Just like everyone else who wants to make the ends meet in earning online, I tend to grab at any new opportunity that seems promising, with realistic minimum requirements to earn. And here I am again to share with you my new discoveries to try earning there too.

This way, I am able to put the eggs in several different baskets of which the future earning ability is uncertain and be able to stay on my foot when some baskets fall on the hard ground, breaking the fragile contents beyond salvage.

So far, I have been able to sign up to numerous writing sites (what pose as is) that I came across while working on others, but not been able to actively post like I usually do on those sites that I have fully reliability.

Each of the sites that I have joined and talking about have its different user rules, even though some seem to share a lot in common. The differences mostly are in terms of the minimum length of posts, the number of allowed posts submitted per day, the number of characters in a comment posted etc.

Here are the examples of the newest writing sites that I found to be appealing and recommendable to my friends in the writing universe, so that besides blogjob, they can have somewhere else to retreat to.

CGP gallery- this is the bubblews resurrection that came to being some weeks ago but already attracted a significant number of membership, promising to pay the users at the rate of $0.01 per view to the posts

Elite visitors- I am not yet sure about its payment system, for I am not a member yet, but it is a site with appealing features.

PostAnyArticle- this one pays the users whenever their earnings reach a minimum of $1 dollar and the users can post articles as short as 50 words in length.

Bitlanders– the users earn money in form of bitcoins and can redeem the coins for real dollars.

Tsu.co– the new social site that pays the users to post content and interact with others just like the face book.

MylifeB- Also have the features similar to face book but with the earning option to the users who achive the minimum following of 1000 contacts.

I won’t give any guarantees about earning with any of the above sites but it is my recommendation to put them on your trial list and sign up with any that appeals, according to their respective terms of use.

4 Comments on Does it present more earning opportunities or disaster with more new writing sites?

  1. I think the hardest thing about finding multiple websites that you feel comfortable with writing for is the finding them part. I just posted about some new-to-me websites and let me tell you, the three hours or more I spent Googling information and coming up short made me rage like you wouldn’t believe! The benefit of having all sorts of writing websites is that maybe some of them will show up in the search engines so nobody has to go through the disaster I did. On the other hand, it’s hard because then how are people going to know what websites are legitimate versus what websites are scams? It’s a mixed bag!

  2. An easy way to find the scam sites is this:
    Do not waste your time on any website that “pays” and uses google ads. These are GPT sites and go against the terms of their publisher agreement.

    Those are the dishonest sites. 90% of the sites recommended in this article fall in that category. There is at least 1 site that I write for listed here that does follow the rules. It’s users call it PAA.

    Don’t be fooled by fancy looking sites that boast higher than usual earnings! Especially if they run google ads.

    • I happen to be a member to PAA and have earned many times from this site, even though it is very low earning as compared to others that I have successfully earned from.

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