It is not clear whether bubblews completely ceased paying the users for their content and activity, there still happen to exist rare cases of paid members as the rest of the members patiently wait for the payments that seem to be far overdue based on the processing period promised by the site.

The lack of trust in the site by some members who happen to write for the multiple revenue-sharing writing sites has led them to devise the new and reliable way to earn from bubblews indirectly.

Here are some of the ways the creative writers are employing to at least console themselves over the wasted efforts and resources they devoted to bubblews but seem to have ended up in smoke.

Since all the users who still have their accounts with bubblews (those whose accounts are not deleted yet) can access their content without issues, they have decided to pull out some of the high quality posts and submit them elsewhere, earning from them.

Though it is also a challenge, especially according to the fact that most of the posts submitted to bubblews were of low quality (specifically created for bubblews) hence not readily acceptable to some writing platforms where quality override quantity.

Other users (especially those whose bubblews accounts got deleted for pestering for payments) have now been left with only one option; writing on other platforms bad reviews about their real life experience on bubblews, trying their level best to tarnish the bubblews name, but still earn from the rants.

As for me, one of the international veteran bubblews members with the account still intact but with over $500 dollars still pending/under investigation; my hopes for ever getting paid the due payments are still hanging on the thread, always checking to see what news has developed.
In venting out your anger of mistreatment, you can opt for any of the above ways to still earn from your experience about bubblews, or patiently wait for the last answer from the site admin.

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  1. Another place that is not paying writers is They owe me$285.00 and do not answer e-mails. I can’t take my work down. They are still accepting new writers and clients are posting orders. This guy is a crook. Don’t get involved with GB.

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