Are you asking yourself why I came up with this conclusion?

This information is not about the scam sites that offer the earning opportunities to their users and decline paying them after offering their services and met the terms of the contract as agreed between the two parties. Or those sites that guarantee certain services to their users after a payment of a certain fee but decline to offer the services agreed.

It is about those individuals who promise their prospective clients to reveal to them the secret they are applying to earn $1000s of dollars in a day or a week without doing anything, as long as they have a computer with the internet connection.

I believe such scammers who promise/claim to better other online users’ lives by sharing with them a certain secret that they have discovered and using to make thousands of dollars a day are some of the top notch internet marketers with many years of experience.

To put strength to my suspicions, I will share with you some of the main qualities of the good internet marketer that I find to be applied by the scammers.

As good marketers, they are blessed with a language meant to convince their prospective clients to earn their trust and work on their emotions to scam them.

The vast knowledge about how different online users make money online
The scammer is able to list all other ways the online user might have tried/ came across but did not work. For example, he can detail how you using his secret will not need the creation of a website, driving traffic, creating a mailing list, selling/buying of online products, downloading software etc.

The ways they use to promote their scam information-
The appealing titles in their ads- under any case their ad lands in your email inbox, there is a high probability that the user will be interested to learn more about the ad is all about.

The offers they guarantee the prospective clients-
Almost all of such scammers promise the prospective clients a money back guarantee if they would not be satisfied with the service/product bought

Here is my ultimate conclusion, if these guys are not themselves some of the great internet marketers, then they must be working in liaison with great marketers who sell their services to these cyber criminals.

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      • I think that’s an excellent reason to blog about scam websites! Experienced freelance writers and those that make money online eventually learn how to spot a scam. Beginner bloggers and online moneymakers may not have that ability. I see reporting about scams as performing a good deed for others.

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