Though I have been able to earn a great deal from cointellect, by capitalizing on their 10% affiliate program, up to $76 dollars in a short period, I have not been ready to directly recommend it to some friends to join under me due to the unclear developments some users are experiencing (which might be just usual ups and downs of servers and the internet)

When I came across, I was sure to have come across a site that would lift off my shoulders the stress and sleepless nights I was having as a day trader on etoro, where it was never certain about the market trends regarding the instrument invested in, whereby any negative/positive change would mean either a gain or loss on the invested money (mostly a loss).

Just like any other online investor, I wanted to invest in a low risk environment (which is unfortunately not an option in day trading) and thus I found that cointellect would be the best platform to give a shot with the investment amount which I was ready to lose, but expecting sure returns on investment in a short run.

After signing up, I decided to blog about it and try to promote the affiliate link, just to see how others responded to the news. I was lucky to invite 3 sign ups who automatically became my referrals and ended up purchasing the contracts, whereby I as the referrer is entitled to 10% of their every investment, besides the solo mining earnings.

So far I have been able to successfully withdraw the earnings totaling $76 dollars to my PayPal
account (even though I encountered some issues with my cointellect account during withdrawal).

I also have 30 Euros which is still in the pending position and would be available for withdrawal after 14 days since the affiliate user purchase day. In case I will successfully withdraw the available balance (which I have no doubt), all the earnings gained from cointellect will total 92 Euros (over $100 dollars) without investing in their contracts, which makes it a passive income.

There are a few developments about cointellect that made me smell something fishy about it (or I was feint-hearted) and was reluctant to throw my full weight behind it without the real assurance of its certainty as a going concern business, which hopefully will be resolved soon.

If you are as daring as I am, don’t hesitate to give this a shot in the short run, unless it closes the windows soon, it won’t disappoint.Don’t even bother downloading their mining software for it no longer mines unless your mining equipment has a minimum of 20m/hs of hashing power to direct to the pool.

In fact, it has made many users a lot of money investing in cloud mining and getting paid daily according to the type of the contract purchased. Anyway, I can’t assure you anything for it is a risk like any other online investment.

I hope it stays around as long as the crypto currency business lasts and I will be one of the successful users who were able to gather courage to get onboard early enough while others ran scared shouting, “scam… scam..”

6 Comments on Cointellect cloud hashing site continues showing promising earning results besides the few suspense developments

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    • This is new site to me, I hope it is worth the efforts for those who wish to make an extra shilling online by completing some easy tasks like those listed.

  2. I have a problem with cointellect ,I signed up to the site ,downloaded the app and entered my miner key .
    However ,on the app ,my mining speed is at 75 000 H/s at 70% mining load but my daily eastimated earn remain at 0,0000.
    Plus,on the website ,it shows that my current hashrate is currently at 0,000000 .
    I don’t know what to do ,could someone help me please ?

    • I hope you haven’t yet bought any of their mining contracts. If so, then don’t waste another effort on cointllect. It is a scam, that is why everything isn’t working as promised. It used to work and many miners got encouraged to invest in the contracts as well as use the miner. So far, no one is able to access their earnings. I am also a victim too to a certain level, for I couldn’t receive the 391 euros payout through paypal, the payment has been under processing status for over 3 months.

      Be warned, cointellect is a scam i used to promote for it was working well then.

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