Month: December 2014

The power of attention-grabbing titles in blogging/internet marketing

Marketing is all about convincing the targeted customer to realize the satisfaction in the product being presented before him and so, the marketer must be able to create a good first impression that will play with the emotions of the potential customer.

Unlike the offline marketing where the products are chosen by the potential customers from the shop shelves according to their tastes from the variety of the similar products, online marketing rely on the search engines results according to the searches by the online shoppers/internet users.

In order for the product getting promoted to get the attention of the targeted customer, the website offering the promotion of the particular product must have content that is rich in the key words that are likely to be used by the customers who are searching the web for the particular product.

Anyway, the challenge is that most of the potential customers do not really know what they are searching for and could be ready to take anything that is relative to the solution they are searching for to fix a given problem.

This is where the appealing headlines in posts play a very important role besides the quality content that helps in the high ranking of the sites in the SEO requirements. The appealing headline can be the main determinant on how many the post will attract the clicks to the main content of the post, by making the internet user believe that the post with the appealing title is the one that is holding the content he is searching for.

The great marketers tend to be great content creators too, because they would always create the post titles with the very view of the targeted customer and what he will be looking for from among the millions of other similar products.

This also answers the question, where some websites rank high in the search engines and yet attract only few visitors. The main reason being that; the potential visitors pick on other appealing title, ending up to the competing site.

The main trick behind the scam sites that pay selectively

If you are the online working person who major in writing for the revenue-sharing sites, you definitely already have a hint about the message in this post. We have a lot of the sites that offer the internet users the opportunity to earn the extra shilling for the services surrendered or tasks completed according to the terms of engagement.

But to be sincere, not all these sites pay the users for their services, or if they pay they pay selectively just to boost or restore the trust in the users to continue serving them. By selectively paying, it means that the site would pay a percentage of the users and ignore a certain percentage of the users, ensuring that the paid ones spread the word about the site being legit and reliable.

This form of compensation cause confusion among the users, and make them to believe that those who did not get paid perhaps violated the rules and just have to strictly observe the rules so as to have the chance of getting paid. It is so because, if one dissatisfied member tries to alert the public about his suspicions, there would be another bunch of users who would be boasting about, in their reviews how much money they have easily earned and paid from the same site.

The confusion ensued on the ground is only meant to bring in m ore users with the intention to try and confirm for themselves, as the result, the new users get paid while the old ones are left to wonder what went wrong, but still count on the next chance.

Here is the main trick applied by such pay to post sites, all they wanted was the users to create content for their site and afterwards continue earning from it when they completely stop to pay the users due to unclear reasons.

Anyway, it is worth a shot to invest your time with them and get paid in the short run but never expect to have a lifetime earnings expectations from them.

How some people earn over $1000 per week online

For those who have been working online for a while, it is okay to freak from the title of this post, especially if you have come across thousands of scam sites promising to show you how they are making millions of dollars online for easy tasks like posting links and other nonsense.

Under most cases of the kind, the writer would be wishing to sell you a certain file/guide that he promises would help you start earning the said amount of earnings instantly, only to learn the hard way that it was just a scammer’s lure.

To make even more than $1000 dollars in a week is possible, for those who know how to do it the right way and are patient to go it slow and accomplish the targeted mission.

It took me so long to learn that there is absolutely no secret way to have a successful online business overnight, but it is a step by step work to build up the reliable online empire and be able to sustain it besides the competition from other similar service providers.

What many online users fail to understand is that; online success is just similar to the normal businesses where the capital is involved only that the internet world is involved, and the audience are the immediate customers.

Here are the tips to set up a reliable online business empire that will generate income for you and be a stepping stone to online success:

Setting up own site: Creating own site is the foundation upon which the online business will be accommodated as well as serve as the virtual office to meet with your customers.

Building a unique brand: this is where things become tricky and one should be sure about the service offered to the targeted audience.

Getting reliable daily traffic: if the site is offering the satisfying services to the targeted audience, they will always come back, and also recommend their friends.

Monetizing the site: this is to transform the audience into earnings by serving the ads on the site through different ads networks like adsense, kontera, adhits, Affiliate marketing etc

Unfortunately, such benefits cannot be enjoyed by the online users who rely on sub domain sites or extended domain sites, where the owners have the limited control to their content. And also involves a lot of capital outlay as well as the skill in online marketing.

Bubblews has just resurrected as CGP gallery, same script different cast but promising one

I believe that this would be a million dollar information to all the current and old users of bubblews who are still wondering why bubblews is not paying for their pending payment claims.

According to some victims, they still believe that bubblews will one day pay them off for all the claims which have been under investigation status for months since the time filed. But others like me, believe that the site has reached their expected target but the owners are not openly saying it, whereby the services of the writers are no longer required.

The most interesting part of this information about some of my discoveries about bubblews is that another revenue-share writing site called CGP gallery has been created, not long ago, but is gaining popularity at a very faster speed, for it seems that most of the bubblews users are shifting believing that a relief to the torment that bubblews has finally sent from heaven to save them.

Just taking a first look at CGP gallery reminds you of the old bubblews (that is if you used to be a bubblews user) but with a few adjustments.

Here are some of the features that must make anyone who has been a member to bubblews realize that CGP gallery is just the new face of bubblews under the same management with similar rules and terms of use.

The posts must be unique/original and at least 400 characters in length.

The images to be used in posts submitted have to be original/or use the pixabay free images.

The minimum payout earnings is $20 dollars, and the waiting period of 30 days for the payment processing.

The users earn from the views and comments to their posts at the rate of $0.01 (every comment the user posts to other posts ear too)

Though others feel that CGP gallery is the best competitor to bubblews, it is very clear that both sites are owned by the same people and they are just diverting the focus of the bubblews users but still continue to earn from their content.

If you have not joined yet, I believe it is the time to stop focusing at what you expect from bubblews and jump to this new opportunity. There are more chances that you will get paid for a while before the site begins to show the real bubblews colours.

Some backward African traditions that should be phased out in the modern Kenya

There is a Swahili saying that goes, “the person without culture is a slave.” Or “A man without culture is like a tree without roots.”

But I find it better to be seen as a slave who is free than a free person who has no freedom to do what he wishes to because of the fear of offending the culture that was created long time ago by the community forefathers with a reason that is no longer sensible.

There is one rule that culture must always follow and respect a lot so as to last longer and be appreciated. Each culture must serve a purpose to provide a temporary solution to a given problem, just to the extent of the time a lasting solution is found or the culture itself becomes irrelevant due to the inevitable change in the society.

Here are the examples of the cultures still practiced by some African communities in Kenya that no one is able to detail their benefits, and yet they strongly stick to them with the excuse of ‘maintaining their identity’ and ‘respect to the community founders.’

Female genital mutilation
Though female genital mutilation is illegal in Kenya, there are some communities that still practice this backward culture hanging on the weak reasons like; to uphold their culture, to reduce sexual immorality in womenfolk etc.

Pride price restrictions
There are communities which maintain that in case a man marries from a family that the father did not pay the pride price/dowry, the family is not permitted to receive the dowry until the family pays the dowry for the mother to the bride to be. And it means that no wedding would be conducted until everything is settled.

Marriage protocol in a family
This one states that, a younger brother/sister cannot get married earlier than her elder brother/sister. This custom is no longer applicable in the modern generation of the digital society where no one dictates the social lifestyle of another person.
The challenge here is, how can someone wait for a gay/lesbian brother/sister to get married so that he can too?

Funeral and Burial restrictions
The husband to the deceased wife is denied the right to give his last respects to his wife by conducting the burial in case he did not pay pride price or part of it. Which can be only be granted when the dispute is settled, else the family and friends to the wife takes over everything associated to the funeral and burial.

Anyway, these cultures had the relevance when they were created, but they are no longer applicable in the current society that that is keeping on embracing new ways of life.

See why most of the witchdoctors give out impossible prescription instructions to their patients

Just take a look at one example from a professional and popular witchdoctor that I used to know.

“Look for the first born egg of the first born ostrich. Break the egg and mix it with the milk from the second born cow of a cow which has had 10 calves to date. You got to mix the content using a cane from a special herb (only found at the top of the thorny tree in the middle of the forest full of beasts) and don’t forget to utter the magic words, (where he utters the intelligible words in a foreign language)”

Really, where does anyone expect you to find these things so that you can get healed by using them as prescribed? The answer is; he doesn’t want you to.

This is just one out of thousands of examples; it might be just anything out of the possible in the normal human’s life. In fact there are those who have been instructed to look for the ‘head of the lion’ so that their problems can be taken care of.

Just like the general medical practitioners/ health officers, witchdoctors also give out prescriptions as to how their clients will use their supplied problem solving stuff. Or the more they have to find in order to access the solution.

Sometimes, those witchcraft stuff work but in some cases they don’t, normally based on the faith of the patient in the stuff supplied and trust in the witchdoctor himself. All in all, the patient is left in doubt of thinking that, he might not have followed the instructions (which are orally supplied, and could be changed without notice) as it was recommended by the witchdoctor, which can act as the exclusion clause in the normal law to deny the liability.

The witchcrafts, just as their name spells, they are craftsmen and women with the art of convincing other humans to believe that their charms work, unless the clients themselves have not been able to follow the given instructions prescribed after the service.

The next time you see a witchcraft prescribing you the impossible; ask him to find the stuff on his own so that you can pay for them in cash. The reason they give the impossible instructions is that; they never intent to help you find the solution, and/or they are unable to give solution.

It is left up to you to either find the impossible thing or quit, but always wish you had the way out.

How to make friends on tsu faster and unleash the full earning power in social networking

If you are not aware yet about tsu, then let me get you through the quick introduction about it. TSU is a new social site that is paying the users to do what they usually do on face book and other social media sites for free. In fact join it here if you are not a member yet, for it will open up a new earning opportunity for you online, besides the usual socializing atmosphere like that enjoyed on face book.

It is like a dream came true to many face book users who have been wondering for so long about “what if the face book started paying for the content they post, out of the revenue earned through the ads?’

But to be frank, it is not a downhill to earn from tsu unless one has a very good friends following network, else it would take one a life time waiting to earn a cent in his bank section on the site.

The question is, how can someone be able to attract more friends into his ‘family tree’ faster so that he can be able to unleash the power of online earning being enjoyed by other users?

This is the question I asked myself when everything I tried to apply on tsu hit the dead end to the extent that I almost gave up my dream of ever earning any reasonable income from tsu. In fact, it drove me to the conclusion that, tsu is not created for any international user to earn from, and I could not wish to believe that what others were boasting and posting about as their earnings from tsu were real figures.

It was encouraging, yet unbelievable when others posted about their success of being able to earn up to $10 dollars daily, until I learnt the secret they were applying to attract more friends to their family trees, and here I am to share the same with you.

I learnt this after dropping the mistake that I was trying but was not working at all, the mistake was that, I was desperate to gain a following and I was following any user who I came across, expecting that they would follow back or sent me a friendship request, only to realize that no one seemed to notice me.

What I am now proud of is that; I am getting my friend requests accepted, and gaining a following, and seeing some cents gaining in my bank. Here is what I am doing to accomplish this;

Actively commenting on posts by other friends on the feed, and liking them too before sending friend requests to the others who have left comments to the same post is the main secret to gain serious friends.

You can join here too

Most of scam sites are highly indexed by the search engines, see why

It is quite unfortunate that the internet search engines rank the scam sites very highly during the search for the online income making legit sites. As the result most of those new to the on line working universe find it hard to hard to really find the legit ways to make money online and mostly end up wasting time and losing money to scams which promise to earn them 1000s of dollars for doing nothing.

As new user to internet work, the victims do not have skill to even run a scam detection on the site promising to change someone’s life overnight after purchasing a certain content that contains a secret that would be used to gain access a chance that no one else has ever discovered yet.

Many have lost money and resources chasing the wind in buying useless software or files that contain nothing valuable but just more exposure to chances of getting scammed afterwards if it is proved that the item purchased did not work.

In fact, many have been robbed of their hard earned cash when they are convinced to upgrade scam item to another scam product only to find out when too late that the software in question was never meant to function the way the scammer promised.

Remember, under some scam circumstances, the victim users of scam tend to think that there are instructions about the new product of the scammer that he has missed to follow in order to come up with the results similar/ related to those others are boasting about in the misleading ‘doctored reviews of success.’

It seems as if he scammers have really mustered the skill of key words use towards the online money making or work from home niche to the extent that the first legit work online sites cannot get indexed among the first thousand result, in case the internet user uses the key word phrases, ‘work at home’ or ‘work online.’

If you doubt this, try to type in the search engine, ‘earn online’ or ‘ways to make money online’ and see.

3 things that internet marketing is all about

Did you know that most of successful online working people are internet marketers?

Internet marketing can look very simple but very complicated because it is only made possible when the three things are made to work together in order to earn the internet marketer (the middleman) money in form of commission.

The fully functioning website with reliable internet traffic is the foundation upon which all other 2 items are based on in order to facilitate a sale of the affiliate product.

The product to be promoted on the site is another thing that has to be considered when laying down the foundation of the website, which should be the basis of niche chosen by the internet marketer, who is looking forward to drive the customers to the product they are searching for online.

Engaging the customer and convincing him to accept the product that the marketer is recommending for is third thing that most of the online marketers should be skillful about whereby they earn the commission when the customer actually purchases the product promoted on their website.

Unlike the offline marketing, internet marketing requires an environment whereby the online shoppers are directed by the search engines to the appropriate product they are searching for when they use the search phrases that involve the product they want. Unfortunately, most of the customers don’t really know what they are actually searching for. Therefore, it is up to the internet marketer to come up with assuring review to explain to the customer the value of the product he is promoting and the satisfaction customer will get in using the product.

This is where the challenge is, especially if the internet marketer is promoting the product which a lot of other people are marketing, whereby the marketer with the most engaging and assuring/ persuading skill wins a sale and earns commission on sale.

This can only be achieved through the website content that contains the key words that would enable the site to get high indexing hence more chances of getting read by the buyer.
In other words, the three things that make up ‘internet marketing’ can be summarized as; directing the right customer to the right products to earn a commission on the sale.

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