Month: January 2015

Applying A Secret Strategy That Is Driving Tsu Earnings To The Roof, A Trick With Unlimited Online Earning Potential

It took long for me to believe that it can really be possible to earn a significant amount of income from tsu. In fact, when I used to see the posts shared about how much some tsu users were able to earn daily, all that I could think of was that, one must be in USA to earn that way, for it took me a lot of hard work to earn the first cent on tsu.

As an international tsu user, I just kept the tsu account active in the first place to be sharing some of the content I created online on other sites I work on online to boost the earnings indirectly, when the tsu friends visited the links, for I found it easier to use compared to the facebook.

It was also just another social media site that I could use to promote some referral links and recruit new referrals to some sites so that I would earn affiliate commissions from their activity when they join under me to try the things out in their search to increase their online income.

It is no longer the same case for me anymore, for I have discovered a new strategy based on the experience in online business building tricks that I have so far gained from WA that seems to work miracles when applied to any content sharing platform that pays.

My testing of this secret strategy proved a success when applied it to my blogjob sites, whereby it has assisted in getting many of my site pages to rank high in google searches, when the relevant key words present in the posts are used in online searches, hence driving more traffic.

Apart from growing my tsu network, it has also shown significant change in the amount of earnings accumulating daily, which has made me proud of WA training program, with vast important information that can be applied anywhere in creating a stable online business.

I can now recommend tsu to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to earn online, but as for the strategy to make it work better, I would advise anyone to learn it for himself by joining the wealthy affiliate to unlock the full potential of earning unlimited amount of income online.

Why The Internet Marketers Should Always Perform Thorough Research About The Product To Be Reviewed

When it comes to serious internet marketing, any review posted about any product on your site can either build your online image a little bit closer to your online business success or crash all that you have built over years of hard work.
This is why it is advisable to carry out thorough research about the product to be reviewed, else you risk undergoing the predicament that one of my friends at WA underwent a few days ago, besides getting sued for slander.

According to the post he shared to Wealthy Affiliate, my friend claims that he learnt it the hard way and it should serve as a warning to other WA members who are working hard to build their contact list, which is key to any successful internet marketing business (the money is in the list, they say).

His story which can be read here, is that; he posted to his site a review about a product which some of his subscribers already had enough experience about. And thus, they found his post information to be misleading or rather slanderous, based on the negative commentary the post received.

This resulted in some of his subscribers unsubscribing from his contact list for they were unsatisfied by the misleading information received. His follow up with the apologies didn’t change anything and thus the damage had already been done.

In his post, he claims to have expressed in detail the negative effects that the users would expect when using the product under review, and also admits that he didn’t perform his homework well before presenting it before the public, which he regrets a lot.

The trouble didn’t end there; the product manufacturer also contacted the post author expressing his annoyance about the review, claiming that he should have contacted them and sought for more information before publishing a misleading review.

This is one of the reasons why it is never a walk in the park to operate a successful online business as an internet marketer unless one is extra-careful about every step taken in building up the given business niche as it is expected according to the WA training course.

One Main Mistake That Most Of The Niche Bloggers Make That Has Adverse Future Effects To The Online Business Success

Most of the bloggers or niche website owners can agree with me that choosing the right website niche to create the website about is the main challenge that the online entrepreneurs battle with for long before making their last decision (for it sometimes determine whether the business will succeed or not)

But what if I challenge you that there is NO RIGHT NICHE and that most of the bloggers or niche website creators fail to understand their chosen niche, and get lost along the way, at the stage of content creation, when they do not actually deliver the information to the targeted audience?

The reason here is that; with proper training and experience in internet marketing, the online entrepreneurs can master the art of walking into any niche and building a successful online business, without the need to be a professional or a background experience in the chosen area of interest.

There are some basic essential skills in website creation that many people overlook or never get access to, but their backlash in the future would be fatal to the existence of their businesses, when the website fail to stand out from the crowd and engage their targeted audience (customers to the products promoted on the site) and frustrate the individuals into thinking that online business success is just a dream that was never meant for them (or that they chose the wrong business niche)

In order for the online business to prosper, it should be created in a unique way to offer the services that would satisfy the audience, and also earn the recommendations by the satisfied audience to their friends.

The main challenge is how to build a website that would achieve all the above without engaging in (fumbling and struggling) activities that would compromise the SEO rules.

Fortunately, there are online training programs out there that offer most of these services for free, and guarantee the success in your online business, for those who wish to earn a living online by blogging or operating a successful internet marketing business, regardless of the niche chosen.

The secret to successful blogging business is revealed, and it is now up to you to take the necessary steps and tap into the bottomless sea of knowledge at WA offered by the real people with diverse knowledge and many years’ experience in online business.

The most Inspiring video of the Armless Pianist, showing the power of persistence and passion If you haven’t watched this video before, I wish that you watch it now and also share it with some of your friends who never appreciate their physical capabilities.

This is the most motivating video I have ever watched, besides the Will Smith’s blockbuster movie, pursuit for happiness.

These are some of the few videos that the audiences are left open mouthed and only realize that they have been in tears throughout the show, when they touch their cheeks and feel the tears strolling.

I am not affiliated in any way with the video owner, but it is just something that I cannot help recommending to all of my friends. I am sure this can let anyone realize the potential he has as a physically fit person or whatever, and also get challenged to see how a man without arms can be able to accomplish what he cannot, with both hands.

I accessed this video for the first time this morning through a post by one of my friends at the wealthy affiliates, I felt a stir in my emotions, for I had woken up today unmotivated to do anything, but it was like this was tailored just for me, as an inspiration to pursue my future goals. In fact her blog post was headlined, ‘Are You Discouraged Today?’ just meant to encourage all the members of WA who are pursuing their future dream success there of building their own successful online business.

Especially when I watched Liu Wei try to show the applauding crowd how excited he was, but unlike other stars who are physically fit and would have been seen waving at the crowd and the judges, Liu Wei could only show his excitement by bowing.

I have to admit that I was very moved by his performance and if I happened to be one of the three judges, I would not hesitate to give him full credit, for the amazing performance that some of the able bodied professional pianists don’t march.

I have learnt that with determination and persistence, in addition to passion in whatever one decides to do, he will definitely emerge with victory.

Did this video influence your personal life in any way, according how you usually view things?

How To Build A Lifetime Online Business With The Wealthy Affiliates’ Lucrative Affiliate Commissions With no Initial Investment

The words ‘earn money online from home in the comfort of your couch’ never made sense to me for long until I joined the wealthy affiliates community; for the phrase is overused by scam sites.

Their affiliate commissions program can rather be seen as the most reliable way of making money online by just posting referral links in the web/social media and inviting new members to WA who are serious about what they wish to accomplish in life as online entrepreneurs. Hey! This should not be confused with the link posting offers advertised by the scam sites out there, this is a serious internet marketing affiliate program.

How much to earn will be determined by how many active new members you invite to the program, based on your marketing strategies applied in promotion campeigns, in addition, how serious they take the program and move ahead to the next level.

Earning the WA affiliate commissions with starter member package
As a starter member, (which is of course free) one is entitled to the affiliate commissions only if the referral upgrades to a premium member, which is a limitation that is fair in the sense that it motivates the members to upgrade to premium membership so that they can enjoy high affiliate commissions as well as access all the services offered in the WA training program.

Imagine this scenario: you join the WA training program as a starter member, then you manager to promote your referral link and successfully invite 5 referrals who find WA program as the training program with all the features they have been searching for, and thus upgrade to premium membership (which is bound to happen based on the high quality service offered by WA, stats show 12% of the referrals do so)

Being a starter member, you would have missed on the $1 dollar invite credit (earned by premium members only), but you earn $4 dollars out of the $19 dollar bonus premium payment of the referral. In case of 5 referrals, this would earn a starter member easy $20 dollars. Only $5 more dollars to reach the minimum cashout threshold, which is $25 dollars.

The best thing is that as long as the referral will remain a premium member (which most of the members do), then the premium membership subscription renewal the next month would be the recurring fee of $47 dollars, out of which the starter member referrer earns $11.25 dollars, which recurs each month the referral renews the premium membership payment. With only 5 referrals, you will be pocketing $56.25 each month .

What if any of your premium referrals upgrades to a yearly subscription?
Under this case, the referrer starter member earns instant $89 dollars the moment the payment is made. All possible without spending a cent on the program, out of the fact that starter memebership package is free for unlimited period of time. Here is the link for you to try things out for free. Or use the banner below.

Check out the next post for more about WA premium membership affiliate commission rates.

Now I Know It As A Marketing Strategy when Traders in Some Streets Of Nairobi Specialize In The Similar Or Complementary Products

In Nairobi, just like other large towns in Kenya and abroad, there are streets in which traders specialize in certain category of goods, the fact that classify the customers according to the products they are searching for without the issue of combing the whole city searching for a certain service or item- which can be similar to searching for a needle in a haystack.

I used to wonder why, a business entrepreneur in his full senses could choose to start a business specialized in certain products, say electronics, clothing, school requirements etc for instance, in a street that every trader is operating the similar business, to the extent that the street ends up getting overcrowded with the similar businesses.

It never occurred to me that it is just another marketing strategy to tap into the ready market share in the streets where all the customers approach with the intention and ability to buy exactly what they are searching for, to satisfy their needs. And thus it is up to the trader to display good customer care service, the power behind getting recommended by the customers, as well as retain the customer as the long term asset to the business.

To my shallow understanding about business by then, it looked like exposure to unnecessary business competition and it could be wiser if some traders supplied different products/services in the same street diversifying their business.

After taking some online training classes at the Wealthy affiliates, about marketing strategies that the online affiliate marketers use to run successful niche websites (the skills that can be applied in any business) I now have an oversight as to why one should never try to operate some kinds of businesses in certain streets, for it would be like offering to sell a Mercedes Benz to a vegetable customer, or even worse, playing a guitar to a goat to dance to the tune, lol.

The same marketing strategy should be applied by the niche website owners who would like to operate successful online businesses without struggling to offer their services to the targeted audience, by narrowing down their scope to a certain group of people only, else fail to reach their customers.

How to convert Dogecoins, Bitcoins, Litecoins And Other Digital/crypto-currencies to PayPal US Dollars

If you have been working online in completing some tasks on some sites that pay using digital currencies, accumulated a reasonable amount of digital coins in your online wallet but now wondering how to convert them into cash, then this article will show you why this should not be a problem at all.

There exist hundreds of online digital currency exchange stores, which also mean that there exist several scam stores which pose a high risk of taking away your coins if you accept to use their services.

There also exist some stores which offer their services with hidden charges that the user will only be exposed to when the transactions are underway and thus no reversal is possible, making the unsuspecting users lose more than expected.

Here is the point where the user must take considerable measures to ensure that the digital currency exchange store that he/she chooses is reliable and legit and recommendable in offering reasonable currency exchange services at affordable charges.

After testing the services of several online digital currency exchange stores, I have ended up to have trust in only one digital currency exchange bureau that I can recommend to anyone without any doubt of him getting satisfaction in the services.

I thus recommend cryptsy as the most reliable site that anyone can use to convert any type of crypto currency to another crypto currency, or cash which can be later withdrawn through PayPal.

In order to access the service, one must open an account with the site and verify it. So, if you do not have already created the account with cryptsy, here is the link to get started.

Before we go any further, let’s first have an overview as to what cryptsy site is all about.

Cryptsy is one of the most popular online trading platforms, where the users can trade in different kinds of crypto currencies as well as mine the digital coins. It can also be another earning chance for you if you are interested in online trading.

In order to exchange any kind of digital currency; dogecoins, bitcoins, litecoins etc for the US dollars, so that one can successfully withdraw through pay al or any other reputable online banking service, the user with the verified account can access the service on the site by choosing the exchange market which involves the selling and buying of the digital currency he has against the dollar.

A certain percentage of fees will be charged on the transaction according to the type of the currency pair getting exchanged.

If you wondered where on the web you can also earn more crypto coins, then look at bitlanders and cointellect.

If you wish to create your own online business empire, then here is bonus information about WA program that has all the training courses and support to the online entrepreneurs to build their own successful online business from scratch. You can start earning today here.

See Why Upcoming Local Musicians decide to Create songs in their native Tongues rather than International Languages as a Marketing Strategy

The free sea of knowledge at WA has given me access to the online business success marketing skills that have answered many of the questions that have been disturbing me over a long period of time.

How wrong was I to think that composing music with the international language tunes would expose one’s music to large market, more sales and popularize the musician.

In fact, I used to wonder why some musicians struggled to get their music CDs accepted by the music world, when they had produced their songs in their native tongue, limiting their music listenership by the language barrier.

It never dawn to me that they only created their music targeting a certain kind of people, and not everyone. Which is itselt a very effective marketing strategy for any product.

This is the main challenge that many product manufacturers/creators face when it comes to marketing their fully manufactured products, especially if they do not understand who their immediate customers are.

The same knowledge is very valuable to those who would like to make their living online as the internet marketers, which can only be realized after building a niche website upon which the affiliate products are promoted and the affiliate commissions earned based on the sales conversions generated.

By the ‘niche’ website, it means that in order for the internet marketer to reach his/her target audience/customers, the website must be built in a certain way and should have rich content that contain key words that would be searched by the targeted audience and the search engines direct the internet users to land on the web pages and be satisfied by what is getting offered.

This is why good internet marketers with niche websites never go for broad topics, thus limiting the level of the competition, by narrowing down the targeted group of the audience who will find exactly what they are searching online for after accessing the given website.
This one million dollar skill about website creation is just one out of the thousands that can be accessed for free by the WA members, the only online training program with the state of the art tools and support that can assist anyone build a successful online business. Don’t forget to find out more about the WA program here.

Advice On How To Earn More From Own Domain Niche Website With Zero Knowledge In Website Building

Do you own a website that is not working for you as expected?
Do you wish to build your own website that will earn you money online and yet you do not know where to start from?

Have you ever attempted before to create your own website or blog with the intention to earn more online but got frustrated when it did not work for you like what others were boasting about?

Have you ever wondered where to access the reliable knowledge about how to build a fully functional .com, .net etc niche website of own choice?

To have landed on this page, it suggests that you have already dodged enough online scam sites, but you did not give up in the pursuit to finding the reliable source of information that would lead you to building your own online real estate without the fear of getting scammed again.

This simple web page is going to act as your link between your online business success or it can be worthless, depending on how serious you will take the information you will have access to, for it has worked for thousands of users, and you can be counted amongst them soon,
Enough of the blah blah! Back to business as to why you decided to take a look at this page.

You might know how to build a great WordPress website in 30 seconds, but it can all be useless if you don’t have access to the reliable support and tools to get you up and running in earning enough from your work, especially when the cost of operating it outweigh the revenue earned.

This is why I might be of very little help right now on my own, but what if I told you that the basis of this article was to introduce you to an online course training program that will provide all the necessary training course, tools and support to help you create unlimited number of fully monetized niche websites to earn as a wealthy affiliate internet marketer?

Make your first step here.

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