It is quite unfortunate that the internet search engines rank the scam sites very highly during the search for the online income making legit sites. As the result most of those new to the on line working universe find it hard to hard to really find the legit ways to make money online and mostly end up wasting time and losing money to scams which promise to earn them 1000s of dollars for doing nothing.

As new user to internet work, the victims do not have skill to even run a scam detection on the site promising to change someone’s life overnight after purchasing a certain content that contains a secret that would be used to gain access a chance that no one else has ever discovered yet.

Many have lost money and resources chasing the wind in buying useless software or files that contain nothing valuable but just more exposure to chances of getting scammed afterwards if it is proved that the item purchased did not work.

In fact, many have been robbed of their hard earned cash when they are convinced to upgrade scam item to another scam product only to find out when too late that the software in question was never meant to function the way the scammer promised.

Remember, under some scam circumstances, the victim users of scam tend to think that there are instructions about the new product of the scammer that he has missed to follow in order to come up with the results similar/ related to those others are boasting about in the misleading ‘doctored reviews of success.’

It seems as if he scammers have really mustered the skill of key words use towards the online money making or work from home niche to the extent that the first legit work online sites cannot get indexed among the first thousand result, in case the internet user uses the key word phrases, ‘work at home’ or ‘work online.’

If you doubt this, try to type in the search engine, ‘earn online’ or ‘ways to make money online’ and see.

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  1. Very true. When looking for online jobs for freelancers, I usually us different keywords. To get real opportunities, use platforms such as LinkedIn and Skill Pages.

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