Working online as a freelance writer is challenging in the sense that your job entails creating unique posts of varying topics continuously whereby one should be able to come up with a different interesting idea write about.

That is why any serious freelancing writer must come up with the long lasting method to gather information from various sources to create the posts based on them without exhausting them within a short period of time and fail to meet the expected writing targets when one doesn’t come up with ideas to post about.

Here are some of the methods I have devised to ensure that my information sources are not depleted soon;

Watching my favourite TV shows:
I never watch the show just as any other TV viewer, instead I watch the show (mostly drama) with a different perspective in the sense that I keep looking for the answer to some arising issues from different angles of ‘what if’ and trying to brainstorm for the reliable solution. This way, I cn be able to come up with the new version of the show which can only be twisted a little to make an interesting post.

Listen to my favourite local radio station
Since most of the radio shows aired by my favourite radio stations are current and nvolve the issues affecting the modern man; to a keen listener, I can be able to come up with different interesting ideas about the issues that many internet users are seeking information about and create posts relating to them.

Take a short walk around the city
Since I happen to live in the city packed with people from all walks of life, by just strolling about for about 30 minutes, I would have stumbled against several ideas to note down and create blogposts about.

Just make a phone call to someone interesting to talk to
If I am bored and feeling blank, a phone call to some of my friends and a short friendly chat about general life can trigger a topic to write about and blog about.

Browse the internet- Browsing the web about any of my favourite topics or the current trending topic can be a very good source of the new idea to write about besides participating in social media contests and chat rooms.

Every freelance writer has different ways to keep coming up with the ideas to write about and keep the clients satisfied as well as meet the scheduled targets.

5 Comments on What I do to find new topics to blog about as well as continuously earn as a freelance writer

  1. I definitely get my real-world article inspiration from online news aggregates (ex: Huffington Post or Slate magazine).

    For the rants, particularly the ones I use in my blog Quotes For Release, I already know that I need to blow off steam and I go ahead and write the blog post. For the quote portion, I then turn to a search engine to find semi-related quotes.

    If I need a no-fail topic, I choose to write a book review. I have a never-ending supply of books on my Kindle app and I can always find something interesting to critique. It takes a long time to write even a partially high-quality book review so once I start I have to commit myself to it. As I’m working on my review, I tend to start thinking of other topics and am no longer idea-drained.

    Good ideas! I think all of us can benefit from these when we’re stuck.

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