Even though I was not expecting a lot from bubblews, at least I was expecting something to smile about in the year 2015 arising from the efforts that I had invested in bubblews the last year.Totally the opposite of what I was expecting from cointellect,but proved wrong.

To be a bit exact, bubblews was owing me over $600 dollars that was still pending in the ‘under investigation’ status for the past few months, but not anymore, for it all disappeared under their last payment updates reported on the New Year’s Day.

In their payment updates post about the pending payments submitted on 1st Jan 2015, bubblews openly claimed dishonoring all the redemption requests submitted before November 11 2014 (for having been highly manipulated)

They further indicated that the payment requests submitted after November 11 2014 will be paid according to the current payment policy which is based on the local advertising rates in relation to the users’ origin rather than the old fixed earning rate.

Since I had no pending payment that falls under the new earnings policy, it simply means that I lost everything except the current earnings in the bank section that would take a century to reach the next payout.

A smile was rekindled when I checked my cointellect account which has been a while, to realize that some of my referrals had purchased the mining contracts of of investment totaling 900 euros (over $1120) in a row where I the referrer is entitiled to 10% affiliate commition.

Under this case, me as the referrer will be pocketing 90 euros ($110) after 14 days of purchasing the contract, whereby the cash will be available to be withdrawn through paypal, dogecoin or cryptopaay.

This will make it the third time I am collecting a payment from cointellect brnging the total of the earnings received received from cointellect to $220 dollars. All passively earned by inviting the referrals through my cointellect referral link who in turn purchased the mining contracts and earned me 10% of their revenue.

I must admit that I am just the lucky cointellect user, for I only have 3 referrals to date, but have been active enough to earn me big cash.

If you are new to cointellect, this is a site that offers the users the opportunity referred to as cloud-hashing to either purchase the cryptocurrency mining contracts or rent their hash rate and earn a share of the digital currency mined. For more information, check here or here.

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