Did you know that there are several other profitable ways to earn from chitika ads besides the shared earnings by serving the ads on the publishers’ sites?

Besides adsense, chitika is one of the most recommendable ads networks in the advertising industry to the online publishers which is known to work together with other advertisers on the same site without issues, and cash out maximum threshold is only $10 dollars.

Though it is agreeable that chitika’s earning rate per click is a little bit lower as compared to adsense and some few other advertisers, chitika is the only ads network I have ever come across, that offers the affiliate program of 10% to its users which can supplement the total earnings.

The chitika affiliate program gives the users the opportunity to earn 10% commission on the revenues earned by their direct referrals up to 10 first months of the referred user.

How much to earn from the chitika referral program depends on how many active referrals the members are able to invite under their referral links, which can be directly tweeted by the publisher to his twitter friends or use the banners that are available on the site to advertise with the promotion campaigns anywhere on the web to attract more invites.

This means that, if the member can be able market his links widely and refer more users, there is no limit as to how much the publisher can be able to earn from chitika, besides running the ads on his own sites, .

Chitika ads can be used on sub domain sites such as wordpress, blogger etc and help the publisher to earn with publisher platforms that adsense rarely permit.

So, if you are a publisher/you run a site with some reliable traffic, chitika can be the best way to earn some online income besides the adsense, for it only takes up to 15 minutes to verify and approve the sign up for the account.

Doesn’t it also mean that one can be able to earn by chitika without being a publisher as long as he is a chitika member and can market the referral link?

4 Comments on Some Profitable Earning Ways I Discovered About Chitika Ads Network Anyone Can Try

      • Hi Henry Misiko,
        I would like to know how much you have made so far from what you describe above. If it was something good, then recommend it to others but if not, you better wait for the results first so that you can recommend it to other people.

        Thank you for posting, it was a good one.

        • As long as it is the legit way of earning online, I don’t see why you are hesitating to join and yet you already use chitika. Its full potential lies in your promotion of the referral link.

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