If you are wondering what MylifeB site is all about, then let me get you a speedy introduction about it.

MylifeB is the newest social site like TSU or face book that promises to pay the users 60% of their revenue for their posts. In order for the users to access earning with their posts, they must have satisfied one of the main requirements of the site whereby, they must have achieved the friends following of 1000 followers.

The site claims that the users have to satisfy this minimum requirement so that the site, MylifeB would be able to maintain high quality content, free of spam.
According to my estimate, MylifeB will be paying the users, $10 USD for 1000 views, which can further be broken down to $0.01 per view (just like the old bubblews) and be paid through PayPal, which looks as the only option at the moment.

According to my online working experience, most of the dedicated writers/content creators or freelancers tend to be attracted to sites which show sure signs of getting paid for their efforts, without unrealistic minimum qualification requirements that would be beyond the users’ control.

The main reason for the requirement of 1000 followers do not really add up, in my opinion as the foundation to access the earning services, instead it causes the potential users to have a negative impression towards the site, which can easily be highlighted as a scam.

I believe there is a big question mark, in case the site takes longer than expected to gain more than 1000 subscribers, who will be willing to network so that each user can have access to earning with his posts. And before that, the site will be earning from the users’ posts as they struggle to meet the allowable friends following.

MylifeB is still new in the industry, barely a month and thus it can be very early for anyone to draw any reliable conclusion about how it will be welcomed into the online working universe even though gaining subscribers at a very slow rate, unlike the giant Tsu.

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