Many PostAnyArticle users woke up to the shock of logging in to their accounts and finding that their earnings had reduced significantly, but before finding their breath to shout “what happened to my earnings?” they noticed the site rules updates post by the admin.

Reading the post, we found out the reasons explaining why the earnings balance had reduced.
Even though the reasons given were suspect and questionable, the users had no say about what had happened to their posts.

According to the Admin’s explanation, the PAA site no longer allow duplicate content and thus no user will be allowed to republish the posts written elsewhere on the web, so that the site can improve with search engine rankings.

Thumbs up for this rule, any internet user who has a little understanding about the importance of SEO to any site can see the relevance in this rule update, even though it might also not work well based on the fact that the minimum word count of posts on PAA is 50 words, which may be very short to be picked up by the search engines during the content searching online.

Another update explained that did not sink well in the minds of the users is the deletion of the posts promoting other ‘post to earn’ sites like blogjob, elite visitors, CGP gallery etc as well as those discussing the frustrations the members of bubblews had undergone recently (which always attracted much attention on the site)

Here, the admin, The Crazy Texan , who is also the old member of bubblews explained that; the sites that use adsense and pay the users to post do it illegally and thus any discussions arising from them are considered fraudulent and banned on the site.

Looking closely at the action taken, one can still have doubts about the earnings connected to the deleted posts prior to deletion, meaning that the admin will be paid by the advertisers for the activity relating on the content but the content creator won’t.

This also left the users wondering why all this is happening when bubblews is going downhill and more users from bubblews are joining PAA, more new writing sites getting created promising better pay, and the fact that PAA no longer run adsense ads on the site (their adsense account got disabled long ago due to fraudulent activity on the site)

In my conclusion, PAA fears fair competition, which would probably lead to losing the writers/users to other writing sites when promoted on PAA and the users discover that the other sites offer better earning opportunities and join the new sites. As opposed to the PAA’s low earning rate of less than $3 dollars per 1000 views (where only views from the unlogged in reads are counted) and the minimum cash out threshold is $1 dollar which can take up to a month to be earned.

The new changes also include the payment update of increasing the minimum cashout to $5 dollars, which will become effective when the site introduce alternative payout methods besides PayPal.

Or is it just the personal hatred from the PAA admin against other writing sites whose adsense accounts are intact besides the fact that they are doing exactly what was considered fraudulent about his adsense account and got disabled?

9 Comments on PostAnyArticle Admin Expresses his anger against the PAA users discussing other reliable ‘Pay to Post’ sites by deleting their posts

  1. While site moderators don’t want to lose their base to other websites, censoring posts is a bad idea. For starters, it is one of the best ways to guarantee that users who need more than one “basket” will turn to the other sites. It also sends the message “Write what you want as long as I agree” and that is not okay. As long as the writers are following the written rules, they should absolutely get to promote whatever interesting websites they find.

    • It is not fair to accuse the admin of “stealing” earnings from those deleted articles. Do you know how much money is involved? What if there were no earnings from those articles that got deleted? The site doesn’t even have any ads at this moment. So, what’s the big deal?

      50 words is the minimum… not the maximum. So I don’t know what the problem is with that either. It seems like this is just an other site basbing post. If you want the Internet to be full of laying blame and bashing others, then more power to you. Fortunately, not all people feel the same way.

      • Hey there! To make some facts clear here, this post was created before the current developments (which includes the ads free site), by then, the admin had deleted all the posts with content associated to bubblews, elite visitors, CGP gallery etc. Does it make sense when you say that no revenue was being earned, when the accumulated earnings by members reduced significantly?

  2. Crazy Texan and his PAA site, I think they should stop or cease from continue online due to several factors. The site depends on users or writers to help them to survive but the very facts he can do this treacherous acts on users by deleting their accounts and posts discriminately, tells you he is not stable in his mind. Whatever excuse or explaining he gave is purely crapped. One of this day he will suit by someone for his bad behavior.

    • It was this some months ago, and now there is this issue of frozen earnings going on right now. I hope this fumbling stops and the lasting solution is found and to keep the site from getting highlighted as just another writing scam site.

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