Everyone who aspires to be successful in life must have a role model to follow in his footsteps and achieve his dreams either to the same level or beyond his role model’s goals.

One can have as many role models as he wishes based on his interests and ambitions but in order to accomplish the success similar to that of the role models, one has to learn the personal strengths and weaknesses of the role models.

Though it is rather hard to keep in pace with the role models’ strengths due to the natural factors like the limited resources at your disposal that can limit your scope, you can get more motivated if you realize that your role model is weak in some areas that you are okay with.

One of my role models is a professional journalist by the name Leonard Mambo Mbotela. This is a man who is currently in his seventies and has been able to achieve a lot in his career as a journalist.

He has worked as a radio presenter, a news reader, a news reporter, a TV show host in a Kiswahili show called ‘je, huu ni ungwana?’ (Translated to mean; ‘is this being a gentleman?’) And featured in many other radio shows besides being a football commentator and also earned a lot of journalism awards.

What really caught my attention more about Leonard mambo is that; the man does not know how to write the job application letter, the thing which must keep anyone wondering how he was able to move from one job to another, meaning a promotion after another, without applying for those positions.

According to him, the good company must just recognize the abilities of the employees and promote them without bothering them with job application letters; let the experience do the talking during the job interview, but not the well written application letter bought from the internet, expressing what the employer wants to hear from the person who is not.

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