Just like tsu social networking site that pays the users for their posts, MylifeB was lounged a few days ago with promise to pay 60% of their ad revenue to the users for posting quality content as long as they meet their terms of use.

The users can earn through two main different ways; through the pages and articles views.
The site promises to pay the users at rate of $15 per 1000 views of an article, and if the discussion on an article is viewed for 1000 times, then the user can also make $10 USD out of it.

The user can also earn $10 USD for 1000 views of page, up to 10 USD for 1000 of a post, up to $1 USD for 1000 views of the post on the home page, and up to $1.5 USD for 1000 views on the images. In other words, the posts will generate $0.01 dollars or more per view.

What minimum requirements one has to meet in order to start earning?

Here is where there is a very big question mark that users will be finding out later, for the site is still very new to charge it whether it is worth a shot as another lucrative online earning opportunity.

The users are supposed to have at least 1000 followers to their “writers profile” in order to gain access to earning from their articles, or a 1000 followers on their page, in order to gain access to earning from their page. These measures are meant to keep the users posting high quality content.

If MylifeB site will really pay the users what it is promising, then it will be a very good site to join now and take advantage of their earning structure, especially the full control of the user’s home page where he can directly earn revenue from the ads served.
(It is not clear how the users can withdraw the earnings through paypal, which is the only option available right now, according to the site)

I believe this site is finally going to topple tsu and face book combined, as long as it delivers the promised rewards. In my opinion, very few who are aware of this and are out to find more online money making ways will have very little or no time for face book.

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  1. The 1000 followers requirement scares me to death since I never know how to get people interested in following me. For very sociable people who want serious articles I could see this having potential. Thanks for sharing the news.

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