for a few more weeks.

  7. look like any business there is always a risk whether it be online or a traditional business if you are not happy with what you see or hear then you don’t join Utoken, its as simple as that stop moaning or complaining or finding fault you are not ready to join you have a mindset that says SCAM SCAM SCAM. I joined 6 days ago brought a 1 star package and the Utoken rose twice and still rising so happy to be part of Utoken.

    • Don’t you think that 6 days is very short period to make any substancial judgement about your experience with any investment? I hope you enjoy the returns on your investments with UFUN club. But remember, long term investment experience is what most of the potential investors are looking for.

  8. Those people THINK utoken is scam.They should have some problem within their mentality.If peoples are jealous and full of negative minded they can not grab the good opportunity.They can never be happy.His internal eyes must be covered by something.
    People lost thousands of thousands pounds,Some are being bugler and rubbed,Some people gambled and lost money, Some has being bankrupt because of collapse their business,There are so many people has lost huge amounts of money with different condition.
    So why can’t you invest just small amount $575 in utoken which is very easy way to invest and earn money.Why don’t you invest in utoken just try it AND connect with globel family.rather showing your own negative thought.ONLY CLEAN HEART PEOPLE CAN INVEST IN UTOKEN AND THOSE SORT OF PEOPLE HELPS TO MAKE BETTER WORLD. UTOKEN INVESTOR ARE ONE FAMILY.THEY HAVE STAND FOR HELPING EACH OTHER WITH HAND TO HAND,SHOULDER TO HOULDER TO BRING PEACE,HAPPINESE AND JOYS TO THE WORLD.MANY BLESSING FOR ESPECIALLY NEGATIVE MINDED.

    • Well doneTR you are right there will always be negative people in the world whom has been scammed before but like you I believe Ufun and Utokens to be a fantastic opportunity to improve your lifestyle..I to missed out on Bitcoins as listened to all the negativity when they came out so did not hesitate to buy Utokens..If unsure buy the 1 star package then upgrade later..

  9. As others continue being skeptical about the UFUN utoken investment opportunity, you contibue reaping massive gains. As for me, I was interested in the opportunity, but backed off realizing that the minimum available package is $575, which makes me wonder. Why such higher amount? Did they consider the low income earners to be part of them?

    • Hi Henry you have been skeptical about buying Utokens for awhile now and still not brought any yet..like any new business that starts up you need to work at it. Bitcoin at the moment is worth approx 262 dollars each everyone said that was a scam ponzi etc and look how they have done..a Franchise in Macdonalds is around 1 million dollars so for 575 dollars it’s cheap..

      • It might be legit yes, but what bothers me more is why the lowest package is $575, as for bitcoins, anyone could and still can buy them for as little as $1 investment depending on the financial capabilities. That way, one can be able to invest and risk any amount he is ready to lose. I don’t believe there is anyone out there who is ready to lose $575 just like that if it turns out that the investment opportunity is actually a scam.

      • The Ufun business has been proved to be a legal company all the people whom was arrested was released without charge and the allegations was proved to be false..Utokens is here to stay…I brought Utokens in March and already had bonuses go into my account..

        • I hope to hear more updates from you about how great things are working for you. I remain seated on the fence about this investment opportunity in utokens.

    • Kidinscam check out the latest report about Ufun and Utokens on YouTube you will see the company and people arrested was released without charge and found to be a legit business..

      • Rob – What is your source? I live in Thailand, I believe in Ufun, and am in constant contact with many high ranking people. No one that we know of has been released and the case has not been dropped – yet. Unless you can substantiate what you are saying, please refrain from spreading rumors. It’s rumors like these which got the company in trouble.

  10. Looks like the case for utokens will be dropped. I thought that the police force needed hard evidence before any raid. I guess it depends on the country…I feel bad for the people because the police shouldn’t have the power to do raids without hard evidence…

    • Oh! i am behind news about their release. Anyway, deas it mean that the utoken unit value also get stuck in the same value since the arrest news broke out? I am not hearing any price rice anywhere since then.

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