If you are the online worker of my type, having membership to more than one writing site, then you already have a hint as to how profitable it can be by maximizing the earnings from the same topic/idea of the posts. Else it can be very difficult to come up with topics to post about and satisfy/equalize your presence on different writing platforms.

Earning by posting on the revenue-share sites is not easy especially if the user cannot be able to be more active on any given site. To be more active to a writing site can only bear fruits if you can post more content too.

Many online writers fail to accomplish this when they spend more of their online time on one site and forget the others, ot of the reason that they have limited topics to post about and thus they decide to use their idea to post on their most favourite sites, ignoring the others.
It is true that some users have not been able to visit their profile pages on some writing sites they have membership with.

Here is how one can beat this weakness and equally participate on several writing sites without much brainstorming and accumulate more income from all the streams, thus increasing your financial security working online.

1.write down your idea to post about

2.select the writing sites that you wish to submit the posts containing your idea.

3.write several different posts bearing the same idea, but different versions and post them to the writing sites according to the rules stipulated.

Since most of the writing sites have almost similar user rules, there is no reason why this simple idea can be cannot be beneficial as long as you ensure that the posts are written as unique to each other.

In the internet world, one idea can be used to produce 1000s of unique posts, but having similar targeted keywords, and carrying the same information.

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