I discovered the site Mylife.com a few weeks ago as another social site with the opportunity for the users to earn by posting content and socially interacting with other users just like the face book and tsu.

Unlike other post to earn sites I have experience about, where the popularity of those sites grew overnight and within a few days after launching, the news would have reached every corner of the world where the internet is present and millions of user sign ups achieved.

For example, within one week, the tsu site (which is another social site that pays the users) had already grossed over a million users, which is not the same case with MylifeB.com site, with almost the similar set up platform but different earning rules.

It is now almost a month or more, and the site’s registered users have barely gone above 100 sign ups. The site looks very deserted with very little activity by some of the users who are not spending more of their valuable time there.

This can be as the result of a few possible reasons as follows;

Their main requirement of the users to qualify to earn from their posts, of the minimum of 1000 followers seems to scare away the prospective users, who tend to see it as the sign of a scam.

Another cause might be that, the site seems to have not taken seriously the initiative to promote the site through different methods available. Instead relying on the few available users to spread the news about the site’s existence, and yet the site lack the referral program, where the users would use to invite their friends to the site, where by winning the trust of the new users at the first impression.

According to my personal experience about MylifeB.com, the site possesses all the qualities of a quality website. It is user-friendly, loads very fast and easy to navigate; displaying the quality of a business website.

If things continue as it is now, the site is under the risk of closing down after a short period of time for it will not be able to meet the costs of operation without the required level of traffic which would earn the site the ads revenue to keep it alive.

The question is, how long will it take the users to gain over 1000 followers so as to qualify into the earning program?

2 Comments on Will MylifeB.com Die Without The Users Realizing Any Promised Earnings?

  1. MyLifeB seemed interesting to me but as I’ve said, it’s that 1,000 users requirement that turned me off. Some users are great with getting followers but if you aren’t, that already puts you behind. Plus, the requrement makes the site seem too exclusive. A new social network needs to be open. Facebook wasn’t in its early days, admittedly, but it eventually opened up a bit. We won’t go into the negative aspects here. MyLifeB would do well to start by paying its earlier users by post quality rather than by follower number.

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