If you are the online working person who major in writing for the revenue-sharing sites, you definitely already have a hint about the message in this post. We have a lot of the sites that offer the internet users the opportunity to earn the extra shilling for the services surrendered or tasks completed according to the terms of engagement.

But to be sincere, not all these sites pay the users for their services, or if they pay they pay selectively just to boost or restore the trust in the users to continue serving them. By selectively paying, it means that the site would pay a percentage of the users and ignore a certain percentage of the users, ensuring that the paid ones spread the word about the site being legit and reliable.

This form of compensation cause confusion among the users, and make them to believe that those who did not get paid perhaps violated the rules and just have to strictly observe the rules so as to have the chance of getting paid. It is so because, if one dissatisfied member tries to alert the public about his suspicions, there would be another bunch of users who would be boasting about, in their reviews how much money they have easily earned and paid from the same site.

The confusion ensued on the ground is only meant to bring in m ore users with the intention to try and confirm for themselves, as the result, the new users get paid while the old ones are left to wonder what went wrong, but still count on the next chance.

Here is the main trick applied by such pay to post sites, all they wanted was the users to create content for their site and afterwards continue earning from it when they completely stop to pay the users due to unclear reasons.

Anyway, it is worth a shot to invest your time with them and get paid in the short run but never expect to have a lifetime earnings expectations from them.

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    • I have no idea about how to add face book to bogger sites,but I don’t see why you need it either. Facebook button is only meant for sharing links on FB.

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