I believe that this would be a million dollar information to all the current and old users of bubblews who are still wondering why bubblews is not paying for their pending payment claims.

According to some victims, they still believe that bubblews will one day pay them off for all the claims which have been under investigation status for months since the time filed. But others like me, believe that the site has reached their expected target but the owners are not openly saying it, whereby the services of the writers are no longer required.

The most interesting part of this information about some of my discoveries about bubblews is that another revenue-share writing site called CGP gallery has been created, not long ago, but is gaining popularity at a very faster speed, for it seems that most of the bubblews users are shifting believing that a relief to the torment that bubblews has finally sent from heaven to save them.

Just taking a first look at CGP gallery reminds you of the old bubblews (that is if you used to be a bubblews user) but with a few adjustments.

Here are some of the features that must make anyone who has been a member to bubblews realize that CGP gallery is just the new face of bubblews under the same management with similar rules and terms of use.

The posts must be unique/original and at least 400 characters in length.

The images to be used in posts submitted have to be original/or use the pixabay free images.

The minimum payout earnings is $20 dollars, and the waiting period of 30 days for the payment processing.

The users earn from the views and comments to their posts at the rate of $0.01 (every comment the user posts to other posts ear too)

Though others feel that CGP gallery is the best competitor to bubblews, it is very clear that both sites are owned by the same people and they are just diverting the focus of the bubblews users but still continue to earn from their content.

If you have not joined yet, I believe it is the time to stop focusing at what you expect from bubblews and jump to this new opportunity. There are more chances that you will get paid for a while before the site begins to show the real bubblews colours.

11 Comments on Bubblews has just resurrected as CGP gallery, same script different cast but promising one

    • There was no bothering to give out details because this post was addressed to bubblews users, who at the first glance, can see that the old bubblews has resurrected, even without reading the rules.

  1. According to the Whois database the CGPGallery website is owned by PrivacyProtect in Queensland, Australia whereas Bubblews is registered to Arvind Dixit in the US.

    • Thanks for shading more light on this, anyway,the iwo sites share a lot in common, both the design and the features and the user TOU. And CGP gallery just appears when bubblews is facing a crisis.

  2. CGP is not owned by Bubblews. It’s based in Bangladesh and apparently was created by an ex-bubbler/s. They almost ripped off the Bubblews rules/TOSbusiness model word for word, but they are separate companies with separate owners.

    I’m skeptical about CGP, but anything is better than Bubblews right now. I don’t trust Bubblews at all and I refuse to contribute to their site any more. Once my pending payment is received (IF it is received…or if it doesn’t get reduced to nothing), then I’m deleting my content. I think they made enough money off of us.

    Hopefully CGP is legit and will pay its members.

    • As you just put it. CGP gallery borrowed almost everything from bubblews in operating the site, but seems to be more cautious never to end up like bubblews.

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