Month: December 2014

The approach to earning on MylifeB seems to scare away the potential users

If you are wondering what MylifeB site is all about, then let me get you a speedy introduction about it.

MylifeB is the newest social site like TSU or face book that promises to pay the users 60% of their revenue for their posts. In order for the users to access earning with their posts, they must have satisfied one of the main requirements of the site whereby, they must have achieved the friends following of 1000 followers.

The site claims that the users have to satisfy this minimum requirement so that the site, MylifeB would be able to maintain high quality content, free of spam.
According to my estimate, MylifeB will be paying the users, $10 USD for 1000 views, which can further be broken down to $0.01 per view (just like the old bubblews) and be paid through PayPal, which looks as the only option at the moment.

According to my online working experience, most of the dedicated writers/content creators or freelancers tend to be attracted to sites which show sure signs of getting paid for their efforts, without unrealistic minimum qualification requirements that would be beyond the users’ control.

The main reason for the requirement of 1000 followers do not really add up, in my opinion as the foundation to access the earning services, instead it causes the potential users to have a negative impression towards the site, which can easily be highlighted as a scam.

I believe there is a big question mark, in case the site takes longer than expected to gain more than 1000 subscribers, who will be willing to network so that each user can have access to earning with his posts. And before that, the site will be earning from the users’ posts as they struggle to meet the allowable friends following.

MylifeB is still new in the industry, barely a month and thus it can be very early for anyone to draw any reliable conclusion about how it will be welcomed into the online working universe even though gaining subscribers at a very slow rate, unlike the giant Tsu.

MylifeB is another new social network site to pay users for posting, just like tsu

Just like tsu social networking site that pays the users for their posts, MylifeB was lounged a few days ago with promise to pay 60% of their ad revenue to the users for posting quality content as long as they meet their terms of use.

The users can earn through two main different ways; through the pages and articles views.
The site promises to pay the users at rate of $15 per 1000 views of an article, and if the discussion on an article is viewed for 1000 times, then the user can also make $10 USD out of it.

The user can also earn $10 USD for 1000 views of page, up to 10 USD for 1000 of a post, up to $1 USD for 1000 views of the post on the home page, and up to $1.5 USD for 1000 views on the images. In other words, the posts will generate $0.01 dollars or more per view.

What minimum requirements one has to meet in order to start earning?

Here is where there is a very big question mark that users will be finding out later, for the site is still very new to charge it whether it is worth a shot as another lucrative online earning opportunity.

The users are supposed to have at least 1000 followers to their “writers profile” in order to gain access to earning from their articles, or a 1000 followers on their page, in order to gain access to earning from their page. These measures are meant to keep the users posting high quality content.

If MylifeB site will really pay the users what it is promising, then it will be a very good site to join now and take advantage of their earning structure, especially the full control of the user’s home page where he can directly earn revenue from the ads served.
(It is not clear how the users can withdraw the earnings through paypal, which is the only option available right now, according to the site)

I believe this site is finally going to topple tsu and face book combined, as long as it delivers the promised rewards. In my opinion, very few who are aware of this and are out to find more online money making ways will have very little or no time for face book.

Presenting a friendly challenge to bubblews users who once earned a bubblews e-check but now claim bubblews is scam

This is an open letter to my friends we met on bubblews. This is to put straight some of the confusions that are surrounding the uncertainty of the payments earned by some/all the current bubblews users.

If someone asked me to give a brief description about the experience I have regarding bubblews, here is what I would say:

“Bubblews is a writing site of which the owners initially underestimated its earning potential and as a result got overwhelmed by the work it had attracted, based on their high pay rate. Now that the owners of bubblews have attained their targeted goals earlier than they expected, they no longer require the services the bubblers are supplying and yet the bubblers need bubblews.”

I know you are about to ask why I came up with this theory. Here is the answer to your question;

I am not saying that bubblews is not a scam, and yes, it isn’t. I have personally suffered non payments to several redemption requests, totaling to over $500 dollars, but I am yet to be convinced that I have been wasted, for I can blame that on myself for having accepted their terms of use, which I did not take time to read to exhaustion.

If you are still complaining, then show me that you did not accept their terms of use; whereby there was a clause explaining that, ‘the site could decide to change the terms without reason or notice.’

Now here you are. Pointing fingers at the site which gave you the first opportunity to earn online, and no longer requires your services, in other words, contract terminated without notice, whereby you are now persistently working there at your own risk.
Doesn’t that make it clear that bubblews no longer need your services, and yet you are claiming that it is scamming you?

If you really need to confirm my findings, try to request them to delete your account so that you won’t have any relationship with them; I believe they will do so without the second thought. Or if you decide to remove your posts from their site, they won’t give a damn.

The funniest thing is that, some of the scam complaints about bubblews are getting posted to other earning sites that it will take the users a lifetime to be able to earn the income equal to what bubblews paid in one time, even if they get paid consistently. Doesn’t that make those sites more scam than bubblews, only that they are delaying what bubblews paid you in advance?

Now, show me any great online site that you are able to earn a decent income for the tasks you performed on bubblews.

Aren’t you challenged, dear bubblers?

Seo and keyword knowledge as the most powerful tool for online business success

For any online business to thrive to success, it requires a website that ranks well in the internet search engines. In order for the search engines to find the website and pick it as one among the top search results, the website should have web pages or posts that have sufficient keywords that the internet users key in to the search engines when searching for solutions online.

Since there are millions of websites around the web having similar content, that is if they belong in the same niche, a website with quality content is the only one that would be accessed by the search engine crawler and be cached among the top searches, hence a high probability of getting visits from the search engine.

Aside from creating your own website, even to become a successful online freelance writer to work online on PTP PaidToPost websites has to muster the knowledge of key word use in his posts or else most of the written work would become a waste when rejected by the clients for failing to pass the required standards.

It is also the challenge to most of the online writers to come up with the required necessary key words that would march with the niche of the website and blend well in the search results when the users search for information typing in the search engines some word phrases.

It can be a bigger challenge to the website owner who hires the freelance writers to create posts for his website and yet he doesn’t have the SEO skills whereby he would end up accepting low quality content for his website resulting in attracting low traffic.

So, SEO skill is a universal challenge to all the online workers aspiring to become the owners of the successful online business that would be able to stand the test of time, beating other online entrepreneurs in the same niche.

Do you still have time for face book after joining and earning $$ on tsu social site?

This is an open letter to the tsu social site users, especially those who have already succeeded in building a reliable family tree and earned their first cents.

This experience has shown every user that the content that was just fun creating has now become valuable and someone is paying royalties based on their activity on tsu, which can also be taken as a control social site in posting to other social sites with one click, e.g face book and twitter.

The drive to make money online among the online community is certainly giving the face book no chance in fighting back to the competition felt from the tsu robust social media of this era whereby it seems as if taking the advantage of its platform MLM MultiLevelMarketing structure to recruit new users every day, both from the face book and twitter and other social sites that has large online membership.

Tsu is now acting as the steering wheel in the social media world by the most social media users who also promote their online businesses to gain wide range of market.

Personally, my account on tsu is not earning for me like I expected just because I have not done a lot, but I find that it is better than the nothing that I was earning through the face book and twitter both combined.

There is also this feeling on the social world that, even though the users are not earning that much, to get rich, most of them see it as the opportunity to earn in multiple ways from their content, especially the bloggers, you tubers and other online content creators in the sense that by sharing their videos to tsu, they will earn both from the views/ traffic attracted on tsu and you tube/ blogging (adsense earnings), where the earnings are deemed passive.

With these advantages the tsu users have access to; will they still have time for face book besides recruiting more friends from face book to their tsu family tree to gain more earning potential?

If you haven’t joined tsu yet, it is the invite only social site and feel free to join here.

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